Real Time with Bill Maher Host Bill Maher and Judge Andrew Napolitano on Donald Trump’s Running Mate Mike Pence

HBO‘s Real Time with Bill Maher host Bill Maher and his panel on the July 15, 2016 show, in which Maher, actor and interviewed guest Viggo Mortensen, conservative Republican S.E. Cupp, former Governor Eliot Spitzer (D-NY), and New Yorker staff writer Jelani Cobb discuss Donald Trump‘s veep pick 50th Indiana Republican Governor Mike Pence.

On Reason.TV’s YouTube channel, Fox News‘ senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano calls Pence a “conservative statist.”

Reason.TV Host Nick Gillespie: Mike Pence, as Donald Trump’s VP, is Mike Pence the type of person America needs at this time to reign in “constitutional chaos,” as you’ve called it?

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Probably not, but he will help Donald Trump with, uh, credibility amongst, uh, mainstream conservative Republicans, and, if they’re elected, they’ll help Donald Trump with his dealings with the, uh, with the elected Congress. This is…

Gillespie: So…[about to interrupt]

Napolitano: This is another example of “let’s-not-preserve-protect-and-defend-the-Constitution.” Let’s find ways around it to achieve our ends.

Gillespie: So…Mike Pence is a conservative statist as I understood it.

Napolitano: [Interrupting Nick] Yes, absolutely, as almost all conservatives are.

There you have it, folks! Mike Pence is described by both Judge Napolitano and Reason‘s Nick Gillespie as a “conservative statist.”

Fox News’ On The Record Talking Head Greta Van Susteren on Your World with Neil Cavuto Complaining About The New Yorker Magazine and Reason Magazine Photos of 2016 GOP Candidates

[Taken from my Facebook wall]

On the Fox News show Your World with Neil Cavuto, On The Record host Greta Van Susteren complained about the cover of New Yorker Magazine, irately objecting to its showcasing of the GOP presidential field. She saw it in her mailbox, and it pissed her off.

Her bitch is that, on the cover, it shows a slate of undeclared candidates who aren’t running and has left out Dr. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina who are running.

Then she bitched about the latest issue of Reason Magazine, complaining that they did the same thing with a couple of exceptions: one, that the cover is different from the New Yorker largely because Hillary Clinton is on Reason’s cover and not the New Yorker’s and Mike Huckabee is not seen on the Reason cover but only the New Yorker’s, and that, unlike the New Yorker (which is a limousine liberal periodical), Reason is a libertarian rag. Get it now?

This is the bitch who’s a Scientologist and a Fox News talking head? What a laugh!

Here’s the New Yorker photo in question:


And here’s the Reason photo in question: