The Free State Project Kicks Out Free Talk Live Host Ian Freeman Over His Support for Sexual Relations Between Teenagers and Adults

The Free State Project, a private organization that was founded by libertarian idealist Jason Sorens and subsequently organized in 2003 to bring libertarians to a state where they can gather as a community to promote economic and social activism, change economic and social policies, and unite all libertarians and freedom-loving individuals to foster and promote the ideas of liberty, chose the State of New Hampshire. Since then, it has brought in tons of activists around the country and the world, including Free Talk Live and its hosts Ian Freeman and Mark Edge who had been pimping the FSP for years on-air as well as off-the-air.

However, as of late, the Free State Project has made a decision regarding its business and personal relationships with Ian Freeman over his support and defense of the “rights” of the youth with respect to his contorted belief that it is socially tolerable and acceptable for an adult male in his 20s, 30s, 40s, or even 50s to sleep with a teenager, whether that young individual is a male or female. In other words, Ian couches the “anything goes” mentality that is usually found in limousine liberals and calls it anarchy (or, under the guise of liberty) for teenagers and adult males to consummate relationships with one another.

The Free State Project has kicked out Ian out of the group and has made it clear that Ian will not be allowed to attend PorcFest and Liberty Forum as well.

On FSP President Matt Phillip’s blog (which is part of the Free State Project as well), he drafted an open letter which details the board’s decision in great detail:

The Free State Project's Decision Regarding Its Banning and Ending Its Relationship with Free Talk Live Host Ian Freeman Part 1 - Clip - 03-17-2016

The Free State Project's Decision Regarding Its Banning and Ending Its Relationship with Free Talk Live Host Ian Freeman Part 2 - Clip - 03-17-2016


Thanks should go to new Free State Project president Matt Phillips for making the most difficult decision. This isn’t the most popular decision, but it was one that had to be made, regardless of the outcome that likely follows.


Muslims 4 Liberty’s Awesome Appearance at PorcFest

Here’s Muslim 4 Liberty‘s awesome appearance at Porcfest this year. Will Coley was there, and he did such a great service for his Muslim community and for the Liberty movement as a whole.

The joining of Islam and Liberty at this event shows that Muslims are neither violent nor militant entirely, even not at all.

Illume Magazine wrote and published a great article on M4L’s work at the festival grounds.