The Journey of My Life and Its Future: An Open Plea to My Fellow Libertarians and My Friends

todd-andrew-barnett-3May 1993. Who thought it would have been so long ago and how long it took for me to evolve into the human being that I am today? Who thought it would take 23 years for me to reach a state where I am a different person than I was in the spring of 1993 when I graduated from Anchor Bay High School on Sugarbush Road.* (*Note: It’s now Anchor Bay Middle School South on that road.) And no, I’m not talking about the Anchor Bay High School that’s on County Line – the one that was built in 1999 when Chesterfield Township voters – who have always been the school district’s electorate – passed a $116 million bond proposal to build a new high school and upgrade the old building so that it could become a middle school. I’m talking about my old high school, which I began attending in the fall of 1989 and graduated in early 1993.

For the most part, except for a skin disease with which I struggled throughout the rest of my childhood up though my young adult years and my weight problems, I was (and still am) an obese man. I had developed some minor health issues over the years, but nothing life threatening…….up until now.

From after February 11, 2011 (the day my father James M. Barnett passed away from cirrhosis of the liver, which predated 20 years before) up until November 22, 2016 today, I had developed a number of health issues such as Type 2 diabetes, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpora (ITP, which is a blood clotting disorder, resulting in a significant loss of platelets in my blood needed to clot my blood normally), neuropathy, hepatic encephalopathy and encephalopathy (both of which is caused by non-alcoholic stage 4 cirrhosis of the liver, which is what I have), high blood pressure, an open leg wound which is nearly healed and a number of other problems that would take a while to explain. That needs to be treated with a pharmaceutical called Lactulose which removes toxic ammonia from my bloodstream; otherwise, I’d be in a hepatic coma. Stage 4 is the final stage in which liver failure results, which means I have constant fatigue, diarrhea, and at times vomiting, although the good news for me is that at my young age, if I lose enough weight and eat very healthy constantly, I improve my chances to receive a healthy new liver. Yes, I can have a liver transplant…..but only if I act fast and lose this weight.

Why? It’s simple. I’m going to say this once and *ONLY* once: I have two years to live. That’s right. I only have two years to live, according to my gastroenterologist Dr. Gurpreet Singh who’s a resident in the Henry Ford Health System.

It scares me a lot. I’ve tried many diets and many things to lose weight, and none of them seem to work. I am, however, open to dietary and nutritious suggestions for extremely healthy eating that will re-energize my wellness and my ability to live far, far longer than I ever thought possible.

I am not afraid to die, but I am afraid of how I’m dying.

I am reaching out to my colleagues in the libertarian movement. I need help with suggestions. I don’t want my life to end like this. I need all the support I can get. If any of you have any suggestions, please tell me. Liver healthy and weight loss recipes and exercise suggestions would make all the difference in the world.

To my fellow libertarian Wiccans and Pagans: please cast some healing, energy, and life-saving spells for me. Herbs and homeopathic remedies to aid in the healing of my mind, body, and spirit… well as my liver…..would be most welcome. I’ve never asked anyone for anything, because I don’t like to beg for welfare and help, but I don’t know exactly how much time I have. I want to live. I want to find love. I want to be successful.

My journey faces an epilogue the likes of which I never pondered. I’m not expecting sympathy and empathy, but I am expecting some compassion….or at least some morsel of it.

Please help me. I don’t mean to beg, but I must. I need all the support that I can muster. I need all the support.

When my father passed away on February 11, 2016, it made me face my own mortality. Now my mortality faces me, and I’m staring right back at it. If I die, and I hope one day I will face that time, it will be on my own terms, not on Death’s terms and not on the gods and goddesses. It will be my own.

Help me find the new meaning of my life. I’m not asking for money, but if you see me, hug me, laugh with me, pray for me, cast spells for me, and be there for me and with me. That’s all that I can expect from you. It’s all anyone can expect.

Most of all, be my friend, because I feel alone, and in my own darkest hour, I face it.

Dr. Singh says that there are presently 70,000 livers in the U.S. alone. Out of that stock only 7,000 are granted to new liver transplant patients. If I need a liver transplant, I need it sooner rather than later.

If I need to smoke marijuana, and I’m not desperate to break the law regarding that but I’m desperate to try anything including that, then I will pursue it. No government, no doctor, no bureaucracy, no insurance company – that is, *NO ONE* – has the right to decide whether I live or die. I decide that, and I choose to live. And I will fight this illness to the very end, no matter what it takes.

Will anyone do this for me? I hope so, and I’m relying on you to help me no matter the cost.

Leave the light on. We’re gonna need to use it to see it. It’s better to see where we are than to be blind in a room which we can’t see with our own eyes.

I’m in this all the way. Are you?

Highlights of The November 11, 2016 Broadcast of Real Time with Bill Maher

Real Time with Bill Maher host Bill Maher Interviews Liberal Redneck and Stand-Up Comic Trae Crowder 1-11-11-2016
Real Time with Bill Maher host Bill Maher Interviews Liberal Redneck and Stand-Up Comic Trae Crowder

Here are highlights of the November 11, 2016 broadcast of HBO‘s Real Time with Bill Maher featuring host Bill Maher, first interview guest former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, panelists former Senior Advisor to President Obama David Axelrod, New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman, and Senior MTV News Correspondent Ana Marie Cox, second interview guest liberal redneck   and stand-up comic Trae Crowder, and special guest musician (and liberal Democrat) John Legend.

Here’s Maher interviewing Trae Crowder on President-elect Donald Trump and the failure of the Democratic Party:

Real Time with Bill Maher host Bill Maher Interviews Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder - Pic 2 - 11-11-2016
Real Time with Bill Maher host Bill Maher Interviews Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

Real Time host Bill Maher, David Axelrod, Ana Marie Cox, and Thomas L. Friedman on President-elect Trump and the 2016 Election.

Real Time host Bill Maher, David Axelrod, Ana Marie Cox, and Thomas L. Friedman on President-elect Trump and the 2016 Election.

Real Time with Bill Maher - Bill Maher Interviews Musician (and liberal Democrat) John Legend - Part 4 - 11-11-2016
Real Time with Bill Maher – Bill Maher Interviews Musician (and liberal Democrat) John Legend

That’s the season finale of Real Time. Everything else is self-explanatory.

Bill Weld Not Only Shills for Hillary Clinton, But He Also Betrays Libertarians and The Libertarian Party


Libertarian vice-presidential candidate Bill Weld, a running mate for Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson and the better half of the Johnson-Weld presidential campaign, ignited a scathing ruckus within the Libertarian Party by stating that he “vouches” for Hillary Clinton, given the fact that he has held a great deal of respect, admiration, and love for Hillary, and all those things have been absolutely apparent. This was on the heels of last week’s campaign statement by Weld in which he stated the following:

bill-welds-october-25th-statement-part-1-clip-1-10-25-2016-11-03-2016 bill-welds-october-25th-statement-part-2-clip-2-10-25-2016-11-03-2016 bill-welds-october-25th-statement-part-3-clip-3-10-25-2016-11-03-2016

Of course this was met with disgust by a number of Libertarians, including Jill Pyeatt of the Independent Political Report who was disgusted with his tone which according to her sounded like he was “giving up” and he was “kind of” endorsing Clinton.


After that Jill wrote the next following statement:


Of course, blogger and longtime on-again, off-again Libertarian activist Thomas L. Knapp of KN@PPSTER and founder of The William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism, as exemplified in the first screenshot above, took Pyeatt to task for her comments on her disillusionment with, dismissal of, and turning her back on the campaign because of Weld’s ludicrous statements. Pyeatt and Tom responded back and forth to each other, with other commenters including George Phillies, a longtime Libertarian member and activist, commenting in the thread as well.

Here are the following screenshots to prove them:

iprs-comments-on-bill-weld-part-3-clip-3-10-25-2016-11-03-2016 iprs-comments-on-bill-weld-part-4-clip-4-10-25-2016-11-03-2016 iprs-comments-on-bill-weld-part-5-clip-5-10-25-2016-11-03-2016 iprs-comments-on-bill-weld-part-6-clip-6-10-25-2016-11-03-2016 iprs-comments-on-bill-weld-part-7-clip-7-10-25-2016-11-03-2016 iprs-comments-on-bill-weld-part-8-clip-8-10-25-2016-11-03-2016 iprs-comments-on-bill-weld-part-9-clip-9-10-25-2016-11-03-2016

Of course, the campaign went to correct the media’s attention on this as they believed that the mainstream liberal statist media was spinning Weld’s statements to make them sound like he was rooting for Clinton to win.

johnson-weld-campaign-attacks-democratic-media-machine-part-1-clip-1-10-26-2016-11-04-2016 johnson-weld-campaign-attacks-democratic-media-machine-part-2-clip-2-10-26-2016-11-04-2016

The Libertarian Republic, which happens to be Libertarian activist and former Libertarian presidential candidate Austin Petersen‘s hottest libertarian news and commentary site, went on the defensive as well with the following:

the-libertarian-republic-initially-defends-bill-welds-statements-intro-clip-0-10-26-2016-11-04-2016 the-libertarian-republic-initially-defends-bill-welds-statements-clip-10-26-2016-11-04-2016

Sadly but truthfully the “statist liberal Democratic media machine” was right. Why were they right? Because, as opined by Brett Chandrashekhar on TLR, Weld is campaigning for Hillary.

the-libertarian-republics-brett-chandrasekhar-says-weld-is-campaigning-for-clinton-part-1-clip-1-11-01-2016-11-04-2016 the-libertarian-republics-brett-chandrasekhar-says-weld-is-campaigning-for-clinton-part-2-clip-2-11-01-2016-11-04-2016 the-libertarian-republics-brett-chandrasekhar-says-weld-is-campaigning-for-clinton-part-3-clip-3-11-01-2016-11-04-2016This was also reported by Liberty Viral (a sister site to TLR that is run by Liberty Laura a.k.a. Laura Meyers):

the-liberty-virals-liberty-laura-reports-on-welds-statements-to-cnns-alisyn-camerota-and-msnbcs-rachel-maddow-part-1-clip-1-11-02-2016-11-04-2016 the-liberty-virals-liberty-laura-reports-on-welds-statements-to-cnns-alisyn-camerota-and-msnbcs-rachel-maddow-part-2-clip-2-11-02-2016-11-04-2016

Soon after that a notice on Facebook by Carlos Sierra in the AZ for Gary Johnson Facebook Discussion Group appeared as the following:

gary-johnsons-campaign-manager-ron-nielson-defends-bill-welds-pro-hillary-statements-clip-only-11-02-2016-11-04-2016I took the liberty of dialing that number and the access, and, with my phone muted, the following discussion was made. The entire time Johnson campaign manager Ron Nielson and his motley crew of cronies didn’t waste any time making excuses for Weld, as he urged everyone to “see the big picture” and the ruckus was “a miscalculation.”

Johnson appears on Fox Business’ Kennedy to justify Weld’s demeanor on the talk show circuit:

Here are the interview appearances of Johnson on Fox Business‘ Kennedy show, in which he tries to portray a positive picture of what happened on CNN‘s New Day with Alisyn Cameroa and MSNBC‘s The Rachel Maddow Show:

Because of what Bill Weld said on the TV circuit, any chance of the LP getting 5% from the national ticket at the state level will never come to pass. This incident has proved one thing: Weld is a disgrace to the Party. He’s shilling for Clinton. He doesn’t give a damn about the Libertarian Party and/or even any of the members who are a part of the activist base in there. He’s the reason why the Party will never get anywhere – not today and not tomorrow, not even in the far future. As long as we as members of the Party keep churning out candidates like this, it will always be doomed to fail.

The Libertarian Party, because of what happened, might as well drop the ‘Party of Principle’ moniker because that principle is rather pretty homeless these days. The Party that was the home of radicals, purists, and David Nolan is now a shadow of its former self.

Weld is a turncoat in the eyes of many Libertarians. And that’s the sad, unfortunate reality that has become endemic of this political organization. It’s hard *NOT* to notice this fact, and it’s maddening to think otherwise.

The Party needs to decide what kind of a Party it wants to be. Does it want to be a Party so that it will house the hearts, minds, and souls of the member base that is ideologically pure libertarian, or does it want to be a Party so that it will operate as a statist, collectivistic entity to dilute and eviscerate its own principles, not to mention its rules, so that it can and will become a corrupt third major party?

We all might as well be tyrants, and I mean the Raspin and Ghengis Khan kind.

Leave a light on for tyranny, social engineering, and an autocratic society, right? Yup, yup, yup.

This blog piece is dedicated to Michelle “Shelly” Gregoire who has just left the Libertarian Party due to what William Weld has done and how many of  his apologists have treated her and what they said to her. This piece is a hat tip to her.