Christopher Cantwell Defending His Racist-Fueled Twitter Tweet Massively Damages The Libertarian Movement

M.K. Lords vs Christoher Cantwell

Self-glorifying, self-serving, self-aggrandizing, and, not to mention, narcissistic “Anarchist. Atheist. Assholecelebritarian Christopher Cantwell recently went on a rant in a blog post entitled “Words, Agendas, and Limited Regrets” on the blog section of his website, in which he defended his racist-fueled Twitter tweet to a black American who called him an “inferior white boy” after Cantwell went on a tirade about women being noise on the talk radio airwaves (referring to M.K. Lords specifically) because she spoke about witnessing an incident in a dark alley one night a couple of years ago (all the while commenting on Cantwell’s putrid response to a similar situation happening in Keene, New Hampshire by whipping out a camera and filming it, although the participants demanded him to stop filming, and then they were about to attack him, and, considering he was packing heat that night, he nearly used his firearm on the people and also nearly killed one or more of them). When Lords was leaving a bar, she heard a couple of people screaming and arguing at each other outside the establishment, and she went to check it out although she was unarmed at that point.

As I indicated on my previous blog post, this entire clusterfuck began when Cantwell, who was broadcasting his Radical Agenda talk radio show/podcast live, May 15th after he bragged about how he handled that mess in the downtown area of Keene and dealing with a Keene police officer in a “civilized” manner (if that’s what you want to call it at that), was talking about his situation and vehemently attacking Lords and assassinating her character, referring to her as “this fucking, worthless rancid bitch.”

Cantwell in this video says the following (beginning at time index 1:42):

Lord’s detailed account of her encounter of both the man and the woman after she vacated the bar is discussed on this audio clip:

To be more precise, Cantwell stated matter-of-factly after hearing Lord’s statement on the air:

Ok, let me tell you something here.  [Clears his throat] You don’t get to go into a situation unarmed and tell me that it’s similar to my situation when I’m armed. Carrying a gun and not carrying a gun into a conflict are two entirely different things that everything you say after this point would be invalid even if it was not as ridiculous as it’s going to be. [Momentary pause] When you’re carrying a gun, you have to make sure that other people don’t get your fucking gun. You have to protect the gun the same as you protect your life. You can’t…. [He ends up stammering] All right, let me continue because I don’t want any spoilers.

Of course Cantwell wasted no time playing an excerpt of Lord’s point she made during her co-host gig on the libertarian talk radio show/podcast Freedom Feens. She continues with her story in the following in this audio clip:

Here’s a transcript of what Lords and Cantwell said in the above-mentioned video clip:

M.K. Lords: And, and this is the point I wanna make with this is… I had an experience kind of similar to Cantwell’s a couple of years ago, and I was leaving a bar. It was at a show, um, at a, at this bar I went to, and I was leaving, and I hear people yelling and screaming. It’s an argument. I hear girls crying, guys yelling. Similar situation, and it’s, it’s around the corner on this kind of side street. So I walk around the corner. I was unarmed by the way. Totally unarmed.

Christopher Cantwell: [interrupting] Totally similar.

M.K. Lords: I walk around the corner, and yeah these guys are kind of yelling, and this girl is curled up on the ground. And, you know, upon first seeing this site I don’t know what’s going on. I can’t presume to know what’s going on, because I don’t know if she was pushed down to the ground, which was possible. I don’t know if she was maybe drunk and was laying on the ground because she didn’t feel well. I didn’t anything about this situation.

Christopher Cantwell:[interrupting] You don’t know anything about a lot of situations. You don’t know anything about … MY situation. You’re speaking in, in complete fucking ignorance.

M.K. Lords: So what I did is, da, da, the guys were kind of backed away. They, they, they were looking flustered. They were just kind of like, “Ah, this, this girl was being dramatic!” and they were, they had been screaming at her, but they were kind of backed away when they were standing by this car right next to her.

Christopher Cantwell: [again interrupting] My guys were not backing away.

M.K. Lords: [continues] So I wanted to know what was going on to make sure this girl was safe. So you know what I did? Instead of filming them and provoking them because they were drunk.

Christopher Cantwell: [again interrupting] Instead of collecting evidence….

M.K. Lords: [again continuing] I walked up to them and simply asked if everything was okay.

Christopher Cantwell: [again interrupting] Ok, so you walked up. You got within arm’s reach of these people. Let me telling you something. Look at the fucking people coming at me on that video, you fucking maniac! Do you think that you wanna get close to those people?

M.K. Lords: [again continuing] I got down on the ground with the woman. I asked her if she was doing all right, —

Christopher Cantwell: [once again interrupting] You got down on the ground with the woman.

M.K. Lords: [once again continuing] if she needed any help, if, uh, you know, everything was alright, was she in any danger. All of these things, I —

Christopher Cantwell: [finally interrupting once again, not even letting her finish her statements] got raped and murdered. Hmph [with an assholish smile]. That’s really how that story could have ended, and, you know, I’m sure you’re grateful with that’s not how it ended, and I’m, and I’m certain that um, I’m certain that people who care about you are grateful with that’s not how it ended. But Jesus Fucking Christ, woman, you think that you can fucking compare a situation where you safely walked up to a group of strangers who might have just assaulted somebody, laid down on the ground without a gun, and compare that to a situation where men attacked me, and I was carrying a handgun. This is the kind of shit [proceeds to clear his throat] that I get so fucking sick of listening to, and ladies, when you, if you’re going to talk to me about violent conflicts, you are noise. You are noise because you have female privilege. We went through a list of, uh, female privileges on Free Talk Live the other day, and let me tell you one of those female privileges. You have the privilege of having a reasonable level of certainty that you will not be beaten to death by a stranger over nothing in a bar fight. You have the privilege to walk up to a situation like that and have a reasonable expectation that men will not beat you into the fucking ground and end your life.

These fucking women, they talk about, uh, they, they talk about, you know,rape culture, and I’ll, and I’ll…uh, I shouldn’t blame that on women. I should say feminists because men are responsible for that than women are any day of the week. Men are far more likely to be the fucking victims of violence because they present a threat when they walk up to a situation like that. As, as  I’m in that situation, and there’s a woman charging towards me, the woman is clearly out of her fucking mind. I do not view her as a threat to my safety. She’s a distraction to the men who are. She’s a distraction to me while I’m trying to focus on the men who I have to neutralize.

 So let’s get this awfully straight. Women “have female privilege” because they dwell on this mythical “rape culture” balderdash, and yet M.K. Lords is proliferating that balderdash because in her case she chose not to use a gun to stop a woman from being “raped and murdered” according to the all-powerful, all-knowing Christopher Cantwell? And Lords, somehow in the back of Cantwell’s mind, has no business “comparing her situation” to Cantwell’s, whether or not they are similar? Women “are noise” because they are not well within their rights to talk about violent conflicts that can transpire between both sexes, can directly affect one sex over the other, or can endanger both sexes’ lives? Is that what Cantwell is driving at here? I find that highly pathetic of him to say that.

When Cantwell says on Radical Agenda that M.K. Lords “don’t know anything about a lot of situations,” who died and made him the Jesus Christ of the anarchist wing of the libertarian movement? Who is he, Marley’s ghost? What it really amounts to is the fact that Cantwell is a misogynistic, sexist, and racist bigot who’s in the libertarian movement for celebratory fame and glory. And that’s what he has — celebratory fame and glory. It’s fine and dandy that he criticizes and destroys the arguments advanced by the limousine Left and their sycophantic idiots, which is great on that front. No arguments from me on that end there.

That said, where are his arguments against the limousine Right? The Right is just as evil and mendacious as the Left, and yet the silence coming from Cantwell’s computer keyboard is quite deafening. And yet that is par-for-the-course with him.

But that’s not the issue. The issue is how he is defending his racially-charged tweets and the racist mindsets from which they extend.


On my previous blog piece on him, I posted his racist Twitter tweets with responses between him and @HeckPhilly, a black man who called him out for what he really was.

Cantwell tweeted the following in a predictable fashion:

Christopher Cantwell's Racist Tweets on Twitter - Whiteboy or Cracker Tweet - May 19, 2015@HeckPhilly, as I have indicated before, took Cantwell’s bait:

A Black Man's Response to Cantwell on Twitter - May 19, 2015@HeckPhilly even tweeted the following:

A Black Man's Responses to Cantwell on Twitter Part 1 Clip 1 - May 19, 2015Another tweet from @HeckPhilly added more fuel to the fire:

A Black Man's Responses to Cantwell on Twitter Part 2 - Clip 2 - May 19, 2015Then Cantwell did the following unthinkable thing that no one ought to really do: he refers to @HeckPhilly as “the N-word.”

Christopher Cantwell's Racist Tweets on Twitter - Part 2 Clip 2 - May 19, 2015

@HeckPhilly didn’t start this; Cantwell did. Cantwell was stoking the fires by saying that women “are noise” to him and what he said to that black man on Twitter was justified. While I oppose political correctness in every single way possible and known to mankind and have done so for over 16 years during my activity in the libertarian movement and one needs to develop a thick skin if they find something offensive with what you say and how you meant it, I oppose the act of looking to offend every single individual associated with any group more whatsoever.


Cantwell, in his post entitled “Words, Agendas, and Limited Regrets,” which was written and published days after he was outed for his incendiary, infuriating Twitter tweets, not to mention his steadfast refusal to apologize for what he wrote on his Twitter account, tries to justify while employing moral relativist rhetoric to support his defense. Despite his apologies to Free Talk Live‘s Ian Freeman and Mark Edge after they had discovered his racist-fueled tweets on Twitter and for putting them through an untenable compromising position, refuses to apologize to Ian and Mark for what he had written on Twitter, which would have enabled them to lift his indefinite suspension from the show itself, it’s quite clear that Cantwell didn’t have (and still doesn’t have) any intention to backpedal, retreat, and apologize for his position. After all, are we really that surprised in any way that Cantwell doesn’t have an apologetic bone in his body? Of course not. It’s devoid of that sort of thing, and we all know that to be the case; otherwise, we’re just lying to ourselves.

In “Words, Agendas, and Limited Regrets,” Cantwell writes the following:

Christopher Cantwell's Blog Post - Words, Agendas, and Limited Regrets Snippet Part I 06-01-2015
Yes, language “is a fascinating subject” and can certainly be one. I would take issue with his claim that it is a “much tortured art form handed down from one to generation since before recorded history.” It surely can be, but it hasn’t been as such. Yes, dictatorships in the form of monarchies ruled from one nation to the next, exacting control of language in such a way that one can’t say what one wants to say in an environment free of government control, ban, and/or regulation. But what does any of that have to do with what you wrote on Twitter, Cantwell? Human beings all in due time since the days of the first human model have been evolving, and most of that correlates to language. Humans went from creating sounds with their mouths and drawing pictographs out of hieroglyphs to creating the Etruscan language to Latin, which paved the way for creating the “romance languages” and the invention of the English language.

All that said, Cantwell tries to trick his readers into believing that words are manipulated by other people, and that’s resulting from his exchange with @HeckPhilly on Twitter. Although he is undeniably correct on the first part of that point, he is sloppy and paternalistic on the second part of that point, simply because he supposedly was making a point which backfired on him anyway and resulted in him not making a point at all. He was goading people into a series of macho race-fueled baits. “Governments and religions” have employed words for many different “nefarious purposes,” but they had nothing to do with Cantwell’s racially-charged exchanges with @HeckPhilly via his Twitter account.

Christopher Cantwell's Blog Post - Words, Agendas, and Limited Regrets II Snippet 06-01-2015

Cantwell at least in some despicable way honestly admits he employs the word “faggot.” What Cantwell fails to fathom is that language is *MEANT* to evolve beyond and change and expand its definitions. Words are not about so much what you say; it’s how you say them that makes the difference and in what context you use them. The word “faggot,” which he uses as an example, was once construed to mean a cigarette, or the rubbing of two sticks to start a fire.

Today the term refers to a homosexual, that is, one who is sexually and romantically attracted to someone of the same sex. However, it is a pejorative, bigoted slur, and libertarians and anarchists are not supposed to use that term in that context. It’s offensive, it’s homophobic, and it’s rotten to the core. It has no place in the libertarian movement, because that’s something politically-incorrect, hatemongering conservatives would write about. If your intent is to “anger an enemy by saying something [you] figure he will not take kindly to being called,” then it’s going to backfire on you, because people, whether you try to justify, rationalize, and legitimize it even if you are honest about it in that way, will call you out. They will make judgments about you even more so than you make about them. It doesn’t matter what your point is or why you were trying to make it a paramount point, even if, in some half-assed, deluded fashion, you were trying to get them to see your way. By being negative, you won’t “convert,” or bring, people to your side; you will alienate them, because they don’t want to associated with not only the likes of you but an entire movement that has long since compromised and concealed its true motivations.

This is what Cantwell says about his exchange with @HeckPhilly:

Christopher Cantwell's Blog Post - Words, Agendas, and Limited Regrets III Snippet 06-01-2015Cantwell is lying here. When you write a tweet with the words “whiteboy” and “cracker” in it, indicating that someone who uses those words should elicit “equal outrage from the [social justice warrior] community,” what do you think is going to happen? Do you really think that writing such nonsense construes that you weren’t fishing for “some fine upstanding black man” who was most likely going to respond? You started that war with @HeckPhilly, Chris. You’re responsible for everything you put out on the Internet, and people will react instinctively to what you say and do. Humans are built that way. What did you think people would say? “Right on, Chris!”? “Good on you for calling that black man a ‘nigger'”? “You’re a hero in our movement”? While you do have your fans who would likely agree with the examples given above, those people including your supporters in the movement rank the lowest in terms of the strength and popularity of the site.

While Cantwell admits to the fact that he called @HeckPhilly a “nigger,” he tries to pin the blame on the black individual by saying he was a “social justice warrior.” Chris, you don’t know truthfully for certainty that this guy was (and still is) a “social justice warrior,” and you have no proof to say otherwise. That being said, the black man didn’t like it when you stated outrightly that “women’s voices” were “noise” to you. You made that crystal loud and clear and emphatically. This is your fault, Cantwell. Own it. Don’t put this on @HeckPhilly when he wasn’t the one saying that “women’s voices” were “noise” to him. He didn’t call you, me, or anyone for that matter a “honky,” or a “cracker,” or any racial epithet at all.

The man could’ve been “interested in a conversation” with you if you gave him an opportunity to have one with you and if you gave him a chance in the first place, Chris. But you failed on that account. You didn’t swing him to your side; you merely pushed him further away. Was it really worth it, man? Seriously, was it? If he was just looking to blame you with something, and you allowed yourself to be his bait, then that’s on you, not on him. Nobody forced you to do that. Nobody twisted your arm to be racist here, or to be a scumbag for penning a racial slur. Nobody strong-armed you into doing this. You did this of your own volition. Take some personal responsibility for a change, Chris. Be responsible for what you say and do, and that sage advice applies to all of us. Sometimes it’s better to bow out with some dignity than to go down humiliating and ridiculing yourself, especially to a point where no one takes you seriously anymore. It doesn’t matter whether you were right and he was wrong or vice versa. You made a situation worse by taking the douche-bag approach, which has long since destroyed any morsel of credibility you ever had on your person.

My point is this — and this applies to all of us — we need to pick and choose our battles. @HeckPhilly isn’t the cause of the problems in today’s society; he’s a symptom of what’s happened to society at large. The State has become big because over 80 percent of the American populace can’t even name the states, its institutions, its politicians, and/or any of the laws that we currently have in place. If we waste over 98 percent of our time engaging in destroying each other over bullshit that is merely theatrical and all about drama, then we will never get the State out of our lives at every point now and in the foreseeable future.

You claim that the “non-white people in [your] life” don’t take @HeckPhilly’s “claim seriously.” Either you’re a self-deluding complete idiot or, for lack of a better phrase, “full of shit,” and people can see right through you. How you can sleep at night being comforted by the dumbed-down logic marrying libertarian principles and ideology with your morally relativistic thinking is beyond me.

I’ve been in this movement on and off for over 16 years, Cantwell. I’ve seen people come and go as they please. I’ve seen both the “values-are-not important” faction and the “moral-values-are-important” faction clobbering each other over control of the national Libertarian Party and the entire libertarian movement.* [*Note: See Future of Freedom Foundation president Jacob G. Hornber’s old archived website on morality and ethics, which has been defunct for over 13 years, on the Internet Wayback Archives.] The problems that the Libertarian Party then had, and this was *LONG* before Ron Paul launched his 2008 and 2012 campaigns, were in connection with the corruption, deception, falsehoods, and lies perpetuated by the Harry Browne for President campaigns in both 1996 and 2000.

This is what Hornberger said about the lack of ethics and morality in the Libertarian Party then:

The No-Ethics Paradigm Snippet - January 27, 2002

Hornberger is dead-on target. Cantwell is part of the “values-aren’t-important” faction of the libertarian movement, although he hypocritically claims in some delusional way that they are paramount in the epic scheme of things. And that’s a tragedy right there.

More instances of unethical and immoral conduct on Cantwell’s part:

Christopher Cantwell's Blog Post - Words, Agendas, and Limited Regrets IV Snippet 06-01-2015

What a bombastically pompous slime ball! He has the nerve to write things like, “Regrettably, not everyone can organize their business in this manner, and my behavior has ramifications for others.” There is a half-truth here, with the first half of this sentence being completely true, but that’s merely Cantwell dodging the issue. The reason it is a half-truth lies in the second half in which he says that his demeanor “has ramifications for others.” If it has ramifications for others, then you know that what you’ve done is unethical and immoral, not to mention, wrong, Chris.

This is what I fear the most about Cantwell. He is an epitome of moral relativism. Moral relativism, in case anyone wants to know, is a philosophical concept holding firmly that no one is right or wrong about morality, and that morality is irrelevant. After all, morality must take a back seat when it comes to abolishing the State, so that we can coerce other people to live under the same model of governance (or non-governance if you must prefer). Who cares who gets hurt, why they got hurt, how they were harmed in the process, where they got hurt, and whatnot, as long as Cantwell and his minions get what they want so they can live “free.” Using the State to bring about freedom has never worked, but there has never been an instance where a non-existent State has ever survived in such a historical context.

This is what I also fear about Cantwell as well. He has appointed himself jury, judge, and executioner to the extent that he is far more righteous than any freedom activist, talk show host, author, or anyone who has been in the libertarian movement for so long. All of those things that I have mentioned are the hearts and souls of moral superiority. The hubris of it all makes me and can make anyone with a top-notch gag reflex gag constantly because of the stench of it. Oh yes, his convictions tell him that he needs to be a righteously indignant bastard who thinks he’s the savior of mankind when no one asked to be saved in the first place. But that’s Christopher Cantwell. That’s a puerile definition of Cantwell himself.

Your racist tweet has cost you a career in talk radio, Chris. You are blackballed permanently. The sad thing, of course, is that you are in complete denial of your own immorality, unethical mindset, and warped mindset. I suspect it’s because of your atheism to which you subscribe. The fact that you have the temerity to resort to name-calling when things don’t go your way show how insecure, immature, and self-destructive you really are.

When you say, “People have been trying to destroy since before I was even worthy of the effort,” that connotes paranoid delusional thinking. You think it’s a conspiracy that people want to smear you? They don’t have to do that. You did that all by yourself. That’s not on them; that’s on you.

M.K. Lords, Michael Dean, Davi Barker, Sharon Presley, Avens O’Brien, and everyone who can’t stand you have been right about you. You’re not doing what you’re doing for freedom. You’re doing it because you get your rocks off. You’re an opportunist at large and always have been.

Let’s continue with more with what Cantwell wrote here:

Christopher Cantwell's Blog Post - Words, Agendas, and Limited Regrets V Snippet 06-01-2015

@HeckPhilly didn’t race-bait you, Cantwell. You did all of that with one swift stroke. Yes, you have been “suspended indefinitely” from FTL, but I don’t need to tell you what you already know: that if you apologize, you may be allowed back on the air, and that indefinite suspension will end. And I don’t need to tell you that largely depends on you. But I’m not going to waste my time convincing you of that. That suspension will be permanent, and it might as well be a permanent one, considering you don’t have it in your heart to apologize for the sin of racism on Twitter and for the sexist and misogynistic libel you made regarding M.K. Lords. You don’t have to like her, and you don’t have to like @HeckPhilly. You could have ignored them and have taken the moral high ground if you really did believe in ethics and morality. But you didn’t, and that’s something you will have to live with.

When you told @HeckPhilly to “shut up, nigger,” you meant it out of your own convictions. But that doesn’t make you any more innocent. It makes you more guilty than for which you bargained. It’s fine to have convictions; I have mine which are figured into this blog post of mine. But when you told me “to go fucking [myself], loser,” did I *really* hang myself? No. I’m not the loser here. I’ve got nothing to lose, but you have plenty to lose, even your soul. I know you don’t believe in an afterlife or the idea of a soul, but perhaps you should rethink that position of yours.

@When HeckPhilly called you “an inferior white boy,” he was right. You are an “inferior white boy,” because he stumbled upon your tweet in which you wrote that “the next time someone says ‘white boy’ or ‘cracker’ I expect equal outrage from the sjw community.” He listened to your show and thought you were a sexist and a racist. And guess what? He. Was. Right. You are of those things.

You’re not a libertarian, Chris. You’re not even an anarchist. You’re just a clown pretending to be one thing over another. You’re a statist, and private statism is just as evil and maniacal as government-sanctioned, government-subsidized statism. More importantly, you are a psychopath, and that’s what creeps me out about you the most. You. Are. A. Psychopath. Enough said on that.

You can rest on your laurels now, Cantwell. Nearly everyone has turned their backs on you, and you don’t have the audacity to wonder why that is the case. You’re a mole in the movement. You’re an albatross on the neck of the movement, and someone should toss it into the garbage where it belongs.

Christopher Cantwell's Blog Post - Words, Agendas, and Limited Regrets VI Snippet 06-01-2015No one expects you to apologize, Chris. Everyone knows you won’t. You just permanently lost your job at FTL. And it’s not GCN’s fault, it’s not Mark Edge’s fault, and it’s surely not Ian Freeman’s fault, although I blame them both for hiring you to be on their talk show because, since you had been on, the show had gone far more downhill than it had previously been. You’re not the first asshole to be on that show, and you probably won’t be the last. The number of Free Talkers behind the mikes has been a revolving door for years, and new blood in the movement will come on to the show and cement their names in the show’s history.

If you don’t want to apologize, that’s your decision and your right. As stupid and foolish as it is, it’s all on you now. For you to apologize to Ian and Mark for “having inconvenienced them” but not apologizing for using racial epithets and sexist and misogynistic statements against women by painting them with a thick black brush is pathetic on your part. For you to do all of that is irresponsible and unforgivable.


Nine years ago, on December 20, 2006, I wrote a piece for, Wendy McElroy‘s website, in which I defended Michael Richards, the has-been star who played the zany character Kramer on the NBC hit show “Seinfeld,” for launching into a racist tirade, in which he called one black man heckling him with the help of his friends a “nigger.” I even acknowledged his unforgivable stupidity and lunacy, even if he were rudely interrupted by hecklers who were disrupting his act.

This is what Richards said on the stage:

On November 2006, Kyle Doss and Frank McBride, two of the hecklers who were in the balcony at the Laugh Factory in Western Hollywood, California, were rudely interrupting Richards’ comedy act on the stage. Although they pretty much started it considering Richards wasn’t looking to hide behind political incorrectness, they immediately got pissed off the minute Richards used the epithet “nigger” a number of times on stage after he was pissed off at them for talking during his comedy bit.

This is what Doss and McBride said on Larry King Live (here’s a transcript of it):

KING: Remarkably racist language there. I assume he’s looking up at you two gentlemen and the rest of your party; is that correct?

DOSS: Correct. But there was a lot more before that. Someone caught that in the middle of things. He had said some things first, and then all of a sudden, then someone — then someone started filming what was caught on tape.

But, as we walked — here’s what happened. As we walked in, we sat down and started ordering drinks. And, as we ordered drinks, I guess we’re being a little loud, because there was 20 of us ordering drinks. And he said, look at the stupid Mexicans and blacks being loud up there.

That’s the first thing he said. And then he kept on with his bit.

And, then, after a while, I told him, my friend doesn’t think you’re funny.

And then when I told him that, that’s when he flipped me off and said, F-you N-word. And that’s how it all started.

Then, Doss’ friend McBride, when inquired about how to handle the matter, answered with the following remark:

McBride: At that point in time, when he made his first remark, a lot of us were in shock. We couldn’t believe that he had made that racial statement like that. So, a lot of us didn’t know how to react.

I looked to the rest of the people that were — that came with us, that were in our group, and there was a lot of confused and shocked faces, a lot of emotions that ran just — ran through us at that one moment.

Doss and McBride proceeded to allege what Richards said to them in front of the other members of the club’s audience. In the following comments, they smeared the comedian with the following statements:

DOSS: He even said comments like, I’m so rich that I can have you arrested. And I’m so — when I wake up in the morning, I’m still going to be rich, but, when you wake up in the morning, you’re still going to be an N-word. There was lots of stuff he said that was just totally uncalled for, totally shocking.

MCBRIDE: Nothing provoked to the point to where he should have made those statements.

KING: So you concede you might have been a little disruptive because your group was large, but nobody in the group said anything until he started shouting at you.

DOSS: Yes, correct. Yes, something like that nature, yes. Correct.

A contrite Richards apologized for what he said on Letterman, especially with Jerry Seinfeld supporting him all the way.

This is what Richards said to Letterman’s audience:

Doss and McBride arrived late, rudely interrupted Richards as he was doing his act and had no regard for his audience, and their friends and they should have apologized to Richards too. Did they do that? No, of course not.

Doss and McBride didn’t buy into Richards’ apology, calling it a “totally fake” and “forced.” Doss even said, “I feel like it was a career move. It wasn’t sincere.” So kind of solution did he have in mind? He answered quickly, “To be compensated for what happened.” Even Gloria Allred wanted to sue Richards, saying, “It’s not enough to go on television and say ‘I’m sorry.'” She went further, “We are issuing a challenge to Michael Richards.” What was the challenge? Allred referred to a meeting between Richards, her clients, and a judge. “We want the retired judge to make a recommendation on how much Michael Richards should pay to compensate our clients,” said Allred.

As I wrote in my piece:

Political Correctness Takes Hold of the Michael Richards Scandal Snippet - December 20, 2006

Since then, after nine years of writing the piece, although I still believe Doss and McBride did cause the incident to happen in the first place, when I look back on Michael Richards, I now realize what a complete dumb shit he was, and he destroyed his own career. He didn’t have to fling the “N-word” at Doss and McBride, despite their stupid behavior.

How does this compare to Cantwell? Because Richards is a comic like Cantwell who claims to be one. (I’ve yet to hear any of his funny jokes, and so far his humor escapes me completely.) And both men used racist statements to carry their points. While one incident is different entirely from the other, both arrived at the same conclusion: Richard’s stand-up and Hollywood career is finished, just as Cantwell’s radio career crashed and burned because of what he said on Twitter.


Christopher Cantwell’s defending his racist-fueled tweets seriously does extended, irreparable damage to the libertarian movement. It does so by enabling people who have never been in the movement before (but are looking it up) to think, “Well, if this libertarian thinks that way, then all other libertarians must think that way too.” In other words, they associate libertarianism with racism. That’s not how the movement was set-up, and that’s not the way we should be seen. We should be seen as positive, loving people who want to stoke the fires of liberty in their hearts.

Cantwell fails the smell test on this issue. He’s not even good at bringing the message of liberty to people. That much is the case, and everyone knows it.

I just wish his supporters will see him for who he is, so they can take a good look at him, and then abandon him after they’re through looking at him.

As someone who is moral, ethical, and just, I would kindly ask my libertarian and anarchistic brethren to turn off the lights in the room. I won’t be doing the same for Christopher Cantwell, Asshole Extraordinaire.

Yup. That about sums it all up for me. What about you?

4 thoughts on “Christopher Cantwell Defending His Racist-Fueled Twitter Tweet Massively Damages The Libertarian Movement”

  1. So you’re just now figuring out that libertarians are women-hating, racist douchebags? Congrats. I’d call that progress.

    1. Don’t paint us all with the same black paintbrush. Libertarians in general don’t believe in what Cantwell is saying. After all, Cantwell is a conservative donning a libertarian suit and personality for Halloween, except that holiday is 365 days a year for him. My fellow colleagues and I don’t pal around with him, ok?

      I find your foregone conclusion very incendiary, very ludicrous, very unfair, very shallow, very condescending, very hubristic, and, might I add, very insulting. What if I said the following to you, “So you’re just now figuring out that limousine liberals are commie-loving, feminist-loving, gun-hating, unprincipled fuckwads? Congrats! I’d call that progress”?

      I hear crickets chirping loudly on my end here.

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