Former Libertarian Party of Michigan Vice-Chair Kim McCurry’s Criticism of My Sincere Defense of Libertarian National Committee Vice-Chair Arvin Vohra

Former Libertarian Party of Michigan Vice-Chair Kim McCurry (maiden name being Moore) recently criticized my post defending Libertarian National Committee Vice-Chair Arvin Vohra. She took issue with the fact that I wrote a Facebook post on May 16 of this year, which was tied to her FB post which was about the following:


Bill Denton continues:

Of course, this next screenshot says it all about what McCurry and her allies have said months ago:

Notice Kim’s statement in which she comes off demanding to her readers and admits she’s a “conservative libertarian” who wants “social issues out of the LP”:

In the same week, I wrote my Facebook post in the following manner:

I ended up changing the first part of my post to assuage McCurry, but now I realize it was a waste of my time because she backstabbed me on there by having a discussion targetting me behind my back as well as every principled purist in the Libertarian Party.

I think you get the point anyway.

I also had a brief response to Kim as well. This is what the exchange on Facebook went:

It’s sad when you have the former state vice chair of a political party shit on you for the reasons outlined in the screenshots. But then that’s politics for you, especially Libertarian politics.


The painfully, ugly reality is this: Kim McCurry was doing her very best to minimize the attacks made against Arvin Vohra over his anti-military comments. She kept telling me that I was in the wrong, that Arvin’s comments had nothing to do with various members who were leaving the Libertarian Party when that was *TRULY* the case. She kept justifying their reasons for their departure by stating that my comments and Arvin’s statements had nothing to do with their leaving and that their decision to say “sayonara” to the Party was due to issues that allegedly had nothing to do with Arvin at all – an argument that I don’t buy and never have bought at all. Moreover, it’s an argument that I WILL NEVER BUY!!!

The problem is this: when you have conservatarians in the Party, they will water down its principles. When conservatarians try to inject social conservatism into the Party’s own political tent, they almost immediately turn the Party into a near carbon copy of their original political organization – in this case, the Republican Party.

Libertarians who want to win elections need to win them and preserve their principles – a lesson that even Ron Paul‘s very own Penny Langford Freedom told Adam Kokesh on his radio show Adam vs. the Man. Libertarian political campaigns are not, should not, and must never be organized and launched to educate the masses about liberty and its spectacular benefits. If people wanted to be educated about liberty and libertarianism, they would read a book on it or take courses in it at, say, the Ludwig von Mises Institute. Libertarian campaigns function for one purpose – and one purpose – only: to win and to enact policies from a strong Libertarian standpoint. They’re not set up to entertain the masses and tell people what the candidates and their supporters want to hear.

That doesn’t mean we reject the nonaggression principle. On the contrary, the NAP should be followed to the letter. To do that you can join the Libertarian and sign the pledge (which is the heart and soul of that principle) and pay your $25. That’s what it was designed for. But when it comes to winning elections you must tailor your message to placate the masses and, if you win and if elected, enact legislation and other policies that would bring about that Libertarian spirit.

That’s what Arvin had in mind. That’s what I had in mind. It’s too bad, however, that Kim McCurry and her legions of followers don’t have that in mind.




Libertarian Party of Michigan Chair Kim McCurry’s Statement on Libertarians Calling for Occupation of Federal Buildings

Libertarian Party of Michigan Chair Kim McCurry issued a press release on the state party’s website today, in which she responded to the recent apprehension of Ammon Bundy – son of Clive Bundy – and his armed militia men over the land occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in the State of Oregon and compared the standoff to the Wounded Knee Incident of 1973. McCurry even correctly and eloquently stated that the incident that happened in the Pacific Northwest can transpire anywhere in the country.

This is what McCurry wrote for the Michigan LP’s press release today:

Libertarian Party of Michigan Kim McCurry's Statement - Libertarians Call for Occupation of Government Buildings - Clip - 02-14-2016

Libertarian Party of Michigan Kim McCurry's Statement - Libertarians Call for Occupation of Government Buildings Part 2 - Clip - 02-14-2016 - Official


Kim is correct. The State’s overreach and power over land resources in the United States, thanks to the Obama administration, is quite terrible that the State can punish you easily and can run roughshod over your lives, your property, your resources, your finances, and every facet of your lives. Is this the kind of America that we all should have?

The next time Americans head for the voting booths, pull their booths’ levers, and vote for either the Republican presidential candidate or the Democratic presidential candidate, they should remember one thing: both major parties want to control your lives. The FBI is content with what it’s done to Ammon Bundy and his people. Imagine what it can do to you.

If you want real liberty, vote Libertarian this election cycle. You don’t have any excuse not to do it.


Libertarian Party of Michigan Chair Kim McCurry’s Statement on the Flint Water Crisis

Dirty and Disgusting Flint Water - Ugh -01-24-2015


Sometime yesterday , on January 23, 2016, Libertarian Party of Michigan Chair Kim McCurry issued a statement on the state party’s website, in which she bluntly yet openly stated that Michigan Libertarians everywhere are “calling for an independent investigation” into the City of Flint’s Water Crisis. The political website Independent Political Report has also noted this as well.

Here’s the LPM press release in its entirety:

Libertarian Party of Michigan Kim McCurry's Statement on Michigan Libertarians Calling for an Independent Investigation Into Flint Water Crisis Clipping - 01-24-2016 Libertarian Party of Michigan Kim McCurry's Statement on Michigan Libertarians Calling for an Independent Investigation Into Flint Water Crisis Part 2 Clipping - 01-24-2016

Kim McCurry is correct. All levels of government from the top to down are responsible for what happened with the tap water system. From Republican Governor Rick Snyder to the Flint city officials, all levels of government are to blame for what transpired over a year ago.

What will it take for Snyder to accept responsibility and resign over the health and natural resource calamities that have come to pass because of the lead-laced water that has infiltrated the Flint residents’ tap water supply? What will it take for the State to not only fire Snyder and these state and city officials, but also prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law allowed?

As McCurry correctly pointed out, “[U]nfortunately most have [sovereign] immunity from legal action.”

So, Democrats, you still want the state to create that Utopic world where environmental and natural resource regulations will protect water from the “evil” hands of that “evil” free market, which you all think is the anti-Christ? After all, in the eyes of the Communists and the Socialists in the Democratic Party, it’s like this: “Government Good, Free Markets Evil. Government Angelic, Free Markets Demonic.”

That about sums up the minds of limousine liberals these days, including the ones on Real Time with Bill Maher. Yup, yup, yup.