Kelsey Eichhorn-Fetterhoff: Brad Spangler’s Teen Lover Turned On Him In Her Personal YouTube Video

Kelsey Eichhorn-Fetterhoff, a Pennsylvanian millenial and former Ron Paul youth supporter, turned on Brad Spangler the week he came out with his Facebook confession by unleashing a YouTube video in which she denounced Spangler and told everyone to stop asking her questions about her “relationship” with Spangler because they were “gross,” according to her.

Kelsey goes so far as to say:

I didn’t want to be involved in this. I wanted nothing to do with this. It’s weird, it’s creepy, it’s bizarre, it’s tragic, it’s disgusting, and people are adding me [on Facebook]. A lot of people are adding me, and only a lot of people are only adding me only to message me and ask me weird, gross questions that are really gross and disgusting, and I really just don’t want to talk about it. So I’m gonna make this video, and you all can watch this, and then you all can go away and leave me alone, unless you actually want to be my friend on Facebook. That’s cool too. Whatever.

This is the same Kelsey who told me about Brad Spangler’s daughter’s real name in private. This is also the same Kelsey who told me she thought Brad “was an asshole” because he stopped talking to her and blocked her, even around the time when he didn’t want her to see his confession. She even told me that Brad backed off from her and distanced himself from her, only because he supposedly told her that she reminded him of his daughter.

It’s interesting in this video – at least I always thought it was interesting in this video – that Kelsey claims that Brad met her online when she was supposedly 15 and not 17, and Brad had lied about her age because she reaffirmed that she was 15 and not 17 (which is interesting, because she didn’t dispute Brad’s “lie” at the time she and Brad were dating at the time). She had been making YouTube videos for Ron Paul, and she at some point added Brad on Facebook.

This is what she says here:

Really, Kelsey? Why would you add that jackass on Facebook? Why would you even talk to him about pro-Liberty stuff even before he was acting creepy? Are you that dense to figure out that the man just wanted to get into your pants, considering he had – and still has – a thing for teens like you? He looked at you as if you were piece of KFC chicken breast (or thigh), extra crispy style. And you didn’t think there was something wrong with that picture?

You lied to me about your relationship with Brad if that was the case. Perhaps you were lying in the video as well, trying to not let out the real true story of your relationship with Brad from ever getting out? And you had to take it to YouTube to air your complaints? Why didn’t you call the cops on him and those people who were asking you “weird, gross questions” about you and him? Why didn’t you contact the Feds when you had the chance?

Here’s what I think. I think you enjoyed the attention as well as the sexual tension between you and him. If what you said happened to be the case, you would have told him to stay away from you over four years ago, and you would have warned the entire libertarian and anarchist communities within the libertarian community about what Brad was doing to you then.

So he wanted you to “run away from him” just for you to “live with him” and “have sex with him multiple times.” Again, why didn’t you tell your parents about it? Why didn’t you bring this matter to the libertarian community first before even bringing it to the cops? Why did you go along with “his lie” that you were 17 and had me defend you and him, considering I was the object of scorn and ridicule by Deborah Dedmon and other people?

But that’s a blog post for another day.

Behold the following posts showcasing Kelsey and Brad’s love for each other:

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Need I say more?


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