Real Time Host Bill Maher’s Interview with Progressive Author Naomi Klein

Real Time host Bill Maher interviewed This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate author Naomi Klein on capitalism being the scourge of the climate and why global climate change threatens the U.S. and the entire world. I’ve never bought into the “climate change” nonsense as it is a progressive claim to motivate limousine liberals and communists to push their ulterior motives. Klein’s answers in her interview are bullshit, but they certainly make great entertainment for the masses.

It’s an interesting segment of Maher’s show, yet it absolutely shows the agenda that Maher and his limousine liberal pals have at the expense of every American citizien.

One thought on “Real Time Host Bill Maher’s Interview with Progressive Author Naomi Klein”

  1. So you are a “climate change” religionist, aren’t you? And Naomi Klein must be a scientist in a white lab coat, right? Oh yeah! She must have gotten her degree from the University of Unadulterated Bullshit Scientific Dogma, right? Is that an accredited university? Gee, I wonder.

    Thanks for the insights, Mr. Warner. An internet troll who wastes his time smearing my blog piece – and me personally – because I don’t buy into the limousine liberal mythology of “The Planet Is Dying! The Planet Is Dying!” is both a classic textbook head case and a true believer of the pseudoscience-based religion called “Global Warming” a.k.a. “Climate Change.” Naomi Klein is a soulless, mudslinging, cash corporatist whore who is profiting from your nonsensical belief in that bullshit. You and your ilk make Scientology and their belief in Xenu The Intergalactic OverLord (as prophesied in Operating Thetan [OT] Level Eight) look like a bunch of mentally ill, mentally unbalanced underachievers.

    Have a not-so-good life, Cupcake. Bye now!

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