Former Libertarian National Committee At-Large Representative Wayne Allyn Root To Being Libertarian’s Mike Brokamp: Voting Libertarian “Is A Wasted Vote”

Wayne Allyn Root's February 22nd Trump Rally Opening Speech
Wayne Allyn Root’s February 22nd Trump Rally Opening Speech

Former 2008 Libertarian vice presidential contender, former Libertarian National Committee At-Large Representative, and current Republican crony backing Donald Trump Wayne Allyn Root was interviewed by  “libertarian” blog site Being Libertarian‘s Mike Brokamp to talk about why a vote for a Libertarian presidential candidate (such as Gary Johnson) and/or any other Libertarian candidate “is a wasted vote” and his support for Trump.

It’s not a surprise that Root is on the air spewing this nonsense. After all, he began supporting the Mitt Romney for President 2012 campaign while serving in his capacity as an LNC At-Large Representative and founded and headed the Libertarian National Campaign Committee (which was previously launched as the Libertarian National Congressional Committee with the national elections-registered entity Federal Elections Commission). Party insiders and leaders including Mike Blessing. then-state chair (but now currently District 1 Representative of the Libertarian Party of New Mexico, were concerned that Root at the time had been working for then-GOP presidential candidate Romney to fight Obama’s re-election bid for his second term as POTUS in 2012. (Root had left the LP later to ally himself with the Romney campaign and also run as a U.S. Senate contender and return to the GOP as a Republican. He never did run for that seat, but he left the LP, the LNC, and the LNCC to pledge his fealty to the GOP and to Romney.)

Here’s what Blessing wrote in his exclusive letter to the Independent Political Report (IPR) website:

ipr-regarding-wayne-allyn-root-part-1-clip-1-08-31-2012 ipr-regarding-wayne-allyn-root-part-2-clip-2-08-31-2012ipr-regarding-wayne-allyn-root-part-3-clip-3-08-31-2012-alternative-and-a-bit-shorter

Here’s the video for the interview:

Here’s the YouTube video with Root cheering for Donald Trump:

Root ought to keep his mouth shut. *sighs*

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