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I Am Back….For Good!

I am back…..for good! I was away for a while because my mom and I have been sick. I’ve been trying to lose weight to receive a brand new liver, and Mom has had……well, I’ll explain some other time. I am sorry that I haven’t been posting for a year, but things change, and I wouldn’t change them any other way. A lot has been transpiring at home, in the U.S., and throughout the entire world. And it starts with a “C” and it’s ruined that special reputation and image of a wonderfully popular (now not-so-popular) beer (una cerveza) from Mexico (de Mejico).

Ok, let’s get the blogging done, ‘kay?

Actor Kirk Cameron Talks About the Youth of America Being Brainwashed by Smartphone Technology

Kirk Cameron appearing on The Doctors TV show today at 10 a.m. EST.

On the hit daytime show The Doctors, actor Kirk Cameron, while promoting his new documentary Connect, was the guest who had to say about how smartphone technology is transforming Generation Y a.k.a. Millennials – presently the youth of America – into self-centered, self-entitled, and self-absorbed snowflake brats.

Here’s the video in question:

Everything Cameron says about Millennials is true: they’re vain, narcissistic, conceited, and insecure idiots who don’t know what a real job is, let alone a real relationship. They can’t even cook, which is sad because they will need these skills to function in life. Oh, no! Not that pathetic generation that wants to be paid $16/hr, and yet they don’t want to work for it.

What’s more, these collectivistic drones support restrictions to the First Amendment. Yup, they’re against free speech, freedom of religion, and the right to peacefully assemble. That means they are for political correctness. One can’t be sexist, and one can’t be racist, and, if one espouses such views whether it’s one or the other or both, one must be called out for such brutish statements.

Millennials are eschewing marriages, raising families, and premarital sex in favor of socioeconomic and sociopolitical activism. More to the point, this generation has become a nation of crybabies who think that they want free stuff provided for them by the State. They will become politically active on the progressive side (Bernie Sanders style) if it serves their political interests. Millennials merely meet each other via their smartphones and eschewing one-on-one personal and intimate contact with their fellow peers. Because of the repugnant need for “safe spaces,” Gen Y is bringing them to the workplace as well where they cannot tolerate outright scrutiny for their actions.

Even their collegiate actions are called into question. This group’s political activities raises a lot of red flags for anyone who asserts an opinion opposing such events. Anytime any prominent speaker like Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, Ann Coulter, or other libertarians and conservatives holds a rally to debate the issues at some of the top prestigious universities and colleges, leftist campus activists disrupted those events, resorting to name-calling, threats, and extreme heckling. Are we really *THAT* surprised that this is happening across the board?

At the heart of those campus groups is a problem with social justice warriors (SJWs) who spew politically-charged views on feminism, civil rights, multiculturalism, and identity politics. If one holds views that are contrary to theirs, one will be shouted out, enabling security and police to lead the conservative and libertarian speakers out of the building and guarantee their safety. So much for the right to free expression! It makes your local municipalities look like Benji and Gentle Ben.

Imagine a college student taking out a school loan that places that individual in student loan debt. There is an unaddressed and under-addressed student loan debt crisis currently topping at $1.5 billion. This coincides with their completion of unmarketable and unneeded degrees that were never meant to be coupled with job applications and interviews for employment. A student who thinks that he or she can get a free ride to Yale or Harvard and expect not to pay all those loans back is suffering from a state of delusions of grandeur. This type of du jour thinking is a reflection of the kind of insidious views with them these students are living and the reality with which they refuse to come to terms.

I suspect the reason is clear. These young men and women are being brainwashed by leftist professors and politicians who promise them the moon. And yet I’m not surprised by this – not one bit.

Cameron is right. Smartphones have changed the composition of nearly every teen’s neural pathways. They certainly do have a bleak future in store for them. But unsurprisingly so they couldn’t care less.

That high-priced meal at McDonald’s or Burger King just to pay that $16/hr teenage fast worker is looking a lot less appetizing than ever.