Free Talk Live’s Mark Edge Explains Why He Left The Airwaves and Why He Has Returned During The Show’s Aftershow Segment

Mark “Edge” Edgington, Free Talk Live‘s vociferously condescending and insulting co-host who officially returned to the show on January 23, 2016, states why he bolted from the FTL airwaves and why he’s “partially” returned to the show….well, on a part-time basis….during the show’s off-air aftershow.

Of course, this is the part where Edge patronizingly tells off the show’s listeners, saying they don’t want to talk responsibility. [That begins at time index 9:59.]

He tells the FTL listeners that they have to be “responsible for their listening habits.” Excuse me, Mark, but who the fuck do you think you are? A listener is the lifeblood of your show. Without your listeners, you *HAVE* no show. A listener does *NOT* have a “responsibility to his or her listening habits.” It’s the talk show radio hosts who have a responsibility to their show’s content, their message contained in that content, and whether they can keep the show appealing to their listener bases. Otherwise, their show *DOES NOT EXIST*!

A talk show host has no business to tell his listeners what their responsibilities are. If he or she can’t accept that, then someone else can come along and take their place. It’s the marketplace at work. That’s how a free market works. The hosts have a fiduciary responsibility to their listeners. Hosts are businessmen, and they have to attract their clientele – the listeners. If they begin to fail at it or continually fail at it, then it’s time to find another line of work that is more productive for them.

The libertarian message will find its way to new generations of readers, listeners, and audiences….with or without Free Talk Live.

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