Actor Ben Affleck Getting Hot Under The Collar with Real Time Host Bill Maher and Interview Guest Sam Harris (10/03/2014)

“Moderately liberal” Hollywood actor Ben Affleck was furious with Real Time host Bill Maher and his interview guest and atheist Sam Harris over Maher and Harris’ attacks on Islam, considering they were painting all Muslims with a very thick brush because of ISIS and other groups of radical theists like them. Affeck appeared to be increasingly uncomfortable while Maher, Harris, and the entire panel were for all intents and purposes smashing them and tearing them apart.

While we have two atheists who are attacking the followers of Islam and calling their ideas “bad,” it is without a doubt that Harris and Maher are painting an entire religious community and their spiritual and religious convictions with a very hard, thick brush.‘s account of the irate discussions are damning at best:

“Why are you so hostile about this?” Maher asked Affleck.

“It’s gross, it’s racist,” Affleck replied.

“It’s so not,” Maher insisted, though Affleck compared it to using the term, “Shifty Jew.”

“You’re not listening to what we are saying,” Maher insisted.

“You guys are saying, if you want to be liberal, believe in liberal principles,” Affleck said, referencing Maher’s monologue last week. “Like, we are endowed by our forefathers with inalienable rights, all men are created equal.”

Harris, who had complained about criticism of the Muslim religion being dismissed as Islamophobic, countered that liberals should be allowed to criticize bad ideas.

“Islam is the motherload of bad ideas,” Harris argued.

“Jesus,” Affleck said in frustration.

“That’s just a fact,” Maher said, backing Harris up.

Journalist Nicholas Kristof then cut in, telling Maher he was painting an “incomplete” picture of the religion by failing to account reformers like activist Malala Yousafzai.

“Or how about the more than a billion people who aren’t fanatical, who don’t punish women, who just want to go to school, have some sandwiches, and don’t do any of the things you say all Muslims do?” Affleck said.

But Harris countered that the strongest voices in Islam belong to not only extremists, but conservative Muslims who, while criticizing terrorist groups, still follow practices that keep other members of their communities “immiserated.”

“It’s the only religion that acts like the mafia,” Maher said. “They will f*cking kill you if you say the wrong thing, draw the wrong picture, or write the wrong book.”

Former Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele pointed out that Muslim clerics from several countries have condemned the actions of groups like the Islamic State, without getting much attention for it.

“Where was the coverage?” Steele asked. “Where was that story to create a different picture?”

Affleck then rebuffed Maher’s attempt to laugh the discussion off.

“I’m simply telling you, I disagree with you,” Affleck said, before Maher cut him off.

“I know, and we’re obviously not convincing anybody,” Maher said.

John Feehery, Charles M. Blow, and General Anthony Zinni on Real Time with Bill Maher (09-26-2014)

Real Time host Bill Maher and his panelists The Hill columnist and The Feehery Theory blogger John Feehery, New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow, and former Commander-in-Chief of the United States Central Command and Before The First Shots Are Fired: How America Can Win or Lose Off The Battlefield co-author General Anthony Zinni discuss U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s departure from his position, the ISIS matter in Syria, and Obama’s idiotic and disrespectful Latte Salute.

Here’s Maher and his panelists on Eric Holder’s departure:


Here’s Maher and his panelists on ISIS:


Here’s Maher and his panelists on Obama’s Latte Salute:

It’s typical for a limousine liberal like Bill Maher and his limousine liberal friend Charles Blow to defend Eric Holder and Obama for his moronic Latte Salute, which is something that we libertarians and anarcho-capitalists should expect from our friends. While Maher is right about the fact that ISIS isn’t a threat, his pathetic comments about Islam are still off-base, considering he truly doesn’t have a clue about what it is and what it encompasses.

Real Time Host Bill Maher’s Interview with Progressive Author Naomi Klein

Real Time host Bill Maher interviewed This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate author Naomi Klein on capitalism being the scourge of the climate and why global climate change threatens the U.S. and the entire world. I’ve never bought into the “climate change” nonsense as it is a progressive claim to motivate limousine liberals and communists to push their ulterior motives. Klein’s answers in her interview are bullshit, but they certainly make great entertainment for the masses.

It’s an interesting segment of Maher’s show, yet it absolutely shows the agenda that Maher and his limousine liberal pals have at the expense of every American citizien.