Former Libertarian Party of Michigan Chair and Vice Chair Kim McCurry Leaves The LP for Good, Pathetically Outlining Her Reasons for Her Departure

Former Libertarian Party of Michigan Chair and Vice Chair Kim McCurry writes an open letter to all Libertarians in the Libertarian Party, the LPM, and the entire movement, publishes it on Liberty Chronicle, and posts it on her Facebook wall, announcing her decision to bolt from the Party…..for good**. Rumors had it for months that she was on her way out of the Party, but nothing was officially confirmed by her colleagues, her friends, her allies, and Hers Truly…..until now.

With all candor, it’s neither shocking nor surprising nor unexpected that she would make this move. However, that entirely said, I’m glad that she is leaving the Party. And good riddance too!

I will outline my reasons for making that statement, yet it’s time to take a good look at her article and her Facebook post and comments which also contain statements and opinions uttered by other Libertarian Party members as well as former members who, for all intents and purposes, despise and cannot stand the Party. That’s about the size of it.

First things first, let’s show the evidence of her open letter which she penned to all Party members who either liked her at all or disliked her all the way.

This is what she wrote, which she submitted to the Liberty Chronicle. The staff there was more than thrilled to publish her piece to their server so it can be perused on the World Wide Web.

That’s all that was put up on the Chronicle’s site.

Now let’s take a look at her Facebook post and the ensuing comments that followed in response.

Well, now that you’ve read both the Liberty Chronicle article and her Facebook post, her comments, and her fellow LP and LPM member comments, you’ve got to admit that her narcissistic, condescending, insulting, bitchy, backstabbing, backbiting, and high school drama-esque demeanor really show in her piece and post…..don’t they?

Here’s the ugly and real-world truth about McCurry. She has publicly gone forward with her hateful, vile, and spiteful comments about the Party and a number of people. Her libelous statements on people and her attacks toward me are reflective of her shady personality that she has kept well-hidden while playing the role of a nice Libertarian Party member and supporter in such a carefully-constructed manipulated way. She has deceived many in the Party circles by claiming to be a real Libertarian who has taken the non-aggression principle seriously and signed the Pledge which is the heart and soul of the NAP and pretending to agree with me on a number of issues. Now I’m thinking that perhaps she never has at all, and she has been lying to me and to so many in our trusted circles from the very start.

When I was recording the Libertarian Executive Committee (LEC) meeting with my iPhone at the party headquarters in Lansing on December 7th, 2016, former LPM Chair Bill Gelineau asked me to cease recording considering other members of the board discovered that I was recording via Facebook Live Video (considering I never ask for authorization). Immediately the board began to consider a resolution to oppose video streaming as well as video recording during its meetings because their claim was that sensitive discussions including treasurer reports would be made public on FB. LPM Treasurer Jason Brandenburg began the first step to authorize a resolution. However, Gelineau gave me the opportunity to speak in my defense. I basically told the board that not everyone in the Party can attend meetings, that the LEC is a political party and must be a transparent organization, and the membership has a right to know what’s transpiring during the sessions.

I made a compromise (against my better judgment) with the committee that I would not record during Brandenburg‘s treasurer reports (considering he was the Treasurer throughout the tenure of the previous LEC)…..and has since been re-elected to his party seat, making him an incumbent.

What also hasn’t been made public is that LEC At-Large Representative Jeff Wood (who is now Regional Representative District #8) came to my rescue by defending my First Amendment-protected rights. He told the board that I had done nothing wrong and that I was well within my rights to record the meetings because, as I stated before, it is about transparency on the board and in the Party. It is about holding and keeping our political party accountable for everything that it does – ideologically and financially and an establishment of a strong work ethic and relationship with its members. It’s about maintaining ethics and humility in the Party and restoring principles that the Party has been lacking for years.

When I made the compromise, Kim in her vice chair role looked at me while sitting at the board table with her laptop up and running said, “Thank you, Todd!” She said that because I ended up being used, manipulated, and treated like a doormat the entire time while I was there. She never at once defended my right to free speech within the Party and had no interest in doing so. She was nothing but currying favor with Gelineau just simply by kissing his political ass and ensuring conservativesque control of the Party.

This is the same Bill Gelineau who has gone public with his support for ObamaCare – a move that has metastasized to many circles among us. And yet he calls himself a libertarian, let alone a Libertarian.

Here’s another reason why it’s a good thing that she left the Party. She lied about LPM member Keith Butkovich when she accused him of stalking her more than a year ago. I spoke with Keith regarding this incident. I have no reason *NOT* to believe a word of what he’s said to me. He told me that when Kim pursued a stalking charge that she filed against him (even after she filed a restraining order against him*), the presiding magistrate found that there was insufficient evidence to warrant a prosecution and conviction against him. Thus the case was ultimately tossed out of court. Keith won the trial because the judge ruled in his favor. Jeff Wood even confirmed this with me on this when we were talking on the phone Wednesday evening.

Therefore, Keith has every legal right, with the help of his attorney, to litigate against her for committing libel against him. And he is in the right to do exactly that.

This shows how deceitful and how much of a pathological liar she truly is. What an unfortunate truth that the members will be forced to contend with this undeniable fact.

After she blatantly attacked me in May of this year because I believe that many Libertarians left the Party because they didn’t like the comments made by LP National Chair Arvin Chair regarding the U.S. military, I called her while I was on the road driving to my wound care clinic one day. When we briefly talked about it, she said, “I was waiting for you to calm down.” That’s in reference to the both of us not talking for a few days after the online exchange. And yet I was not buying her bullshit. Keep in mind that this happened more than two months ago when we weren’t talking for a few weeks. I didn’t think that she was honest with me, but then you could never tell when she was dishonest completely.

How about the fact that, at the LEC meeting in June of 2016, she supported Brandenburg’s resolution (which was ultimately passed and went into effect) which called for the suspension of Libertarian Party member and Livingston candidate for sheriff James Weeks II …..all because he stripped at the Party’s national convention at the Rosen Centre in Orlando, Florida on May 30, 2016? I attended that meeting as a matter of fact, so I recorded it, despite the fact that Party member (and former LPM gubernatorial candidate) Mary Buzuma objected to it? (I suspect that her objection carried some weight with many of the LEC board members who would try to censor me with Bill Gelineau and Kim’s help because of my predilection for and a penchant of recording the board’s meetings at the December 7th meeting.)

I’m not sorry that she’s flown the Libertarian coop. Perhaps, by returning to the Republicans (where she was from originally), she will be of better use to them. Perhaps she will be an asset to the Republican Liberty Caucus.

Here’s the part that I find very troubling about her:

As a Libertarian, I resent her claim that people saw us as “Republicans who like to smoke weed.” That’s not what we’re about. That’s not what we have ever been about and will ever be about. Yes, there are many Libertarians – even some of us – who do enjoy and love smoking weed, but we’re more than that. We want freedom *NOT* only for ourselves but also for every single American and for all throughout the entire world. We want unrestricted liberty, not just *ONLY* to smoke cannabis. We want it now! We’ve already wanted it before Obama and even after him.

Yes, we don’t like taxes. Conservatives used to be against taxes at one time. That was decades ago obviously. Then they saw the writing on the wall and threw in the towel just to become statists. Today’s conservatives just want “tax reform” and “cutting taxes,” not repealing taxes like they used to many decades ago. They just want to replace ObamaCare and not replace it, even though they were calling for repeal and replacement and before that a repeal of the system briefly, not ending the government’s involvement in health care many decades ago. I could go down the list, but you get the point.

It’s both condescending and insulting that she conflates us classical liberals with progressive liberals in the Party. Progressives are Commie-lites. They want government involvement in the economy and high taxes as they love taxation, yet we classical liberals (or libertarians) want no taxes and want the State to cease to function. It’s that simple.

It makes her look bad when she says that she wants anarchists, anti-taxers, anti-government, anti-Drug War, and unregulated economy advocates pushed out of the Party. If you’re not Republican-lite for her, she wants you gone. There’s no question about it.

Goodbye, Kim. Sayonara. Adios! Don’t let the door hit you on the air now, you hear?

*Update 1: Kim actually filed a personal protection order, not a restraining order, against Keith Butkovich. This is a correction made via a request from him.

**Update 2: Some additional screenshots by Kim and her friends who blocked me on Facebook. I couldn’t get any of these via my current Facebook account because Kim has blocked me, but I used my alternative FB account to look at the posts in question.

Here they are.

That’s all I have on the screenshots.

I hope Kim got what she wanted overall. I believe she did.

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