Real Time with Bill Maher Host Bill Maher and Judge Andrew Napolitano on Donald Trump’s Running Mate Mike Pence

HBO‘s Real Time with Bill Maher host Bill Maher and his panel on the July 15, 2016 show, in which Maher, actor and interviewed guest Viggo Mortensen, conservative Republican S.E. Cupp, former Governor Eliot Spitzer (D-NY), and New Yorker staff writer Jelani Cobb discuss Donald Trump‘s veep pick 50th Indiana Republican Governor Mike Pence.

On Reason.TV’s YouTube channel, Fox News‘ senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano calls Pence a “conservative statist.”

Reason.TV Host Nick Gillespie: Mike Pence, as Donald Trump’s VP, is Mike Pence the type of person America needs at this time to reign in “constitutional chaos,” as you’ve called it?

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Probably not, but he will help Donald Trump with, uh, credibility amongst, uh, mainstream conservative Republicans, and, if they’re elected, they’ll help Donald Trump with his dealings with the, uh, with the elected Congress. This is…

Gillespie: So…[about to interrupt]

Napolitano: This is another example of “let’s-not-preserve-protect-and-defend-the-Constitution.” Let’s find ways around it to achieve our ends.

Gillespie: So…Mike Pence is a conservative statist as I understood it.

Napolitano: [Interrupting Nick] Yes, absolutely, as almost all conservatives are.

There you have it, folks! Mike Pence is described by both Judge Napolitano and Reason‘s Nick Gillespie as a “conservative statist.”

Donald Trump’s Running Mate Is A Social Conservative and Religious Conservative Christian Whack Job Indiana Governor Mike Pence



Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump, who is by far the most unpopular presidential candidate since David Duke according to the Washington Post, picked 50th Indiana Governor, social conservative, and conservative Christian Republican Mike Pence to be his “running mate” this past Friday, July 15, 2016.

Trump Announcing His Running Mate Mike Pence on Twitter - Clip - (07-15-2016) 07-18-2016

Such an announcement surprised Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor of former U.S. Congressman Allen West‘s website.This Just In - Trump Makes Surprise Announcement - Clip - - (07-15-2016) 07-18-2016

Of course, this is the same Mike Pence who is described by the Washington Post as the following:
The Washington Post - By picking Mike Pence, Trump sends conservative evangelicals a mixed message - Clip - (07-15-2016) 07-18-2016[More on the religious freedom law later in the piece.]

And yet there are some troubling facts surrounding Governor Pence’s record in office.

  • Pence supported a  “religious liberty bill” while in office, saying that Christian-owned restaurants have a right to discriminate against gays because their religious beliefs prohibit them from serving gays and lesbians because of their “lifestyle,” as it’s somehow their “choice” to be gay and not because it’s who they are. Yet he signed an amendment to that bill, which lead to conservative National Review Online writer and blogger David French pointing out the following here:
  • National Review Online - Don’t Ever Forget That Mike Pence Threw Religious Liberty Under the Bus - Clip II - (07-15-2016) 07-18-2016
  •  The Atlantic Monthly‘s Wendy Kaminar‘s piece, entitled “The Tea Party’s Religious Inspiration,” states in part on Pence:
  • The Atlantic Monthly - The Tea Party's Religious Inspiration - Clip - (02-25-2011) 07-18-2016 The Atlantic Monthly - The Tea Party's Religious Inspiration Part 2 - Clip - (02-25-2011) 07-18-2016He opposed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act which, if enacted, would have banned discrimination against people based on sexual orientation. While it is a libertarian principle to stand up for restaurant business owners and other business owners’ rights to discriminate against individuals based on their sexual orientation *WITHOUT* the State being involved, it is wrong for the State to decide whom the employer can and cannot hire and whether or not individuals want to work for such a bigot.That said, that does *NOT* mean that the business *IS IN THE RIGHT* to discriminate for such reasons to begin with anyway.As Time indicated in its article:
    Time - Here’s What Mike Pence Said on LGBT Issues Over the Years - Clip - (07-15-2016) 07-18-2016
  • He is pro-life and has been seeking to defund Planned Parenthood since 2007 (which I do support defunding while supporting the organization to *ONLY* receiving private donations), yet he sought this as a string attached to keep the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (a.k.a. ObamaCare). [Thanks to Politico.]Politico - How Mike Pence Embraced ObamaCare - Clip - (07-15-2016) 07-18-2016Furthermore, this is what Politico says thus far: Politico - How Mike Pence Embraced ObamaCare Part II - Clip - (07-15-2016) 07-18-2016

Pence has long pushed for his “Pence Agenda,” which in part shines on his anti-gay agenda, including his opposition to same-sex marriages and civil unions and his call for gays and lesbians to be subjected to “gay conversion therapy.” Here’s proof of that. [H/T goes to the Colorado Independent for providing this evidence in its article on the website page.]Mike Pence on Gay Marriage and Civil Unions, Etc. - Clip - 07-18-2016There’s more to Pence’s record, but I think everyone gets the point anyway.

The question that now comes before us is this: do *WE* really want Donald Trump and his socially conservative and Christian whack job – or more crudely pointed out, a fucked-in-the-head conservative Christian nut job – as the Vice President of the United States, assuming *IF* Trump is elected to that office on Tuesday, November 8, 2016?

I. Don’t. Think. So!

Or, more to the point, *FUCK*! *THAT*! *SHIT*!