Seros Family Restaurant in Chesterfield Township: The Food Sucks, and the Owner Is A Stupid Idiot

[This is taken from a Facebook post of mine. You can read it there as well! However, this is the uncensored, no-holds-barred version profanity-laced version of my review of tonight’s food. Some additions were made in one of the paragraphs, but anyway, take from it what you will.]

Meatloaf Price in Seros Family Restaurant Menu

Tonight my friend Jon and I went to Seros Family Dining on Gratiot Avenue and really close to 22 Mile Road in Chesterfield, Michigan. (Chesterfield is my hometown obviously.) I tried to eat healthy while we were there, and of course they usually don’t offer a lot of healthy choices, but that’s beside the point.

Jon ordered the meatloaf, while I had a chicken club sandwich. The food tasted like garbage. My meal tasted dry, and I had to either eat French Fries or a potato, which I chose to do neither because of the medication I’m on and the amount of fat and carbs in those things. The waitress, and I don’t remember her name, said I could get a salad, but they would have to “up-charge” the entire meal. I thought that was bullshit, so I made sure she didn’t get a tip. Asshole shithead of an owner he is!

After one bite of his meatloaf, Jon complained that the meatloaf was “gross,” that it was horrible. He said that the meat tasted like it was “Pureed.” Not only that, he said he refused to pay for a meal that tasted “like shit.” Jon told the waitress that he refused to pay for it. Then the waitress came back, saying that he must pay for it. Jon demanded to speak to the owner of the business. So this dickhead of a goddamn owner came over to him and demanded that he pay for his order or that he would “call the cops.” Why? Because it would be “stealing.” (Technically: he’s right, but why should anyone pay for a shitty meal especially when it’s a private business and the owner is supposed to answer to his customers, not the effing other way around.)

He went on, telling Jon off and saying that he “inspects” 50 pieces of meatloaf a day. (Sneezes: BULLSHIT! Yeah, right, fucking asshole, nice try! Try running a business without any customers!) This ungrateful motherfucker of an owner, who is from Greece, has grey hair, is a skinny little fuck, wears glasses, and whose own hair is in a ponytail, doesn’t know a thing about fucking customer service. Not only that, since Jon has never worked for the guy, the owner threatened to kick me and Jon out. Jon and I were pissed. I paid for my meal, although I was strong-armed into doing it.

Obviously this owner doesn’t give a shit about customer service. It’s no wonder why the restaurant had fewer than 4 customers in the establishment.

Either that asshole takes a good whiff of the shit he’s selling to his dwindling customer base or he’ll be out of business faster than he can put up a “for-sale” sign. If I weren’t a Libertarian or advocate of free private property rights and if I were a progressive, I’d call the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, and they would take my word in a heartbeat and shut that asshole owner down. I will instead write an op-ed to the Bay Voice, objecting to the shitty food service and the fact that the owner threatened to “call the cops” on us if we didn’t leave his restaurant.

As customers, we don’t answer to people like that. I am tempted to call the Health Department on his Greek-rioting ass, but I’d be a hypocrite to do exactly that.

I may or may not draft a letter providing details of that bullshit. How dare this owner pull that shit? How dare he?

I don’t like it when assholes like a Greek owner does that to his own customers. It’s a *REAL* shit hole.

I was forced to pay for my meal, but I will never go there again. I will keep spreading the word about how bad the quality of food at Seros has become.

Go to hell, Seros! Go to fucking hell!

Grade: F… in “epic fail!” and as in failure!!

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