About Todd



Todd Andrew Barnett (b. November 21, 1973) is an openly pansexual practicing libertarian/anarchist and capitalist who has gone to oppose the State at all costs while supporting a government to the minimalist degree. He is also a Streghe (Italian Wiccan) and freethinking individual male who is very outgoing, easy going and loves to talk to other people on Facebook. He loves Stregheria, magick, movies, listening to music, watching Netflix, DVR episodes of his favorites shows like Arrow, The Flash, iZombie, to name a few. He is also a legally registered ordained minister as well via the Universal Ministries church based in Milford, Illinois and the Universal Life Church in Seattle, WA.

He is a former theater actor and performer who has seven stage productions to his credit (4 in high school, 1 in a community theater group, and 2 in college). His best memorable role that he originated and created is Arthur Wilson in The Bay Voice award-winning columnist John Hebert’s 1993 play “I’ve Lost My Miranda Card And I Can’t Get UP.” He made a 90-minute cable TV version of the play, which aired on the now-defunct Harron Cable station in August of 1993 and ran through October of that year. He’s looking to return to acting on film and stage. He’s also interested in screenwriting and playwrighting as well.

He prefer to describe myself this way: a libertarian/anarchist, capitalist, laissez fairest, hedonist, ardent freedom lover, and an open, classic defender of individual liberty (specifically personal and economic liberties). He is also a current dues-paying member of the Libertarian Party.

It also means that he wants to abolish the State by taking it out of the boardroom as well as the bedroom. He loves my money as much as he loves porn.

Any questions?

He’s also a songwriter/musician on the side, and he has written a handful of tunes over the years. Two of his unrecorded and unreleased tunes – “I Am” and “I’m Not Beneath You” are his most favorite.

You have any questions for him? Email him at ToddAndrewBarnett@gmail.com.

He can also be seen on his Facebook account and his Twitter account @ToddABarnett.

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