Real Time Host Bill Maher and His Panel Agree with Controversial ObamaCare Architect Jonathan Gruber That Americans Are “Stupid”

On his show this past Friday (which aired at 10 p.m. EST which is my time zone), Real Time‘s Bill Maher and his panel, with the strong exception of Canadian Parliamentarian Chrystia Freeland, brought up the ruckus surrounding uproarious ObamaCare brains and architect Jonathan Gruber, who stated in three videos on YouTube, that the average American voter is “stupid” – or ill-informed – because he or she votes for politicians who gives them a Frankstein creation of a combined private and government health care system known simply as ObamaCare a.k.a. the Patient Protect and Affordable Care Act of 2010. Gruber, in three separate videos YouTube video composited as one, stated the following:

Of course conservatives like Kathleen Parker and Avrik Roy of Forbes were outraged over them. Print media sites like the conservative Washington Times clobbered him for making that statement.

But was Gruber right or wrong?

In my estimation, he was both. He was right because Americans do vote for politicians who will give them government programs and “promised benefits” and allow the State to take over their very lives if they feel as if they can benefit from the system via their tax “government”-funded dollars. On the other hand, he was wrong because Americans weren’t “stupid” when they were told by Obama and his crapitalist cronies that patients who wanted to keep their doctors and insurance plans would be able to do so (when they truly weren’t), whose health care premiums and costs would go down (except that they have been spiking upwards and in 2015 are expected to go up again), the exchanges in over 24 states would be online and available (another convenient lie because the ObamaCare website was down immediately on the day of its grand opening on October 1, 2013), and all conditions would be covered (not if the costs of both the premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket costs remain astronomically high). Because of the fact that Gruber and his crapitalist cronies lied to the American public, no, in that context Americans are not stupid.

Here is what Bill Maher and his minions had to say about Gruber’s statement. And yes, Maher and his panelists, except for Freeland, agree with Gruber on it as well:

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