Immigration Activist and Define America Founder Jose Antonio Vargas on Real Time with Bill Maher on March 31, 2017

Bill Maher with immigration activist and Define American founder Jose Antonio Vargas on March 31 broadcast of Real Time with Bill Maher

Immigration activist and founder of Define American Jose Antonio Vargas appeared on Friday, March 30, 2017’s 10 p.m. EST broadcast of HBO‘s Real Time with Bill Maher to discuss his views on the fact that he is, according to Bill Maher himself, “risking deportation” because he “is not completely legal” (which means he’s “illegal“) and he’s “one of the 2.5 million undocumented residents of California – 800,000 of whom live in L.A. County.”

Here’s a transcript of what Vargas told Maher during the interview segment on Real Time:

Bill Maher: All right, he is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and founder of Define American. Please welcome Jose Antonio Vargas!

Jose!  How are you, sir? How are you doing? Great to see you!

[Jose walks onto the set and sees Maher and his panelists  Gen. Michael Hayden, Fmr. Sen. Rick Santorum, and Neera Tandem sitting across from Bill. He shakes Maher’s hand and immediately begins to sit next to Maher.]

Jose Antonio Vargas: Great to see you!

Maher: Ok, first of all, I have to thank you here. I know you are literally risking deportation because you are not, uh, completely legal. Is that correct?

Vargas: Yes, uh, so I am one of the 2.5 million undocumented residents of California. 800,000 of whom live in L.A. County, so thank you for inviting me. [audience claps for him]

Maher:  Well, we hope, uh….we hope that this is….

Vargas: I don’t know…I thought I’d talk to Roger Stone. I guess we’ll try to figure this out.

Maher: Yeah. Hahaha. Not a bad guy to have on your side.  Um, so what about the, the fact that Jeff Sessions is going after sanctuary cities? This is a sanctuary state pretty much. And, first of all, please tell us what means: “sanctuary.”

Vargas: Well, actually I think…[snickers]…we have so politicized this issue that I think it’s really important that we define our terms, right?

Maher: [interrupting Vargas saying “right”] Yes.

Vargas: So it is safer, right?, for all of us – documented and undocumented U.S. citizens – if undocumented people who live here can feel comfortable reporting, talking to the cops, right?, saying, “Hey, something’s happening! Something..!” Right now in L.A. the LAPD —

Maher: [interrupting Vargas] And they’re not.

Vargas: [picking up where Maher interrupted him] — reported 25% decrease in, um, reporting rapes in the, in the Latino community because there is fair that, once you report somebody, ICE might come get you. Right? And, and for me to like – the bigger issue is here, and you know Jeff Sessions the former Governor of Alabama, who believes in states’…

Maher: [interrupting Vargas who said “who believes in states'”] The former Senator of Alabama.

Vargas: [standing corrected] Ah, the former Senator of Alabama who believes in states’ rights when he was Governor…I mean, when he was Senator of Alabama. The fact this overreach telling the federal government telling – for the federal government to tell the states how they can protect the residents [stammering here] is hypocritical at worst, but to me [stammering here] I actually think it’s important. You mentioned this. Right now there’s gonna be this bill in front of Governor Jerry Brown’s desk, asking him to sign the California Values Act that would declare California a sanctuary state. I think that, given that this state is home to a fourth of the country’s undocumented population, and in this state, nearly half of all children are have at least one immigrant parent, right?

I hope Jerry Brown signs that into law.

Maher: So… [audience claps]

Maher: [immediately after applause dies down] But how many people can come here? I mean, I often think of America like a lifeboat and a lot of the world is a raging ocean. So everybody wants to get into the lifeboat, and certainly, um, everybody has a right to be happy in the world. But, if too many people get into the lifeboat, then the lifeboat goes down.

Vargas: Having traveled to Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, it’s not like we don’t have, I mean, immigrants come to this country and build businesses. There’s actually room. When immigrants come here documented or undocumented, they start businesses. I, for example, I’m a business owner. I employ 15 U.S. citizens. I mean, 15 people are here, um, as U.S. citizens, and I provide jobs as an undocumented person. So, I think it’s for me a matter of the fact that there is no path. You know, someone right now on Twitter is saying, “Why can’t this guy just get legal?” [chuckles a bit] Probably, right?

The fact that there is no path for people like me to actually fix this, get in line wherever the line is, and try to get legal and do right by the law….the fact that there is no way to do that.

Maher: Also [interrupting], also there’s the hypocrisy angle.

Vargas: [interrupting quickly] Yeah.

Maher: You mentioned this, but this was in paper in the L.A. Times. [reading his blue card]Wages rise on California farms.” [looking up and at Jose, comments while looking at his blue card] Listen to this. There’s a labor shortage.

Vargas: Yup.

Maher:[reading his blue card] They’re “giving laborers benefits normally reserved for white-collar professionals, 401(k) plans, health insurance, subsidized housing, profit-sharing bonuses.” [Looking up at Jose] Still not tempting white people to do yard work. [Looks at his audience] White people do not want to do yard work. [Looks back at his card] That’s what it comes down to.

[Looks at his card and comments] The president of Titan Farms, a peach grower. He [reading his card] “advertised 2,000 jobs from 2010 through 2012. He hired 483, 109 didn’t show up, 321 quit in the first two days. Only 1, only 31 lasted the whole season.” He said, “We’ve never had one come back after lunch.”

Vargas: So…can you imagine..?

Maher: This is the issue here.

Vargas: [interrupting] Can you imag?

Maher: [interrupting back] Really, to me, is that they don’t want these people here,

Vargas:[interrupting quickly] Yes

Maher:[continues] but they won’t do the job, and they will not admit it. [pounds on table]

Vargas: And we put out….and we put out a sign outside the U.S.-Mexico border, saying, “KEEP OUT!,” and 10 yards in, what do we say? “HELP WANTED!”  Right? Right?

Maher: [chuckling] Right. Yeah.

Vargas: Can you imagine? Look at L.A.! Look, this city cannot function without undocumented workers. That’s the state…

Maher: [interrupts] No.

Vargas:…[continues] of Texas. 1.8 undocumented million in the State of Texas. Can you imagine undocumented people not working in the State of Texas? Half of the construction industry depends upon that. [some people in the audience claps]

This is why I think the opportunity to be here. I ever tell you… I cannot….I cannot overstate the level of fear, the level of confusion that our families.. My grandmother is probably watching right now, going like, “Why is he on television? He should be in hiding!” [audience laughing] So I can’t overstate that enough. Actually, my, my being here is my form of resistance. I will not be scared! [audience cheering] I will not be scared to be public and out in a county that is my own.

The question now is, all of you here – all of you now watching, how are you going to provide sanctuary to us in your churches, at your schools, at work? 11 million people. 11 million undocumented people live within the 43 million immigrants –

Maher: [interrupting] You think the churches should do it?

Vargas: – in this country [answers Maher’s question] Well, actually right now there’s this woman Jenette Visgarin in Denver. She has taken sanctuaryata Unitarian Church because the Catholic Church that she belongs to, um, did not want to help her out. She’s gone through all these churches, and she’s like…

Maher: [interrupted him] They’re, they’re providing sanctuary to the priests. [audience laughs, and Maher turns to and looks at Rick Santorum] Sorry, Rick. So sorry.

Vargas: [laughs] I’d love your thought on that.

Here’s the show’s Overtime segment:

Here’s the YouTube channel video of that segment:

Here is the March 17th L.A. Times in the form of 15-part pics:

The arguments contained in the article and the Maher interview with Vargas should give anyone a good reason why there should be open immigration and that immigration, not the State, should be the steward of free market labor.

Highlights of The November 11, 2016 Broadcast of Real Time with Bill Maher

Real Time with Bill Maher host Bill Maher Interviews Liberal Redneck and Stand-Up Comic Trae Crowder 1-11-11-2016
Real Time with Bill Maher host Bill Maher Interviews Liberal Redneck and Stand-Up Comic Trae Crowder

Here are highlights of the November 11, 2016 broadcast of HBO‘s Real Time with Bill Maher featuring host Bill Maher, first interview guest former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, panelists former Senior Advisor to President Obama David Axelrod, New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman, and Senior MTV News Correspondent Ana Marie Cox, second interview guest liberal redneck   and stand-up comic Trae Crowder, and special guest musician (and liberal Democrat) John Legend.

Here’s Maher interviewing Trae Crowder on President-elect Donald Trump and the failure of the Democratic Party:

Real Time with Bill Maher host Bill Maher Interviews Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder - Pic 2 - 11-11-2016
Real Time with Bill Maher host Bill Maher Interviews Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

Real Time host Bill Maher, David Axelrod, Ana Marie Cox, and Thomas L. Friedman on President-elect Trump and the 2016 Election.

Real Time host Bill Maher, David Axelrod, Ana Marie Cox, and Thomas L. Friedman on President-elect Trump and the 2016 Election.

Real Time with Bill Maher - Bill Maher Interviews Musician (and liberal Democrat) John Legend - Part 4 - 11-11-2016
Real Time with Bill Maher – Bill Maher Interviews Musician (and liberal Democrat) John Legend

That’s the season finale of Real Time. Everything else is self-explanatory.

Real Time with Bill Maher Host Bill Maher Continues His Attacks on Gary Johnson – 10-07-2016


It’s becoming tiresome that HBO‘s Real Time with Bill Maher host Bill Maher has launched his attack antics on Gary Johnson again. Furthermore,  the liberal statist comic’s attempts to up his attack patterns against Johnson is both repugnant and disgusting to say the least. On Friday, October 7, he launched into a tirade against the audience *JUST* to say the following:

Bill Maher: So you know what? People [pause] don’t fuck around with this election. Don’t fuck around. I know Hillary [Clinton] isn’t a favorite to a lot of you. [Another pause] Please don’t vote for Gary Johnson or do some stupid shit like that [audience members laughing and clapping as soon as he finishes that sentence]. Gary Johnson [audience continues to clap] who [audience still clapping] as we know [clapping begins to subside] couldn’t name Aleppo, the city at the heart of the Syrian war that’s been going for five years. Couldn’t name any foreign leader. This week he was asked to name the leader of North Korea. [[He] [s]aid, “I, I’m not gonna do it.” [Audience begins to laugh at that.] Gary Johnson, I think, should not be my president. He should be my weed dealer. [Audience laughs hysterically at Maher’s punch line.]

Really, Bill? Remember when you had Gary Johnson on your show, and you interviewed him? You were immensely nice and gracious to him (which I now believe was an act on your part just because you needed to fill in a slot for an interview guest, and Johnson met the prerequisites for that interview back on July 1st this year). But let’s look at it a bit further. You told him at the end of your interview:

Johnson: What I want to be careful on is I, I don’t drink. But I don’t begrudge anyone having a drink in the evening to take the edge off. I don’t begrudge anybody having pot to take the edge off, so….

Maher: Lots of presidents were completely plod. Nixon, when he was going through Watergate, was going, “Guh, guh, guh, guh” every night. We know that. [Chuckles and laughter from the audience and from Johnson]

Johnson: People being –

Maher: Right.

Johnson: – able to make their own choices, and in my particular case, and I’m just speaking for myself –

Maher: Right.

Johnson: Like I say, 24/7 job running –

Maher: I hope you really get into the debates, because that would be great.[Loud applause from the audience and smile from Johnson] Thank you, Gary Johnson.

Gary gave you a fantastic interview for your show, and you blatantly without mercy sandbagged the man! That’s the hallmark of a liberal statist Democratic prick with an uber-inflated and unflattering ego who is a hack interviewer, a hack TV talk show host on a dumb-ass liberal statist cable network, a washed-up actor, a shitty documentarian, and a disgustingly joke-of-a-stand-up comic. You are all over the map politically, considering you change your positions so often and as much as you change your pair of socks. You have no solidly-consistent set of principles to stand by, not to mention your convictions puts a target on your back by your fellow progressives who feel that you have indeed gone too far and have become solidly puerile, insensitive, bigoted, racist, and sexist when making your pathetically lewd and deranged jokes in your stand-up segment of the show, during the panel discussions on the show, and your massively intolerable “New Rules” segment of the show as well.

Of course, Minnesota U.S. Senator Al Franken, a lifelong liberal statist Democratic and a stand-up comic (who’s planning to return to his stand-up craft while still serving his time in office), attacked Johnson as well during his interview given by Maher on the same show:

Al Franken: Gary Johnson [speaking while Bill’s audience is cheering and clapping for him]!  [Bill Maher begins to laugh as Franken steamrolls over Johnson] Gar…Gary Johnson [audience’s clapping abruptly comes to an end] did not know [Maher laughs hysterically while Franken makes his catty and snotty remarks] the name of the president of Mexico –

Bill Maher: Right.

Franken: – when he was the governor of New Mexico. [Maher and his audience laughs at Franken’s comment.]

Maher: Right.

Franken: Yeah.

Maher: [Interrupting Franken] It’s like Jerry Brown, the governor of California, not knowing the city where people go to gamble. [Several audience members chuckle.] Las Vegas. Ok, I’m sorry.

Let’s not forget Democratic strategist James Carville on Maher’s panel *HAD* to take some potshots at Gary as well in this following clip:

Carville went out of his way to say that “it is a fact” that Gary “smokes a lot of dope.” Furthermore, he says, “It is a fact he don’t know jack shit.” He defended his comments on the show, saying, “Get a life. It’s a joke. Gary Johnson is a joke. He’s a big, huge joke.”

Oh, and finally, Maher couldn’t resist to slam Gary one more time with his newest segment titled “I Don’t Know For A Fact” on Gary, and this clip of that segment captures the cruel and diabolical spirit of the smear, which is crafted in the form of a shitty joke:

Bill Maher: I don’t know for a fact that Gary Johnson has “Gary Johnson” tattooed on his arm…. [panelists and audience are laughing!]…in case he can’t name himself! I just know it’s true. [Audience claps enthusiastically!] 

This is what we come to expect from a liberal statist clod and Hillary crony who attacks and continues to attack a candidate because that Libertarian contender is a threat to the major parties, including Maher’s very own Democratic Party.

Real Time with Bill Maher Host Bill Maher and Interview Guest Comic Sarah Silverman Attack Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson By Calling Him ‘A Fucking Idiot’ – 09-30-2016



HBO‘s Real Time with Bill Maher host Bill Maher, while interviewing show guest and comic Sarah K. Silverman, went on a “whiny-liberal-prick-and-bitch-fest” over Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson because a poll directed at a demographic of 18 – 34 years old people was issued with results indicating Hillary Clinton was at 31%, Donald Trump at 26%, and Johnson….at 29%. That pissed off Bill Maher, who immediately with the help of Silverman called Johnson “a fucking idiot.” Of course Maher proceeded to state that Johnson was in Maher’s “basket of fucking idiots.”

Here’s the entire clip of the segment as follows:

This is what took place as the following in this transcript of the segment of the show:

Bill Maher: Now let me read the polls here on Clinton, 18 – 34 people. Clinton 31%, Trump 26, Gary Johnson….29%. Gary Johnson.

Sarah Silverman: Gary Johnson.

Maher: Gary Johnson….

Silverman: Listen.

Maher: ….is a fucking idiot. [Audience laughs and claps.]

Silverman[Talking out loud through the audience clapping] I thought he was a fucking idiot.

Maher: I like him. He’s a nice guy, but he’s another in my basket of fucking idiots.

Silverman: Listen, I…I voted, and I believe you did, in 2000 for Ralph Nader.

Maher: Yes.

Silverman: But this is not that kind of time.

Maher: [Talking over Silverman while she was making her above comment to him] But he wasn’t an idiot.

Silverman: No, he wasn’t an idiot.

Maher: [Syncing his comment with hers] Right, he wasn’t an idiot.

Silverman: But he wasn’t gonna win.

Maher: [Talking over her again] No, and it was a mistake.

Silverman: [Talking over Maher at the same time] We wanted to vote our conscience.

Maher: I admitted it.

Silverman: It was a mistake.

Maher: Ok, but Gary Johnson…can I show you a little….we put a little montage –

Silverman: [Getting excited] Mmmhmmm. [Chuckles a little]

Maher: –  of Gary Johnson together just to rem – and, and we all thought, thought he was a cool guy. You know, he smokes pot, he was [panelist Angela Rye snickers] for pot, but he does not make pot look good by the way.

Silverman: [Interrupting Bill as he says the “by the way” words] Pot doesn’t make you cool.

Maher: Right.

Silverman: Pot is cool.

Maher: Pot is cool, but –

Silverman: [interrupting Bill] It doesn’t make you cool.

Maher: But you know what’s also cool? Reading!

Silverman: [smiles and gives a slight laugh but also agrees with him]

Maher: Here’s a little bit of Gary Johnson for those thinking of voting for him.

Angela Rye: So weird.

Maher: Really? [Audience laughs cruelly] And….by the way, for the people, 29%, 18 – 34, who I assume were Bernie people, right? Ok, here’s some, uh…minimum wage…..Hillary’s with Bernie. Not Gary Johnson. He believes in no minimum wage. TPP [Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal]……he’s for that. Hillary and Bernie are against it. Citizens United…..all the money you want in politics! Gun control….[Johnson] wants none of that. Financial regulation, universal health care….he is for repealing ObamaCare. Free college….he’s against that. He’s for nothing you fucking people want!

Silverman: It’s not even like it’s any….no one’s misinforming them about him –

Maher: Right.

Silverman: – like they are….like with your friend. You know, it’s like people…..people of  [unintelligible, because Maher and two members of the panel are laughing] what, what….

Rye: You know, that’s true.

Silverman: What you were saying was exactly right. People vote because they’re totally misinformed, and that is a real thing. You know, there is something called Brexit that people voted for totally against their best –

Stephen Moore: Yaay Brexit! You against Brexit?

Rye: Are you serious? [looking at Steve]

Silverman: I, I, um…

Moore: [Talking over Silverman] Brexit is great, self-government-wise! What were you, why were you against Brexit?

Silverman: [interrupting Steve] What are you talking about? They promised…they had huge signs on the sides of buses that said, ” You know, $325 million goes to the EU [European Union] that could, could be going to our health care.

Moore: That’s….not true.

Silverman: They had *NO*  intention of sending it, no intention of Brexit voted through. Then people are Googling what Brexit is after they voted it in.

Peter Hamby: Gary Johnson -.

Maher: [Quickly interrupting Hamby] A pundit.

Hamby: A pundit!

Silverman: [Interrupting Maher] I’m passionate.

Maher: [Interrupting Silverman again] Yes!

Silverman: [Interrupting Maher once again] Oh, don’t show my neck. My neck goes crazy when I have passion.

Maher: You know, you know….

Moore: [Laughs]

Silverman: [Gives Maher a serious, dirty look]

Maher: You know what would help a lot. Exfoliating! [Then bursts in snickering laughter]

Silverman: [Smiles with her mouth open] Good! I think of you every day!

Maher: [Laughs hysterically]

Silverman: My dry brush….

Hamby: Gary Johnson is clearly unfit to be president. What exacerbates me about Gary Johnson not knowing these things – and the collective exacerbation about it – is that neither does Donald Trump.

Maher: Right.

[The audience applauses while Hamby and Maher say those things.]

Hamby: And the problem is that a year ago people should be giving Donald Trump pop quizzes: Name me five countries of NATO. What’s the difference between Hamas and Hezbollah? How does a bill become a law? [Everyone begins to speak at once] Doesn’t Donald Trump know this?

Maher: [interrupting Hamby] No, he doesn’t.

Hamby: I don’t think he does.


And so the entire segment ends there. But it’s not a surprise given the hostile nature of the panelists involved in the Gary Johnson – and some Donald Trump – bashing.

Because of this episode, I have cancelled my DVR subscription to Real Time. I am no longer watching the show because Maher and his weekly panel of guests galore are toxic. They are filled with hatred for liberty, hatred for liberty, and hatred for individualism and free markets. They sure do love their liberal statism. And that has become the top, cardinal hallmark of Real Time with Bill Maher.

The Aleppo incident was launched by Mike Barnicle on MNSBC‘s Morning Joe to attack Gary Johnson, disparage him, and to throw a gotcha question at him, considering he threw in the Aleppo question at Gary during his interview on the show just to catch him off-guard.

The question that Barnicle asked was the following:

What would you do if you were elected about Aleppo?

Johnson was puzzled by that question. He asked:

And what is Aleppo?

Barnicle was shocked at his answer. He asked the following interrogative to Gary:

You’re kidding?

Johnson said:


Barnicle replies:

Aleppo is in Syria. It’s the, uh, the epicenter of the refugee crisis –

Johnson interrupts him:

Ok, got it.

Of course, it’s not like Johnson *REALLY* didn’t know what Aleppo was. He did acknowledge that he thought Barnicle was asking him about an acronym, although he admitted that it was no excuse, and he sincerely apologized for it. But Barnicle’s question was poorly worded and quite vague. Remember, we are dealing with a hack writer who resigned from The Boston Globe over two columns written three years apart from each other. One column contained some lines that resembled jokes that were pilfered from the late George Carlin‘s 1997 book Brain Droppings.

The following Wikipedia pic evidences that in great detail.






Oh, as for the cancer-afflicted kids in the second column? The Globe was unable to find Barnicle’s sources and couldn’t publicly identify them, and yet Barnicle defended his column, saying that every word he wrote was true.

So we have a disgraced writer who is the co-host of a network morning TV show who plagarized from a deceased comic by stealing jokes and using them as his own without any attributions or references to Carlin and who deceived his readers and the Globe by writing a column that failed to identify the names of the kids’ parents, and only got this non-fact-checked story from a nurse whose own credibility can be measured by the digits of her hands.

And, of course, Mike Barnicle says, in a Daily Beast column, he “doesn’t blame Gary Johnson.”

As for Johnson’s “Aleppo moment ” on Hardball with Chris Matthews, he’s since apologized for that, but he did say he meant to tell Matthews that his favorite foreign leader was former Mexican president Vicente Fox. Matthews asked Gary, “Who is your favorite foreign leader?” My response to that is: What the hell of a kind of question is that? Asking a Libertarian presidential candidate who his favorite foreign leader is is like asking a vegan what his favorite meat entree is. No libertarian – not even a credible Libertarian – would willfully answer that question because he or she doesn’t have a favorite foreign leader. Johnson did reveal that Fox was his favorite, but my only criticism of him is that he should have said, “I don’t have a favorite foreign leader, because it’s a silly question, and I don’t idolize or even admire any of them, past or current.”

Oh, but we have to ignore Johnson’s great responses about our foreign policy of interventionism (which he argues should be one of non-interventionism), calling for the end of the Drug War, calling for the strong reformation of our judicial system, and restoring our free market. Oh, and yeah, he even had great answers regarding Syria, our crushing of foreign regimes and our giving those countries weapons which land in the hands of ISIS, and a free market would end climate change. How about that for a change?

Yes, Gary drew a blank on that question and the Aleppo question, but so what? Did Trump not have more embarrassing gaffes? Did Clinton not come up with the mediocre responses to those questions?

Yes, Bill Maher. Gary Johnson. He’s not “a fucking idiot.” It’s funny that you knock him down after you had him on your show for an interview, and you were even condescending to him then. It doesn’t mean anything to you that you cherry pick “facts” and present them to your audiences *AS IF* they are true, and you and I and everyone know they aren’t. You’re the one who doesn’t have his facts; I do. As a Johnson supporter, I know this, and yet you don’t.

If anything, Bill, you *ARE* a fucking idiot, and you’re another in my basket of fucking idiots.


Real Time with Bill Maher Host Bill Maher’s Interview with Limousine Liberal Democrat (and Hollywood Actress) America Ferrera

America Ferrera on Real Time with Bill Maher Full Screenshot - Pic - 07-22-2016
HBO‘s Real Time with Bill Maher host Bill Maher interviewed ubiquitous limousine liberal Democrat, Hillary Clinton supporter, and Hollywood actress America Ferrera on his Friday, July 22, 2016 show (Episode 398) and discussed why she’s behind Clinton all the way, which led to a panel discussion that became superficially heated. She comes off as very insulting, very condescending, and very obtuse during the interview, although she initially had me on the immigration issue considering she correctly addressed the lies that Republicans have been spilling on so-called “illegal immigrants.”* [*Note: I prefer to call them “independent migrants” thanks to my old left-libertarian mentor Sheldon Richman who understands the issue better than *ANY* Republican known on record.]

The panel line-up included MTV News and New York Times progressive author and blogger Ana Marie Cox, progressive “Superpower: Three Choices for America’s Role in the World” author and Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer,  and Trump supporter and former U.S. Representative Jack Kingston (R-GA) (who was incidentally receiving more flak from Ferrera, Maher, and Cox during the last segment of the show).

Here’s the YouTube of the interview portion of the show, broadcasted on July 22, 2016:

That’s pretty much the size of everything.