Politically Correct Feminist/Social Justice Warrior – and Now Conspiracy Theorist – Susan D’Angelo and Her Motley Crew of Minions Strike Back At Me


Politically-correct feminist and social justice warrior (SJW) Susan D’Angelo, who sniped at me on Facebook Messenger after I called her on chat software because she refused to respond to my texts (all on account of the fact that I was trying to befriend her), has recently responded to my piece on her. Not only that, she has sent her motley crew of minions (who happen to be losers anyway) after me, all because I called her out on her bullshit that she said to me and behind my back on her Facebook profile.

This is what I first received from a gentleman named Steve Acker (YouTube Channel: Steve Acker)- perhaps a crony or ally of D’Angelo’s – in my Gmail inbox, dated October 23, 2016:

steve-acker-slams-me-for-my-susan-dangelo-blog-piece-part-1-clip-1-10-23-2016-10-31-2016 steve-acker-slams-me-for-my-susan-dangelo-blog-piece-part-2-clip-2-10-23-2016-10-31-2016


Since then he hasn’t written back….which is a good thing in my book.

It doesn’t end there. Another individual who commented on my blog – and his name is Harry Bolt who decided to issue a not-so-clever and condescending insult to me in the comments section of my blog here. Here is a picture of him alright:


This is what Bolt said to me in my comments section:


Of course, I responded to him in the following manner:


It gets better. On Facebook, a user who goes by the name of Tony Smith, a member of Anonymous (or claims to be a member of the group) in Chicago, Illinois, wrote these series of Facebook messages to me at 12:31 p.m. EST on October 23, which state the following:

tony-smith-sends-me-a-threatening-series-of-private-messages-on-facebook-clip-1Another Anonymous user who surreptitiously goes by the name of Mason Hetherton issues the following shitty response to me, sounding very threatening in a nihilistic, puerile, and condescending way:



Michigan Libertarian Executive Committee Board Member and Michigan Libertarian Jeff Wood Has Recently Leaked News About the LPM’s Email Scam

On February 11, 2014, in a Facebook post on his wall, Michigan Libertarian Executive Committee District #8 Congressional Representative Jeff Wood, also a Libertarian Party of Michigan member, has come out unveiling information regarding LEC Treasurer Jason Brandenburg having received in an email last fall – an email which he believed was sent to him by LEC Chair Bill Hall.

District #8: Congressional District Representative Jeff Wood
Michigan Libertarian Executive Committee Treasurer Jason Brandenburg
Michigan Libertarian Executive Committee Chair Bill Hall

Here is Jeff Wood’s leak of this hush-hush information that was never to be revealed in great detail by the LEC.

Of course, that didn’t stop Wood’s detractors from chiming in on the matter and attacking him for posting this scathing indict of information.

Here are Donna Gundle-Krieg‘s responses that are hidden from my regular account but not on my Wiccan/Pagan account on Facebook.

District #1: Congressional District Representative Donna Gundle-Krieg

And now, it’s back to my regular Facebook account where Donna has pretty much jumped out of the discussion.

In case people wonder, Wendi Parker, the LEC’s Congressional District Representative for District #6, jumps into the fray. The same goes for LEC 1st Vice-Chair (Affiliate Director) Tim Yow, Jr.


District #6: Congressional District Representative Wendi Parker

1st Vice-Chair (Affiliate Director) Tim Yow, Jr.

LEC District #7 Congressional District Representative Norm Peterson jumps into the fray as well. Peterson, who’s also on the Abrogate Michigan board, is a shady character who appears to be condoning what Brandenburg has done.

District #7: Congressional District Representative Norm Peterson

LEC District #14 Congressional District Representative Ben Carr

District #14: Congressional District Representative Ben Carr

Here enters LEC District #11 Congressional District Representative Paul Connolly.

District #11: Congressional District Representativve Paul Connolly

What a shitshow this has been! The fact that a state affiliate of the Libertarian Party more or less has covered up a criminal matter and then dropped the bombshell on the entire membership is shocking, yet there is a part of me that isn’t surprised with this revelation as well. I am grateful that Jeff Wood leaked out this damning announcement along with the evidence that comes with it.

Here’s a pdf of the meeting packet which contains Brandenburg’s Treasurer Report over this entire matter: MeetingPacket20180211.

Here’s a pdf of the letter regarding the email scam that was sent out to the entire LPM membership: [H/T to both Ben Carr and John Kanan for handing this out to the LPM membership.] Phishing Scam Attachment

On the LPM Facebook Discussion List, I shared Jeff’s post along with a message of my own. That didn’t stop LEC  District #5 Congressional District Representative Mark Sandborn to take potshots at me for commenting on the controversy when I put up Jeff’s post to discuss it.

District #5: Congressional District Representative Mark Sandborn

The investigation will continue as I doubt we’ve heard the last of this entire ruckus. When more information is available it will be reported on here without hesitation.


Division in the LMC: Libertarians of Macomb County Meeting – January 10, 2018 (HD)

This is the full one hour and 15-minute movie chronicling the hostility and histrionics taking place during the January 10 meeting of the Libertarians of Macomb County (LMC).  Here’s our official website.

An Interview with Brian Ellison, Libertarian for U.S. Senate (As Filmed on November 8, 2017)

Here’s an interview with Brian Ellison whom I met at Ike’s Restaurant and whom I have officially supported and endorsed yesterday as well as since November 8.

Enjoy the video and the pictures! Please support him for U.S. Senate while you’re at it.

I Support and Endorse Brian Ellison Running As A Libertarian for U.S. Senate

I thought everyone should know that I am supporting and endorsing Brian Ellison for U.S. Senate. He’s a Libertarian Party member as well as a member of the Libertarian Party of Michigan, and his wife Michelle and he attended our monthly meeting at Ike’s Restaurant in Sterling Heights, MI on November 8. (It’s located off of Van Dyke Road between 16 and 17 Mile Roads by the way.)

Here are some photos of Brian himself as well as his wife Michelle and him taken at Ike’s Restaurant on November 8:

Here’s Ellison’s platform for his campaign:

Please support Brian Ellison for U.S. Senate where he will be taking on other senatorial candidates from Michigan such as Debbie Stabenow, Bob Carr, and Independent candidate Marcia Squier.