The Free State Project Kicks Out Free Talk Live Host Ian Freeman Over His Support for Sexual Relations Between Teenagers and Adults

The Free State Project, a private organization that was founded by libertarian idealist Jason Sorens and subsequently organized in 2003 to bring libertarians to a state where they can gather as a community to promote economic and social activism, change economic and social policies, and unite all libertarians and freedom-loving individuals to foster and promote the ideas of liberty, chose the State of New Hampshire. Since then, it has brought in tons of activists around the country and the world, including Free Talk Live and its hosts Ian Freeman and Mark Edge who had been pimping the FSP for years on-air as well as off-the-air.

However, as of late, the Free State Project has made a decision regarding its business and personal relationships with Ian Freeman over his support and defense of the “rights” of the youth with respect to his contorted belief that it is socially tolerable and acceptable for an adult male in his 20s, 30s, 40s, or even 50s to sleep with a teenager, whether that young individual is a male or female. In other words, Ian couches the “anything goes” mentality that is usually found in limousine liberals and calls it anarchy (or, under the guise of liberty) for teenagers and adult males to consummate relationships with one another.

The Free State Project has kicked out Ian out of the group and has made it clear that Ian will not be allowed to attend PorcFest and Liberty Forum as well.

On FSP President Matt Phillip’s blog (which is part of the Free State Project as well), he drafted an open letter which details the board’s decision in great detail:

The Free State Project's Decision Regarding Its Banning and Ending Its Relationship with Free Talk Live Host Ian Freeman Part 1 - Clip - 03-17-2016

The Free State Project's Decision Regarding Its Banning and Ending Its Relationship with Free Talk Live Host Ian Freeman Part 2 - Clip - 03-17-2016


Thanks should go to new Free State Project president Matt Phillips for making the most difficult decision. This isn’t the most popular decision, but it was one that had to be made, regardless of the outcome that likely follows.


Free Talk Live’s Mark Edge Explains Why He Left The Airwaves and Why He Has Returned During The Show’s Aftershow Segment

Mark “Edge” Edgington, Free Talk Live‘s vociferously condescending and insulting co-host who officially returned to the show on January 23, 2016, states why he bolted from the FTL airwaves and why he’s “partially” returned to the show….well, on a part-time basis….during the show’s off-air aftershow.

Of course, this is the part where Edge patronizingly tells off the show’s listeners, saying they don’t want to talk responsibility. [That begins at time index 9:59.]

He tells the FTL listeners that they have to be “responsible for their listening habits.” Excuse me, Mark, but who the fuck do you think you are? A listener is the lifeblood of your show. Without your listeners, you *HAVE* no show. A listener does *NOT* have a “responsibility to his or her listening habits.” It’s the talk show radio hosts who have a responsibility to their show’s content, their message contained in that content, and whether they can keep the show appealing to their listener bases. Otherwise, their show *DOES NOT EXIST*!

A talk show host has no business to tell his listeners what their responsibilities are. If he or she can’t accept that, then someone else can come along and take their place. It’s the marketplace at work. That’s how a free market works. The hosts have a fiduciary responsibility to their listeners. Hosts are businessmen, and they have to attract their clientele – the listeners. If they begin to fail at it or continually fail at it, then it’s time to find another line of work that is more productive for them.

The libertarian message will find its way to new generations of readers, listeners, and audiences….with or without Free Talk Live.

Free Talk Live’s Ex-Co-Host Mark Edge Returns


Free Talk Live‘s very own former co-host Mark “Edge” Edgington returns to the show’s airwaves for good…..with very little fanfare. Ian claims that it’s because it was more of a “vacation” than a resignation, which is how Mark treated it days prior to the Christmas break for the entire libertarian movement in December of 2015.



Yeah, what the fuck ever!


Free Talk Live Host Ian Freeman Becomes Enraged at My Disclosure of the FTL & LRN AMPlifiers Facebook Group

Ian Freeman, the head host of the nationally-syndicated radio show Free Talk Live (which at one time purported to be consistently libertarian but not anymore as far as I’m concerned), has officially become enraged with me because I have posted the contents of the FTN & LRN Facebook Group’s discussion thread as screenshots in my previous post.

Here are the screenshots from the previous post as well as Ian’s juvenile yet irate response:

Ian Pissed at Me Clipping - 12-22-2015

Notice the immediate focus is away from Mark’s decision to leave FTL’s airwaves and the directed and focused attention to my posting. Yet Ian said the following:

Ian Freeman Admitting That Anyone Can Leak His Group's Content - 12-23-2015


Yes! Ian said it. Anyone “can leak the content here.” He also said, which has been buttressing my point for so long: “No should consider it private.”

Now for those who are on Ian’s side and who are miffed at me, please write the following, which is what Ian said on your nearest chalkboard 100 times: “Anyone can leak the content here. No one should consider it private.” “Anyone can leak the content here. No one should consider it private. Anyone can leak the content here. No one should consider it private.” “Anyone can…” Well, you get the point anyway.

And throw in three Tripple Goddesses, four Charges of the Goddess, and one recital of the Wiccan Rede in its entirety. LOL! Just kidding!

Then Ian posted a poll, inquiring how the ruckus regarding me compromising the security and secrecy of the group should be resolved:

Todd Andrew Barnett Being Accused of Leaking Out FTL & LRN AMPlifiers Content Part 1 Clipping - 12-22-2015

Johnson Rice, the asshole who decided to pick a fight with me and who has no true skin in this game, decided to jump into the fray here by responding to Ian’s inquiry:


Todd Andrew Barnett Being Accused of Leaking Out FTL & LRN AMPlifiers Content Part 2 Clipping - 12-22-2015


If he unfriended me because my posts and I were “obnoxious,” then he must be an Eagle Scout. Yet he isn’t really one, because he’s no saint himself. After insulting some women in the movement by drawing a “penis tree,” which caused some controversy in the old Facebook group Creepertarians, in which the founder of the group attacked him, and I went on the defensive for him. Gee, not even a “thank you” or a “get-well” card from him. I shouldn’t have bothered defending his fat-fuck ass to begin with.

Of course, as I have shown from my blog piece on Mark Edge leaving FTL as a talk show host:
Todd Andrew Barnett Being Accused of Leaking Out FTL & LRN AMPlifiers Content Part 3 Clipping - 12-22-2015

Todd Andrew Barnett Being Accused of Leaking Out FTL & LRN AMPlifiers Content Part 4 Clipping - 12-22-2015

Todd Andrew Barnett Being Accused of Leaking Out FTL & LRN AMPlifiers Content Part 4 - I'm Removed Clipping - 12-22-2015

Then Ian removed me, causing me to cancel my AMP subscription and contact PayPal to dispute the transaction which was recorded in my account with them.

My PayPal Transaction Regarding FTL Clipping - 12-23-2015
Ian, as ever as the fucking dickhead he is, write a snotty email to me, in which he stated in the following screenshots:

My Email to Ian Freeman, Asking Him to Delete My FTL Website Account and Remove Me from AMP List Clipping - 12-23-2015My Email to Ian Freeman, Asking Him to Delete My FTL Website Account and Remove Me from AMP List Part 2 Clipping - 12-23-2015And that was the end of our long-standing acquaintanceship via email, on Facebook, and most likely on the radio.

Do I look like I’m gonna lose sleep over this fucking bullshit? Not a chance in hell.

Ian is mistaken when he said that I signed up as a credit card AMPlifier, and that “there is no PayPal transaction to dispute.” Ian, if you’re reading this, this is what my PayPal says:

My PayPal Transaction Regarding FTL Part 2 Tiny Clipping - 12-23-2015

And here’s Ian’s auto-receipt of the PayPal Debit Mastercard transaction of $6 being refunded back to me:

Ian's Auto-Receipt of The Transaction Refund to Me in the Amount of $6 Clipping (Alternative) - 12-23-2015

Well, that’s the end of my relationship with FTL. Goodbye to bad rubbish and also good riddance.

After all, if I criticize them more on this blog, what are they gonna do? Sue me? For what? Libel? Slander? Character assassinations? Good luck with all of that if you can pull that off.


Free Talk Live Co-Host Mark Edge Officially Quits Over the Show’s Abysmal Advertise, Market, and Promote (AMP) Program

Long-time Free Talk Live co-host Mark Edge, who has been behind the talk show mike with fellow co-host Ian Freeman since the very first episode of FTL since 2002, has officially quit the show because of its abysmal number of subscribers to the Advertise, Market, and Promote (AMP) program. It has become both a surprise and shock to long-term FTL listeners who have frequented the show’s airwaves spending three hours live listening to the show as well as listening to the podcast via the show’s website and iTunes podcast link.

The segment, which features Mark’s announcement of his departure from the show, is actually a recorded one, which implies that it was recorded earlier and not discussed live during the show’s live broadcast. Why Mark and Ian chose to record it earlier and not converse about it live during the broadcast stream is unknown, but I suspect that Mark didn’t want to be inundated with phone calls about why he made the chose NOT to come back on the air after last night.

Here’s the video of Edge looking at his screen at the LRN studios while the pre-recorded segment was playing live on the air.

Here’s the audio version of that segment as well.

After that segment aired, the news of Edge’s resignation from the show immediately went viral on the libertarian blogosphere. Ian posted his erstwhile partner leaving the show on yesterday with the following blog entry:

Free Keene - Mark Edge Exits Free Talk Live's Airwaves Clip - 12-20-2015

When I confronted Mark on Facebook Messenger via Facebook‘s website yesterday, the exchange turned out to be this:

My Chat with Mark Edge About His Departure from Free Talk Live Clip- 12-20-2015

My Chat with Mark Edge About His Departure from Free Talk Live Part 2 Clip - 12-20-2015
The reasons that people are less inclined to subscribe to the AMP program, not “holding steady for many years” as Mark disingenuously puts it, are many, but one reason is not necessarily more paramount than the other. It’s nice that Mark is trying to peddle this image of FTL’s AMP program “holding steady for many years,” but if that were the case, he wouldn’t be bitching and complaining about the fact that he and Ian have alienated many of their subscribers within the last few years for a variety of reasons.

Let’s iron out the reasons, shall we?

  1. The condescending, insulting, and obnoxious “I-wanna-be-a-libertarian-although-I-am-not” asshole Christopher Cantwell. Thanks to Ian and Mark for allowing this to happen, self-glorifying celebritarian piece-of-shit asshole Christopher Cantwell destroyed the uniqueness, greatness, and distinctiveness that has made FTL an outstanding-produced live terrestrial/podcast show that once has brought people to listen to new ideas with enthusiasm and vigor. Other Internet talk radio shows, except for my show Liberty Cap Talk Live, lacked and never had from the beginning new ideas and a loving atmosphere of individuality that has always been a cultural, moral, and political tradition within the libertarian movement. Unlike the liberal and conservative shows, FTL’s refreshing perspectives created a new niche not only for libertarians but also people who were never libertarians but learned the ideas of liberty and thus evolved into natural libertarians.Cantwell effectively took a wrecking ball and demolished and pulverized the very foundation of the purity of the show that made it consistent. He effectively turned it into The Christopher Cantwell Show with Ian Freeman and Mark Edge, simply because he made it all about him. You weren’t allowed to have a difference of opinion with him. He consistently attacked the limousine Left, although I do concur with him on that. But when it came to the vile Right, he gave that team a free pass.Here’s the video to prove this:Here’s the audio of that version that should prove it more:It doesn’t even help that he had posted some negative posts consisting of racist tweets to a black Twitter user on his Twitter account, which resulted in bad publicity for him and his then-indefinite suspension from the show.That’s the biggest reason why the AMP subscribers and show listeners have felt alienated from the show and why they’ve abandoned it either in favor of other podcasts or doing something else. They hate the fact that Cantwell has destroyed every aspect of the show. They realize that Cantwell is not a libertarian, was never a libertarian, and will never be one because he’s a bitter, angry man who has an ulterior motive the size of a star becoming a supernova. Ian and Mark might as well have brought on Eric Dondero to be their co-host, considering he’s another example of a “I-wanna-be-a-libertarian-yet-I’m-not,” considering he hates Muslims
  2. Ian’s Arrogant Attitude. It doesn’t help that Ian’s arrogant attitude, which is not all that unusual because it’s been well-known over the years, hasn’t helped the show the slightest bit. Do people remember how he treated me when I called into his show to talk about Cantwell’s letter to the Free State Project in which he objected to being kicked out of the organization for his then-support for the State, including the Police State?Here’s Exhibit A:
  3. Choice of Co-Hosts. Finally, Ian’s choice of co-hosts ranging from asshats like Darryl W. Perry (who used to be a good friend of mine until he stopped talking to me on account of me for being a “drama queen”) have scathed FTL’s brand, not helping it at the very least. Other people who were co-hosts as well have ruined the good namesake of the show, but what’s done is done. There’s no use erasing it, because the stain can’t be removed. It’s there….for good.


Screenshots of Mark’s Departure from the Secret FTL & LRN Amplifiers Facebook Group

Yesterday, on the FTL & LRN Facebook group wall, Ian posted his blog post. This is what was posted as the following:

Mark Edge Exits Free Talk Live's Airwaves (Alternate Screenshot) Clipping Part 1 - 12-20-2015 Mark Edge Exits Free Talk Live's Airwaves Clipping Part 2 - 12-20-2015 Mark Edge Exits Free Talk Live's Airwaves Clipping Part 3 - 12-20-2015 Mark Edge Exits Free Talk Live's Airwaves Clipping Part 4 - 12-20-2015 Mark Edge Exits Free Talk Live's Airwaves Clipping Part 5 - 12-20-2015 Mark Edge Exits Free Talk Live's Airwaves Clipping Part 6 - 12-20-2015 Mark Edge Exits Free Talk Live's Airwaves Clipping Part 7 - 12-20-2015 Mark Edge Exits Free Talk Live's Airwaves Clipping Part 8 - 12-20-2015



It’s a sad time in the libertarian movement when you have a prominent figure in the movement — one who is well-known in the terrestrial radio/podcast show circuit and has been doing it for thirteen years — bemoaning about the fact that the AMP program isn’t what he wants it to be. He tells me that there are not “less people” and that AMP has been “holding steady for many years.” It can’t be doing that when you are experiencing diminishing returns on your investment and your listener base isn’t as solid as it used to be.

My message to Mark: don’t blame your former listeners and AMP subscribers for not giving enough to the show, for the lackluster performance of FTL, and for feeling alienated in light of a former co-host who has demonized good people in the movement who are doing their best to bring the ideas of liberty to them that they weren’t available fifty or sixty years ago.

Don’t blame them; blame yourself. You want more AMP subscribers? You want more listeners? Give them incentives to start donating and listening to your show. If your show ceases to be nuanced and entertaining, that’s on you, not your listenership. Jettison this whining bullshit and get your act together! If you want FTL to be bigger, better, and very successful, you need to work for it. Don’t insult your audiences; they are the reasons why you have a show. If you don’t get that, then FTL deserves to die, and you and Ian deserve to lose your jobs and get real jobs.

Good luck with whatever you do, Mark. What you decide is up to you. I just hope that what you’ve decided to do is worth it in the long run.

Update (12/21/2015): Since the publication of this blog piece, more responses in the secret FTL & LRN AMPlifiers Facebook Group have been added.

Here they are:

Update - Mark Edge Exits Free Talk Live's Airwaves (Alternate) Clipping - 12-21-2015 Update - Mark Edge Exits Free Talk Live's Airwaves Part 2 Clipping - 12-21-2015

I’ll continually update this blog piece if more people add their comments to this thread.