Politically Correct Feminist/Social Justice Warrior Named Susan D’Angelo and the Impersonality of Texting: The Demonization of Calling People on Facebook Messenger

Politically Correct Feminist/Social Justice Warrior Susan D'Angelo and Facebook Sucks Pic
Politically Correct Feminist/Social Justice Warrior Susan D’Angelo and Facebook Sucks Pic

I’m going to come out and just say it. I don’t like texting. I’ve come to that conclusion about a while back, perhaps months ago or perhaps a year ago. Does it really matter when I’ve reached this forgone conclusion? I guess I’m old-fashioned when it comes to speaking with people, even people whom I don’t know. Not that I’m trying to be their collective best friend in the world, but I do enjoy some small talk and some decent conversation in the real world.

My hatred of texting occurs mainly on Facebook and Twitter, considering it’s the only way to communicate with people who live thousands of miles away. It’s become the next step-up from email, which debuted in the mid 1990s. First, the old-fashioned way of writing a letter with a pen and scribbling your thoughts on a sheet of paper was the standard way back when I was a child up to 1995, two years after I graduated from high school. Then it was email and going on America Online. Before you know it, Yahoo! Chat, and writing on forums. Before you know it, Facebook, MySpace (which only lasted in popularity for a few years), and later Twitter debuted. (MySpace as of today is now a shadow of its former self, but that’s not the point, is it?)

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind technology. But technology isn’t the point. Facebook is my focus for a legitimate reason. It has its uses. It allows us to evolve into a place that no one has ever had done before, and efficiency in society and in our lives runs rampant and without absolute question.

As for Facebook, yes, you get to meet new people online, get to know them, and establish some kind of cyber-based rapport with them. You get to create pages and groups, and you get to discuss all kinds of things – from religion to politics to your favorite drinks and foods. You get to show your cute dog and cat and kids photos, make movie and restaurant recommendations to friends, and things of that sort. There was a time when Faceboo was primarily about making great connections with all sorts of people, and those were the good old days when Facebook started out in its early years.

Thus those are the top advantages of it.

However, it also has its drawbacks (which I will detail adequately on here), and yet no one wants to point them out. Some of the drawbacks of that technology, especially when you also have Facebook Messenger, can include the following (social media can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare!).

  1. Auto-correct. I hate auto-correct. When you’re typing out a word on Facebook, your phone thinks you might mean this one other word that you don’t intend to use. It uses it in place of the word you were striving to use, thus making your message nonsensical, illogical, and downright moronic. Your sentence “This fruit is organic, not conventional” might be changed to something like “This fruit is orgy, not conventional” or some stupid crap like that. Anytime you use a word on your phone, some other word your phone chooses for you especially on Facebook throws off your intended statement, transforming into a message that you didn’t want to convey.
  2. The Impersonality of Speaking with Users. One of my pet peeves on Facebook, whether people like it or not, is the impersonality of the users who convey their messages to other people. To be honest, Facebook sucks. It’s like high school on the site, and people take sides all the time with every debate team fired up and acting very combative, confrontational, belligerent, condescending, and insulting along the way. That’s the problem with texting on Facebook, even on Messenger – people *ONLY* want to talk on Facebook via texting and *NOT* getting to know other people in a personal, friendly, and face-to-face way. It doesn’t allow you to speak to people in person. Political correctness and social justice warriors go everywhere and frequent groups and wall threads to the point where even the most innocent and most innocuous forms of conversations and off-color jokes will be taken as racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, bigoted, misogynistic, and intolerant. And then those groups of predatory individuals begin to shut you down, report you to Facebook, and more often than not, Facebook will side with them. In most cases, these people have the cops and the law on their side, not yours. Sucks, doesn’t it?
  3. Rude and Puerile Tenor of Its Users Take Place There. Very often you encounter people who are rude and very childish. Their tenor – that is, their tone – as well as their demeanor towards you online is sickening and gross. In lieu of friendly and sweet friendships, you find arguments and idle threats aimed at people, not to mention talking and gossiping about people behind their backs, thus revealing your true colors. You see people becoming obnoxious, egotistical, narcissistic, and smug attitudes by people who don’t act their age, which also reflects their maturity levels that can be measured by the digits of their own hands.
  4. Self-Absorbed and Sociopathic Behaviors. People have become narcissistic to a fault. They look at what you say and do and then pick on you and reduce you to a level of irrelevance because their beliefs, ideas, and values are more paramount than yours. It’s the “me-me, I-I” culture we live in.  All bets are off when their own vanity and intolerance of your sentiments take precedence over your concerns and values. They think that their excrement don’t stink, that they are better than you, and then they laugh about you at your expense. And let’s not forget about their abusive and threatening behaviors when they think that they are so perfect and are madly in love with themselves. That’s narcissism for you.and
  5. Cyber-bullying. Many Facebook users I’ve encountered think that they can treat you like crap, walk all over you, use you as a doormat, and be mentally and verbally abusive to you, while becoming extremely angry and negative about your activities on the site as well as your intentions. They can make fun of you, put you down, and say a lot of mean-spirited and nasty things to and about you that you normally wouldn’t put up with if you and all those same people were in the same room with one another. That’s cyber-bullying – that is, the schoolyard bully’s use of name-calling, smearing, and sandbagging to get his or her rocks off at your expense.

All of these things came to a head when a Facebook user – a feminist/social justice warrior – named Susan D’Angelo with whom I became friends because she apparently was associated with people in the libertarian movement including Victor Bozzo (an anarchist whom I associate with but am not close with at all), responded to me after I called her last night.

The following chat that transpired is the following:



Hours – nearly 24 hours – later I found this via my other Facebook account when I went to check out her profile wall:


That’s when I immediately noticed that she was talking about me. And I became completely incensed about the matter. This is what you get for hating Facebook Messenger calls and rely *ONLY* on texting. But I’ll talk more about that later.

My chat with her (which I posted in this blog) speaks for itself.

Here’s more of the discussions that she’s had with people who have no idea that they’re talking about me, and they’re snake-in-the-grass pieces of shit:

susan-dangelo-talking-about-me-part-1-clip-1-10-22-2016susan-dangelo-talking-about-me-part-2-clip-2-10-22-2016-alternativesusan-dangelo-talking-about-me-part-2-5-clip-2-5-10-22-2016susan-dangelo-talking-about-me-part-3-clip-3-10-22-2016 susan-dangelo-talking-about-me-part-4-clip-4-10-22-2016

Well, you now can see what kind of a bitch she is!

She is a feminist, thinking that any guy who calls her just wants to “rape” her or commit some “sexual assault” against her. Therefore, she’s a social justice warrior (SJW), which is a pejorative term referring to an advocate for feminism, civil rights, multiculturalism, political correctness, and identity (or sexual identity) politics. That even includes gender politics as well. She seems to think that any guy who calls her, such as Yours Truly, is someone who wants to harass – or sexually harass – her because she happens to be a woman.

She also seems to think that anyone who calls her, especially Yours Truly, is a “crazy person” or wants to “scam” her out of her money. I’m neither crazy nor do I intend to scam her. I don’t even intend to sexually harass her, let alone harass her for any reason. I told her that I hated texting, and I wanted to be pals.

She stated the following:

And it doesn’t give you the right to call me.

Let’s get something straight here, Susan. The thing is this: of course I do have a right to call you. I am perfectly and legally well-within my rights to call you. You are well-within your rights not to accept my call. She could have put it on her profile that she didn’t want people like me to call her, or she could have politely asked me not to call her again. I would have honored her request if she had done either one of those two things. But those things were epic fails on her part.

You act like I committed some heinous and egregious act of microaggression, which is by far the most laughable and most ludicrous mindset that you could possibly have as an adult woman your age, size, and height. This type of mindset you just directed at me is what conservative talk radio show host Larry Elder describes as a “victicratic” one, in which microaggression and large scales of dismissals of blatant prejudice, sexism, chauvinism, etc. are directed towards minorities and women at large. Thus it creates a “culture of victimhood,” enabling people to espouse politically-correct, alien values and lethal ideas that quash free speech and the marketplace of ideas. This “culture of victimhood” enables politically-correct opportunists to act like they are “victims” of repressed society and individuals as a whole and not having decent work, moral, and pro-freedom ethics that will enable an individual to survive in life and in perpetuity.

Sorry, but I don’t buy into that logic at all. I never have, and I never will.

After all, what are you, nine-years-old?

I Don’t know you

So what if you don’t know me? Talking and getting to know someone on the phone and figuring out why they think the way they do is what verbal communication is. That’s a value that your parents passed down to you. Or did you just happen to fall asleep on them while they were trying to deliver that precious fact to you?

What do you want

As I told you, I wanted “to be pals.” I’m not exclusively looking to have you as my girlfriend, and I’m not obsessed with you. I always talk to my friends via Messenger, and out of the ones I speak with, I call very few people to discuss what’s going on with them and so on.

Besides, if I wanted a girlfriend, I’d employ eHarmony.com or possibly Match.com. I don’t like Tinder, and I’m not on Kik (although I’m not too fond of that as well). Oh, and honey, you’re not that beautiful.  Yes, I do love Italian-American women, and I’ve met nicer ones than you who are down-to-earth. Don’t try to pull that “Italian-American women are not nice, ok?” bullshit. Just so we’re clear, I don’t fall for that cockamamie shit.

That’s not an open invitation to call.

Bitch, it’s not my problem that you didn’t tell me before that you didn’t want anyone, including me, to call you. If you didn’t, you should’ve said so. Because you failed at your job to do that, that’s on you. That’s your screw-up, not mine. And, if I come off like an insensitive and intolerant jerk to you, not my problem; it’s yours.

The fact that she flippantly responded to me, even to the point of being grossly obnoxious, is undeniable in the way that she treated me. I wasn’t being a jerk to her. But even if I were, which I really wasn’t, but let’s just say I was exactly a jerk. I shouldn’t have to apologize for calling her. That’s what the Facebook Messenger feature is there for. It keeps your cell phone number anonymous so you don’t have to give it out to people.

The call icon is represented by the following:

You can even video call someone and talk to them like you are Facetiming your family, friends, relatives, boyfriends/girlfriends, husbands/wives, or work colleagues. The video call icon is represented by the following:

Overuse of Facebook and smartphone and laptop technology, thanks to the company, makes verbal communications between people unneeded and unnecessary. There’s no closeness, no humanity, and no personality whatsoever. Nada.

Society has demonized people for calling people on cell phones and via social media applications, and that alone has destroyed the fun, coolness, and creativity of public discussions in person. That should *NEVER* have happened, but it has.

And you know who are the usual suspects that have made it worse than ever? The millennials. Yes, that demographic alright. And they are the reason why political correctness has resurfaced in recent years. Not only that, they are also the reason why the social justice warrior movement is alive and well in all its glory.

But that goes without saying, doesn’t it?

[Note (4:49 p.m. EST, 10/22/2016): I made some tense and mild-to-medium corrections on this piece as well as some proofreading corrections on my part. It was late last night, and now that I’m fully rested, I decided to devote some time to make these corrections as they are. Otherwise, the integrity and composition of my blog piece remain immutably intact.]

[Update (5:28 p.m. EST, 10/22/2016): I went back to my other Facebook account to check on Susan’s account, considering she has blocked my primary “Todd Andrew Barnett” account on Facebook, and I discovered the additional comments she and her amazing not-so-amazing friends made that were stated on her wall post:

susan-dangelo-talking-about-me-part-5-clip-5-10-22-2016Wow! LOL! This is getting freakier, yet better and better each time she and her pals open their mouths, particularly when their discussions continue to reference me.

Since she never asked for my permission to bitch about me on her wall post, perhaps I should consult an attorney and sue her for libel. If I want to, I can pull a Donald Trump libel suit against her faster than she can say, “Holy fucking shit!”

Yup. That’s what I thought too.

[Update (12:08 A.M. EST, 10/23/2016): More comments from D’Angelo and her freaky pals on Facebook Messenger and why they hate it so much:


And the massive, never-ending insanity continues unabatedly.


2 thoughts on “Politically Correct Feminist/Social Justice Warrior Named Susan D’Angelo and the Impersonality of Texting: The Demonization of Calling People on Facebook Messenger”

  1. Really a dick move to believe that a messager conversation is an invitation to call. And if some one doesn’t answer you, maybe they don’t want to talk.

    Then to blog about it calling someone out because they don’t like it, cuckold assclown level 100%

    Grow the fuck up Todd.

  2. So it’s ok for her to talk about me on her Facebook wall and say shit about me, but when I respond the same way, it’s a “dick move” according to you? And if I blog about it, it’s a “cuckold assclown level 100%”? Wow! This world *REALLY* has gone to dumb fuck-ville.

    I didn’t ask for your opinion, Bolt. Stay the fuck off my blog and my FB feed.

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