I Am Back….For Good!

I am back…..for good! I was away for a while because my mom and I have been sick. I’ve been trying to lose weight to receive a brand new liver, and Mom has had……well, I’ll explain some other time. I am sorry that I haven’t been posting for a year, but things change, and I wouldn’t change them any other way. A lot has been transpiring at home, in the U.S., and throughout the entire world. And it starts with a “C” and it’s ruined that special reputation and image of a wonderfully popular (now not-so-popular) beer (una cerveza) from Mexico (de Mejico).

Ok, let’s get the blogging done, ‘kay?


Actor Kirk Cameron Talks About the Youth of America Being Brainwashed by Smartphone Technology

Kirk Cameron appearing on The Doctors TV show today at 10 a.m. EST.

On the hit daytime show The Doctors, actor Kirk Cameron, while promoting his new documentary Connect, was the guest who had to say about how smartphone technology is transforming Generation Y a.k.a. Millennials – presently the youth of America – into self-centered, self-entitled, and self-absorbed snowflake brats.

Here’s the video in question:

Everything Cameron says about Millennials is true: they’re vain, narcissistic, conceited, and insecure idiots who don’t know what a real job is, let alone a real relationship. They can’t even cook, which is sad because they will need these skills to function in life. Oh, no! Not that pathetic generation that wants to be paid $16/hr, and yet they don’t want to work for it.

What’s more, these collectivistic drones support restrictions to the First Amendment. Yup, they’re against free speech, freedom of religion, and the right to peacefully assemble. That means they are for political correctness. One can’t be sexist, and one can’t be racist, and, if one espouses such views whether it’s one or the other or both, one must be called out for such brutish statements.

Millennials are eschewing marriages, raising families, and premarital sex in favor of socioeconomic and sociopolitical activism. More to the point, this generation has become a nation of crybabies who think that they want free stuff provided for them by the State. They will become politically active on the progressive side (Bernie Sanders style) if it serves their political interests. Millennials merely meet each other via their smartphones and eschewing one-on-one personal and intimate contact with their fellow peers. Because of the repugnant need for “safe spaces,” Gen Y is bringing them to the workplace as well where they cannot tolerate outright scrutiny for their actions.

Even their collegiate actions are called into question. This group’s political activities raises a lot of red flags for anyone who asserts an opinion opposing such events. Anytime any prominent speaker like Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, Ann Coulter, or other libertarians and conservatives holds a rally to debate the issues at some of the top prestigious universities and colleges, leftist campus activists disrupted those events, resorting to name-calling, threats, and extreme heckling. Are we really *THAT* surprised that this is happening across the board?

At the heart of those campus groups is a problem with social justice warriors (SJWs) who spew politically-charged views on feminism, civil rights, multiculturalism, and identity politics. If one holds views that are contrary to theirs, one will be shouted out, enabling security and police to lead the conservative and libertarian speakers out of the building and guarantee their safety. So much for the right to free expression! It makes your local municipalities look like Benji and Gentle Ben.

Imagine a college student taking out a school loan that places that individual in student loan debt. There is an unaddressed and under-addressed student loan debt crisis currently topping at $1.5 billion. This coincides with their completion of unmarketable and unneeded degrees that were never meant to be coupled with job applications and interviews for employment. A student who thinks that he or she can get a free ride to Yale or Harvard and expect not to pay all those loans back is suffering from a state of delusions of grandeur. This type of du jour thinking is a reflection of the kind of insidious views with them these students are living and the reality with which they refuse to come to terms.

I suspect the reason is clear. These young men and women are being brainwashed by leftist professors and politicians who promise them the moon. And yet I’m not surprised by this – not one bit.

Cameron is right. Smartphones have changed the composition of nearly every teen’s neural pathways. They certainly do have a bleak future in store for them. But unsurprisingly so they couldn’t care less.

That high-priced meal at McDonald’s or Burger King just to pay that $16/hr teenage fast worker is looking a lot less appetizing than ever.


Politically Correct Feminist/Social Justice Warrior – and Now Conspiracy Theorist – Susan D’Angelo and Her Motley Crew of Minions Strike Back At Me


Politically-correct feminist and social justice warrior (SJW) Susan D’Angelo, who sniped at me on Facebook Messenger after I called her on chat software because she refused to respond to my texts (all on account of the fact that I was trying to befriend her), has recently responded to my piece on her. Not only that, she has sent her motley crew of minions (who happen to be losers anyway) after me, all because I called her out on her bullshit that she said to me and behind my back on her Facebook profile.

This is what I first received from a gentleman named Steve Acker (YouTube Channel: Steve Acker)- perhaps a crony or ally of D’Angelo’s – in my Gmail inbox, dated October 23, 2016:

steve-acker-slams-me-for-my-susan-dangelo-blog-piece-part-1-clip-1-10-23-2016-10-31-2016 steve-acker-slams-me-for-my-susan-dangelo-blog-piece-part-2-clip-2-10-23-2016-10-31-2016


Since then he hasn’t written back….which is a good thing in my book.

It doesn’t end there. Another individual who commented on my blog – and his name is Harry Bolt who decided to issue a not-so-clever and condescending insult to me in the comments section of my blog here. Here is a picture of him alright:


This is what Bolt said to me in my comments section:


Of course, I responded to him in the following manner:


It gets better. On Facebook, a user who goes by the name of Tony Smith, a member of Anonymous (or claims to be a member of the group) in Chicago, Illinois, wrote these series of Facebook messages to me at 12:31 p.m. EST on October 23, which state the following:

tony-smith-sends-me-a-threatening-series-of-private-messages-on-facebook-clip-1Another Anonymous user who surreptitiously goes by the name of Mason Hetherton issues the following shitty response to me, sounding very threatening in a nihilistic, puerile, and condescending way:




Michigan Libertarian Executive Committee Board Member and Michigan Libertarian Jeff Wood Has Recently Leaked News About the LPM’s Email Scam

On February 11, 2014, in a Facebook post on his wall, Michigan Libertarian Executive Committee District #8 Congressional Representative Jeff Wood, also a Libertarian Party of Michigan member, has come out unveiling information regarding LEC Treasurer Jason Brandenburg having received in an email last fall – an email which he believed was sent to him by LEC Chair Bill Hall.

District #8: Congressional District Representative Jeff Wood
Michigan Libertarian Executive Committee Treasurer Jason Brandenburg
Michigan Libertarian Executive Committee Chair Bill Hall

Here is Jeff Wood’s leak of this hush-hush information that was never to be revealed in great detail by the LEC.

Of course, that didn’t stop Wood’s detractors from chiming in on the matter and attacking him for posting this scathing indict of information.

Here are Donna Gundle-Krieg‘s responses that are hidden from my regular account but not on my Wiccan/Pagan account on Facebook.

District #1: Congressional District Representative Donna Gundle-Krieg

And now, it’s back to my regular Facebook account where Donna has pretty much jumped out of the discussion.

In case people wonder, Wendi Parker, the LEC’s Congressional District Representative for District #6, jumps into the fray. The same goes for LEC 1st Vice-Chair (Affiliate Director) Tim Yow, Jr.


District #6: Congressional District Representative Wendi Parker

1st Vice-Chair (Affiliate Director) Tim Yow, Jr.

LEC District #7 Congressional District Representative Norm Peterson jumps into the fray as well. Peterson, who’s also on the Abrogate Michigan board, is a shady character who appears to be condoning what Brandenburg has done.

District #7: Congressional District Representative Norm Peterson

LEC District #14 Congressional District Representative Ben Carr

District #14: Congressional District Representative Ben Carr

Here enters LEC District #11 Congressional District Representative Paul Connolly.

District #11: Congressional District Representativve Paul Connolly

What a shitshow this has been! The fact that a state affiliate of the Libertarian Party more or less has covered up a criminal matter and then dropped the bombshell on the entire membership is shocking, yet there is a part of me that isn’t surprised with this revelation as well. I am grateful that Jeff Wood leaked out this damning announcement along with the evidence that comes with it.

Here’s a pdf of the meeting packet which contains Brandenburg’s Treasurer Report over this entire matter: MeetingPacket20180211.

Here’s a pdf of the letter regarding the email scam that was sent out to the entire LPM membership: [H/T to both Ben Carr and John Kanan for handing this out to the LPM membership.] Phishing Scam Attachment

On the LPM Facebook Discussion List, I shared Jeff’s post along with a message of my own. That didn’t stop LEC  District #5 Congressional District Representative Mark Sandborn to take potshots at me for commenting on the controversy when I put up Jeff’s post to discuss it.

District #5: Congressional District Representative Mark Sandborn

The investigation will continue as I doubt we’ve heard the last of this entire ruckus. When more information is available it will be reported on here without hesitation.



Division in the LMC: Libertarians of Macomb County Meeting – January 10, 2018 (HD)

This is the full one hour and 15-minute movie chronicling the hostility and histrionics taking place during the January 10 meeting of the Libertarians of Macomb County (LMC).  Here’s our official website.


An Interview with Brian Ellison, Libertarian for U.S. Senate (As Filmed on November 8, 2017)

Here’s an interview with Brian Ellison whom I met at Ike’s Restaurant and whom I have officially supported and endorsed yesterday as well as since November 8.

Enjoy the video and the pictures! Please support him for U.S. Senate while you’re at it.


I Support and Endorse Brian Ellison Running As A Libertarian for U.S. Senate

I thought everyone should know that I am supporting and endorsing Brian Ellison for U.S. Senate. He’s a Libertarian Party member as well as a member of the Libertarian Party of Michigan, and his wife Michelle and he attended our monthly meeting at Ike’s Restaurant in Sterling Heights, MI on November 8. (It’s located off of Van Dyke Road between 16 and 17 Mile Roads by the way.)

Here are some photos of Brian himself as well as his wife Michelle and him taken at Ike’s Restaurant on November 8:

Here’s Ellison’s platform for his campaign:

Please support Brian Ellison for U.S. Senate where he will be taking on other senatorial candidates from Michigan such as Debbie Stabenow, Bob Carr, and Independent candidate Marcia Squier.



Star Wars: The Last Jedi Teaser Trailer Has Been Released (Released: April 14, 2017)

Star Wars‘ teaser trailer of its upcoming installment titled Star Wars: The Last Jedi (a.k.a. Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi) is officially out. It was released April 14.

Here’s the YouTube of the trailer:

I can’t wait to see the movie. It comes out in December of this year.

*Update: Here’s a 1920×1080 updated format of the video, which also doesn’t contain the StarWars.com YouTube Channel’s video links as well:

The film comes out on December 15. I’m gonna see it. The question is – are you?


Immigration Activist and Define America Founder Jose Antonio Vargas on Real Time with Bill Maher on March 31, 2017

Bill Maher with immigration activist and Define American founder Jose Antonio Vargas on March 31 broadcast of Real Time with Bill Maher

Immigration activist and founder of Define American Jose Antonio Vargas appeared on Friday, March 30, 2017’s 10 p.m. EST broadcast of HBO‘s Real Time with Bill Maher to discuss his views on the fact that he is, according to Bill Maher himself, “risking deportation” because he “is not completely legal” (which means he’s “illegal“) and he’s “one of the 2.5 million undocumented residents of California – 800,000 of whom live in L.A. County.”

Here’s a transcript of what Vargas told Maher during the interview segment on Real Time:

Bill Maher: All right, he is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and founder of Define American. Please welcome Jose Antonio Vargas!

Jose!  How are you, sir? How are you doing? Great to see you!

[Jose walks onto the set and sees Maher and his panelists  Gen. Michael Hayden, Fmr. Sen. Rick Santorum, and Neera Tandem sitting across from Bill. He shakes Maher’s hand and immediately begins to sit next to Maher.]

Jose Antonio Vargas: Great to see you!

Maher: Ok, first of all, I have to thank you here. I know you are literally risking deportation because you are not, uh, completely legal. Is that correct?

Vargas: Yes, uh, so I am one of the 2.5 million undocumented residents of California. 800,000 of whom live in L.A. County, so thank you for inviting me. [audience claps for him]

Maher:  Well, we hope, uh….we hope that this is….

Vargas: I don’t know…I thought I’d talk to Roger Stone. I guess we’ll try to figure this out.

Maher: Yeah. Hahaha. Not a bad guy to have on your side.  Um, so what about the, the fact that Jeff Sessions is going after sanctuary cities? This is a sanctuary state pretty much. And, first of all, please tell us what means: “sanctuary.”

Vargas: Well, actually I think…[snickers]…we have so politicized this issue that I think it’s really important that we define our terms, right?

Maher: [interrupting Vargas saying “right”] Yes.

Vargas: So it is safer, right?, for all of us – documented and undocumented U.S. citizens – if undocumented people who live here can feel comfortable reporting, talking to the cops, right?, saying, “Hey, something’s happening! Something..!” Right now in L.A. the LAPD —

Maher: [interrupting Vargas] And they’re not.

Vargas: [picking up where Maher interrupted him] — reported 25% decrease in, um, reporting rapes in the, in the Latino community because there is fair that, once you report somebody, ICE might come get you. Right? And, and for me to like – the bigger issue is here, and you know Jeff Sessions the former Governor of Alabama, who believes in states’…

Maher: [interrupting Vargas who said “who believes in states'”] The former Senator of Alabama.

Vargas: [standing corrected] Ah, the former Senator of Alabama who believes in states’ rights when he was Governor…I mean, when he was Senator of Alabama. The fact this overreach telling the federal government telling – for the federal government to tell the states how they can protect the residents [stammering here] is hypocritical at worst, but to me [stammering here] I actually think it’s important. You mentioned this. Right now there’s gonna be this bill in front of Governor Jerry Brown’s desk, asking him to sign the California Values Act that would declare California a sanctuary state. I think that, given that this state is home to a fourth of the country’s undocumented population, and in this state, nearly half of all children are have at least one immigrant parent, right?

I hope Jerry Brown signs that into law.

Maher: So… [audience claps]

Maher: [immediately after applause dies down] But how many people can come here? I mean, I often think of America like a lifeboat and a lot of the world is a raging ocean. So everybody wants to get into the lifeboat, and certainly, um, everybody has a right to be happy in the world. But, if too many people get into the lifeboat, then the lifeboat goes down.

Vargas: Having traveled to Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, it’s not like we don’t have, I mean, immigrants come to this country and build businesses. There’s actually room. When immigrants come here documented or undocumented, they start businesses. I, for example, I’m a business owner. I employ 15 U.S. citizens. I mean, 15 people are here, um, as U.S. citizens, and I provide jobs as an undocumented person. So, I think it’s for me a matter of the fact that there is no path. You know, someone right now on Twitter is saying, “Why can’t this guy just get legal?” [chuckles a bit] Probably, right?

The fact that there is no path for people like me to actually fix this, get in line wherever the line is, and try to get legal and do right by the law….the fact that there is no way to do that.

Maher: Also [interrupting], also there’s the hypocrisy angle.

Vargas: [interrupting quickly] Yeah.

Maher: You mentioned this, but this was in paper in the L.A. Times. [reading his blue card]Wages rise on California farms.” [looking up and at Jose, comments while looking at his blue card] Listen to this. There’s a labor shortage.

Vargas: Yup.

Maher:[reading his blue card] They’re “giving laborers benefits normally reserved for white-collar professionals, 401(k) plans, health insurance, subsidized housing, profit-sharing bonuses.” [Looking up at Jose] Still not tempting white people to do yard work. [Looks at his audience] White people do not want to do yard work. [Looks back at his card] That’s what it comes down to.

[Looks at his card and comments] The president of Titan Farms, a peach grower. He [reading his card] “advertised 2,000 jobs from 2010 through 2012. He hired 483, 109 didn’t show up, 321 quit in the first two days. Only 1, only 31 lasted the whole season.” He said, “We’ve never had one come back after lunch.”

Vargas: So…can you imagine..?

Maher: This is the issue here.

Vargas: [interrupting] Can you imag?

Maher: [interrupting back] Really, to me, is that they don’t want these people here,

Vargas:[interrupting quickly] Yes

Maher:[continues] but they won’t do the job, and they will not admit it. [pounds on table]

Vargas: And we put out….and we put out a sign outside the U.S.-Mexico border, saying, “KEEP OUT!,” and 10 yards in, what do we say? “HELP WANTED!”  Right? Right?

Maher: [chuckling] Right. Yeah.

Vargas: Can you imagine? Look at L.A.! Look, this city cannot function without undocumented workers. That’s the state…

Maher: [interrupts] No.

Vargas:…[continues] of Texas. 1.8 undocumented million in the State of Texas. Can you imagine undocumented people not working in the State of Texas? Half of the construction industry depends upon that. [some people in the audience claps]

This is why I think the opportunity to be here. I ever tell you… I cannot….I cannot overstate the level of fear, the level of confusion that our families.. My grandmother is probably watching right now, going like, “Why is he on television? He should be in hiding!” [audience laughing] So I can’t overstate that enough. Actually, my, my being here is my form of resistance. I will not be scared! [audience cheering] I will not be scared to be public and out in a county that is my own.

The question now is, all of you here – all of you now watching, how are you going to provide sanctuary to us in your churches, at your schools, at work? 11 million people. 11 million undocumented people live within the 43 million immigrants –

Maher: [interrupting] You think the churches should do it?

Vargas: – in this country [answers Maher’s question] Well, actually right now there’s this woman Jenette Visgarin in Denver. She has taken sanctuaryata Unitarian Church because the Catholic Church that she belongs to, um, did not want to help her out. She’s gone through all these churches, and she’s like…

Maher: [interrupted him] They’re, they’re providing sanctuary to the priests. [audience laughs, and Maher turns to and looks at Rick Santorum] Sorry, Rick. So sorry.

Vargas: [laughs] I’d love your thought on that.

Here’s the show’s Overtime segment:

Here’s the YouTube channel video of that segment:

Here is the March 17th L.A. Times in the form of 15-part pics:

The arguments contained in the article and the Maher interview with Vargas should give anyone a good reason why there should be open immigration and that immigration, not the State, should be the steward of free market labor.


My Own April Fools’ Day Joke Today

Here’s my own April Fools’ Day joke which I wrote on Facebook today. It got some attention from commenters, and I’m very certain my readers found some great humor in it (Hehehehe!).

You have to admit that it was a funny joke. Hehehe. 😀


Statist Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters Attacks Fox Business’s Kennedy for Her Righteously Scathing Commentary on the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Hot Fox Business property Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, the head host of Kennedy on Fox News‘ sister network, recently endured a heated exchange between her and neoconservative statist United States Army (U.S. Army) Lieutenant Colonel (Lt. Col.) Ralph Peters regarding the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)‘s spying on Americans, especially when Peters took her to task over her opening monolog which was saturated with criticism of the agency’s spy tactics on every innocent American who isn’t regarded as a terrorist suspect. Kennedy, of course, stood her ground all the while the retired lieutenant colonel tried to talk over her on the issue at hand.

Here’s a transcript of the entire discussion that has ignited an interest in their solidly-heated exchange that aired on March 9, 2016:

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery: WikiLeaks is painting the CIA to be a vast domestic spying agency. What a shock! The [Department of] Defense now is reportedly opening an investigation into how WikiLeaks got that CIA data. But is all the government snooping truly necessary to keep us safe? Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters joins me. He’s Fox News’ strategist analyst and former Army Intelligence officer.

Welcome back, Lieutenant Colonel!

Lieutenant Colonel (Lt. Col.) Ralph Peters: Hi, Kennedy.

Kennedy: Hello… darling! (smirking for a moment) Okay, so let’s talk about this ’cause the timing is very curious. Do you think that this dump of WikiLeaks-CIA information, uh, coincides perfectly for some reason with Donald Trump’s claims that the Obama administration was wiretapping his phones at Trump Towers?

Peters: Of course it does. And this is Russian intelligence working through its…its cutout WikiLeaks, uh, trying to cover up for the blooper when the President said, without any substantiation whatsoever, that President Obama was wiretapping him.

Kennedy, what you said in your monolog just isn’t true. Nothing in this release says that the CIA was spying on the American people. Nothing. These techniques are techniques we use against our enemies. Would you like – libertarian or not.

Kennedy: Yeah.

Peters: Do you want the CIA and the NSA to stop spying on terrorists, to stop spying on the Russians, to stop keeping us safe? That it would be a dereliction of duty had the CIA not develop programs. I mean, we – Hello? Terrorists use smartphones, terrorists use computers. And terrorists [interrupted by Kennedy]

Kennedy: So do Americans, and there’s, there’s, there’s nothing in the information

Peters: No….

Kennedy: [Disagreeing with him] that we have been given that reassures us that they are not spying on American citizens, and this technology is so accessible

Peters: [interrupting] You’re dealing with due diligence….

Kennedy: [interrupting Peters] …. and so broadly used that we know from a number of sources that, that

Peters: [interrupting]  No, we don’t. Which sources? Which sources?

Kennedy: [interrupting] Yes, the government has, in fact without warrants, went-

Peters: [interrupting] Kennedy, ok.

Kennedy: [interrupting] -spying on American citizens

Peters: [interrupting] Give me one instance….give me one instance of the CIA.

Kennedy: [interrupting] I don’t give the CIA the benefit of the doubt.

Peters: [interrupting angrily] Well, then ok, you don’t have to, but I’m a patriot. I worked in intelligence. The CIA is too busy to spy on people’s lives. It’s not, their lives aren’t interesting. I’ll tell you, when the American people are being spied on

Kennedy: [gently interrupting] Yes.

Peters: [again interrupting] – not by CIA, not by NSA, but by Google, by Facebook, by [unintelligible]

Kennedy: [interrupting quickly] Ok, but here is, here is what I understand, and that’s one of the things that I said in my monolog.

Peters: [interrupting rudely] So that doesn’t matter. Why doesn’t it matter? If Google spies on us, that’s okay, right?

Kennedy: [interrupting again] Let me respond to that.

Peters: [interrupting] The CIA….

Kennedy: [interrupting again] Let me respond to that.

Peters: [interrupting] Will you let me respond?

Kennedy: [interrupting incessantly] Well, no…

Peters: [interrupting] All right.

Kennedy: [interrupting] You just made a statement, and I’m saying to you what I said in my monolog. Everyone is spying on you. They’re all spying on each other. But…

Peters: [interrupting] But not enough. The CIA is not on the American people.

Kennedy: [interrupting] Yes, they are. Uh, I have to enter into [interrupted by Peters]

Peters: [interrupt] Give me proof. Give me proof that the CIA is spying on the American people. Ain’t happening!

Kennedy: [interrupting, talking over Peters] I have to enter into a relationship when…. Give me proof that they are not.

Peters [interrupting again] Well, how about the Constitution? Give me a case. Give me a case that they’re spying on any of your friends or you.

Kennedy: [interrupting, talking over him] Well, you know, Lieutenant Colonel, I would love to access some of those cases, but because of the FISA courts, it is impossible because they operate in utter opacity. So we cannot know who is being spied on and who is being wiretapped and who is under surveillance by the federal government because it operates because of Section 702 of the Patriot Act under complete darkness.

Peters: [interrupting softly] You don’t know.

Kennedy: [interrupting] There are many things we don’t know. There are some things we don’t have to know. But we don’t know the exact CIA budget is. Uh, we are now learning that they have tools beyond what Edward Snowden could have imagined in 2013.

Peters: Actually the tools revealed in, in this WikiLeaks dump are pretty basic. They’re common sense tools. Again, we need these tools to work against our enemies. Now if you can cite a single case of you or your friends or acquaintances being spied on by the CIA, please let me know, but I actually worked in that world. And people on the outside keep saying, “Ooooh boogeyman, CIA spying on us.” The CIA is really, really busy protecting us.

Kennedy, you are a libertarian. How can you possibly in any way come to the defense of Vladimir Putin who kills his opposition….

Kennedy: [interrupting] I don’t come to the defense. If, if you’ve ever watched the show….

Peters: [interrupting, talking over her] who’s subverted democracy….

Kennedy: [interrupting] I don’t come to the defense of Vladimir Putin.

Peters: [overriding her] You’re playing into Putin’s hands.

Kennedy: [interrupting] No.

Peters: [interrupting] You’re playing into Putin’s hands.

Kennedy: [interrupting] No, and I also won’t give into the new cold war hysteria.

Peters: [interrupting] The CIA is not the enemy.

Kennedy: [interrupting] Uh, those flames that people are fanning for their own political convenience. I think the truth is somewhere else and not on either of these extreme sides, which are using hysteria and emotion to try and control people, their movement, and their actions. And I’m

Peters: [interrupting] So the bottom line is….

Kennedy: [interrupting] glad that Silicon Valley is going to stand up for itself, its customers, and for privacy, and defend some of these egregious steps that the government

Peters: [interrupting] They are defending their profits. They’re greedy pigs. I mean, come on. I mean, they won’t even help law enforcement. I mean, Kennedy, do you, do you trust Putin more than the CIA?

Kennedy: [interrupting] They, they help law enforcement all the time, and, and, by the way, they, they grant access to over 80% of the requests that they get. Eh, not with warrants. These are without warrants that they get from law enforcement, so they, they actually do. But, you know, they have to appear at least as though they are using this technology to keep people safe and their information private, which is what consumers rightfully want. And that’s okay. Just because you can hack doesn’t mean you should.

Peters: [interrupting] And the CIA is interested in your consumer habits.

Kennedy: [interrupting] And, and to your, to your….

Peters: [interrupting] I love, I love, I love billionaire libertarians. [Something else unintelligible]

Kennedy: [interrupting] I know.  Amen. I’d rather have them on my side. Uh, but, but here’s the last thing. You know, I agree with you when you say that the CIA is very busy. All of these agencies are busy. The FBI is busy. The problem is they’re too busy because they’re looking at and spying on too many people, and they oftentimes….Kennedy: [interrupting]

Peters: [interrupting] Just not true, Kennedy.

Kennedy: [interrupting]….don’t get the bad guys [unintelligible].

Peters: [interrupting] This wild claim is just not true.

Kennedy: [interrupting] Really?

Peters: [interrupting quickly] The CIA and the NSA – they are made of decent people, –

Kennedy: [interrupting once again] I don’t doubt that they are made up of decent people.

Peters [interrupting] – military people, patriots.

Kennedy: [interrupting] But I also know that the CIA…

Peters: [interrupting] They don’t spy on the average American.

Kennedy: [interrupting]….created a hacking apparatus so it can operate independently of the NSA so it didn’t have a right agency looking over its true.

Peters: [interrupting] That’s not true. That’s absolutely nutcake stuff.

Kennedy: [interrupting, talking over Peters]  That’s absolutely true. No, that’s true.

Peters: [interrupting] They are needed because things move very fast today, and some specific CIA programs have to happen in a closed loop.

Kennedy: [interrupting] I wish, I wish I could have blind trust.

Peters: [interrupting]  Do you not know your enemy of the  American people?

Kennedy: [interrupting] I love my country right now. Especially I do *NOT* trust-

Kennedy: [talking over him] Of course, I don’t love Vladimir Putin. And I think Julian Assange is a kook. It’s not, they’re not mutually exclusive.

Peters: An alleged rapist.

Kennedy: What? There was, yeah.

Peters: Our government….do you wanna – are you a true libertarian? Do you not believe in a world without government, without police, without military, without intelligence agencies?

Kennedy: [interrupting] No, that’s a false dichotomy, and you know it. You absolutely –

Peters: [interrupting quickly] No, I don’t.

Kennedy: [interrupting] – know it. Yes, you actually do.

Peters: [interrupting] Intelligence agencies get a bad rap.

Kennedy: [interrupting] And do you think it’s impossible for the CIA to overstep their bounds?

Peters: [interrupting] Of course they’re human beings. They could, but show the evidence that they had. They were doing what they can. Look, in….when I was in intelligence, we got ethics training. Unlike the people in the Trump administration by the way, we got it, and we got it over and over again. We were strict in our obedience through the law.

And, by the way, no president can order surveillance. It does go through the FISA courts, and the standards were very high and very rigorous. And when I as an officer took an oath, it wasn’t to a regime; it was to the Constitution of the United States, and everyone –

Kennedy: [interrupting] Amen. You and I both agree on that.

Peters: [interrupting] – I know in intelligence believes that.

Kennedy: [interrupting, moving on] Okay.

Peters: [interrupting] Well, yes. Do you think the CIA is subverting the Constitution? Do you really think that? Isn’t that enough?

Kennedy: [interrupting] I think that, that the, the potential for abuse is so stark –

Peters: [interrupting] Ah, potential.

Kennedy: [interrupting] – and astounding that to assume that it’s not happening is, uh, doing a great disservice to individual liberty.

Peters: [interrupting for the last time] I’m not assuming. I’m telling you I’ve been there.

Kennedy: [interrupting for one final time] Lieutenant Colonel, thank you. Unfortunately, I , I have to move on and talk to party panel. You know, I always enjoy talking to you. I think you’re an incredible author. I love your books, and I love your brain even when we disagree. Thank you.

Peters: Thank you.


So who won this retarded argument – Lisa Kennedy Montgomery or Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters? I know the answer to that one. Do you?


Todd Andrew Barnett’s Facebook Livestream Show: Season Two, Episode 11

Here’s my newest video that I posted on Facebook.

It’s labeled as the following:

S2, Episode 11: The Successes and Failures of the Gary Johnson-Bill Weld Presidential Ticket and the Libertarian Party, Andrew Lea’s Unpopular Opinion on Planned Parenthood and Abortions, Leah Remini’s Scientology and The Aftermath And More



The Journey of My Life and Its Future: An Open Plea to My Fellow Libertarians and My Friends

todd-andrew-barnett-3May 1993. Who thought it would have been so long ago and how long it took for me to evolve into the human being that I am today? Who thought it would take 23 years for me to reach a state where I am a different person than I was in the spring of 1993 when I graduated from Anchor Bay High School on Sugarbush Road.* (*Note: It’s now Anchor Bay Middle School South on that road.) And no, I’m not talking about the Anchor Bay High School that’s on County Line – the one that was built in 1999 when Chesterfield Township voters – who have always been the school district’s electorate – passed a $116 million bond proposal to build a new high school and upgrade the old building so that it could become a middle school. I’m talking about my old high school, which I began attending in the fall of 1989 and graduated in early 1993.

For the most part, except for a skin disease with which I struggled throughout the rest of my childhood up though my young adult years and my weight problems, I was (and still am) an obese man. I had developed some minor health issues over the years, but nothing life threatening…….up until now.

From after February 11, 2011 (the day my father James M. Barnett passed away from cirrhosis of the liver, which predated 20 years before) up until November 22, 2016 today, I had developed a number of health issues such as Type 2 diabetes, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpora (ITP, which is a blood clotting disorder, resulting in a significant loss of platelets in my blood needed to clot my blood normally), neuropathy, hepatic encephalopathy and encephalopathy (both of which is caused by non-alcoholic stage 4 cirrhosis of the liver, which is what I have), high blood pressure, an open leg wound which is nearly healed and a number of other problems that would take a while to explain. That needs to be treated with a pharmaceutical called Lactulose which removes toxic ammonia from my bloodstream; otherwise, I’d be in a hepatic coma. Stage 4 is the final stage in which liver failure results, which means I have constant fatigue, diarrhea, and at times vomiting, although the good news for me is that at my young age, if I lose enough weight and eat very healthy constantly, I improve my chances to receive a healthy new liver. Yes, I can have a liver transplant…..but only if I act fast and lose this weight.

Why? It’s simple. I’m going to say this once and *ONLY* once: I have two years to live. That’s right. I only have two years to live, according to my gastroenterologist Dr. Gurpreet Singh who’s a resident in the Henry Ford Health System.

It scares me a lot. I’ve tried many diets and many things to lose weight, and none of them seem to work. I am, however, open to dietary and nutritious suggestions for extremely healthy eating that will re-energize my wellness and my ability to live far, far longer than I ever thought possible.

I am not afraid to die, but I am afraid of how I’m dying.

I am reaching out to my colleagues in the libertarian movement. I need help with suggestions. I don’t want my life to end like this. I need all the support I can get. If any of you have any suggestions, please tell me. Liver healthy and weight loss recipes and exercise suggestions would make all the difference in the world.

To my fellow libertarian Wiccans and Pagans: please cast some healing, energy, and life-saving spells for me. Herbs and homeopathic remedies to aid in the healing of my mind, body, and spirit…..as well as my liver…..would be most welcome. I’ve never asked anyone for anything, because I don’t like to beg for welfare and help, but I don’t know exactly how much time I have. I want to live. I want to find love. I want to be successful.

My journey faces an epilogue the likes of which I never pondered. I’m not expecting sympathy and empathy, but I am expecting some compassion….or at least some morsel of it.

Please help me. I don’t mean to beg, but I must. I need all the support that I can muster. I need all the support.

When my father passed away on February 11, 2016, it made me face my own mortality. Now my mortality faces me, and I’m staring right back at it. If I die, and I hope one day I will face that time, it will be on my own terms, not on Death’s terms and not on the gods and goddesses. It will be my own.

Help me find the new meaning of my life. I’m not asking for money, but if you see me, hug me, laugh with me, pray for me, cast spells for me, and be there for me and with me. That’s all that I can expect from you. It’s all anyone can expect.

Most of all, be my friend, because I feel alone, and in my own darkest hour, I face it.

Dr. Singh says that there are presently 70,000 livers in the U.S. alone. Out of that stock only 7,000 are granted to new liver transplant patients. If I need a liver transplant, I need it sooner rather than later.

If I need to smoke marijuana, and I’m not desperate to break the law regarding that but I’m desperate to try anything including that, then I will pursue it. No government, no doctor, no bureaucracy, no insurance company – that is, *NO ONE* – has the right to decide whether I live or die. I decide that, and I choose to live. And I will fight this illness to the very end, no matter what it takes.

Will anyone do this for me? I hope so, and I’m relying on you to help me no matter the cost.

Leave the light on. We’re gonna need to use it to see it. It’s better to see where we are than to be blind in a room which we can’t see with our own eyes.

I’m in this all the way. Are you?


Highlights of The November 11, 2016 Broadcast of Real Time with Bill Maher

Real Time with Bill Maher host Bill Maher Interviews Liberal Redneck and Stand-Up Comic Trae Crowder 1-11-11-2016
Real Time with Bill Maher host Bill Maher Interviews Liberal Redneck and Stand-Up Comic Trae Crowder

Here are highlights of the November 11, 2016 broadcast of HBO‘s Real Time with Bill Maher featuring host Bill Maher, first interview guest former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, panelists former Senior Advisor to President Obama David Axelrod, New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman, and Senior MTV News Correspondent Ana Marie Cox, second interview guest liberal redneck   and stand-up comic Trae Crowder, and special guest musician (and liberal Democrat) John Legend.

Here’s Maher interviewing Trae Crowder on President-elect Donald Trump and the failure of the Democratic Party:

Real Time with Bill Maher host Bill Maher Interviews Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder - Pic 2 - 11-11-2016
Real Time with Bill Maher host Bill Maher Interviews Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

Real Time host Bill Maher, David Axelrod, Ana Marie Cox, and Thomas L. Friedman on President-elect Trump and the 2016 Election.

Real Time host Bill Maher, David Axelrod, Ana Marie Cox, and Thomas L. Friedman on President-elect Trump and the 2016 Election.

Real Time with Bill Maher - Bill Maher Interviews Musician (and liberal Democrat) John Legend - Part 4 - 11-11-2016
Real Time with Bill Maher – Bill Maher Interviews Musician (and liberal Democrat) John Legend

That’s the season finale of Real Time. Everything else is self-explanatory.


Bill Weld Not Only Shills for Hillary Clinton, But He Also Betrays Libertarians and The Libertarian Party


Libertarian vice-presidential candidate Bill Weld, a running mate for Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson and the better half of the Johnson-Weld presidential campaign, ignited a scathing ruckus within the Libertarian Party by stating that he “vouches” for Hillary Clinton, given the fact that he has held a great deal of respect, admiration, and love for Hillary, and all those things have been absolutely apparent. This was on the heels of last week’s campaign statement by Weld in which he stated the following:

bill-welds-october-25th-statement-part-1-clip-1-10-25-2016-11-03-2016 bill-welds-october-25th-statement-part-2-clip-2-10-25-2016-11-03-2016 bill-welds-october-25th-statement-part-3-clip-3-10-25-2016-11-03-2016

Of course this was met with disgust by a number of Libertarians, including Jill Pyeatt of the Independent Political Report who was disgusted with his tone which according to her sounded like he was “giving up” and he was “kind of” endorsing Clinton.


After that Jill wrote the next following statement:


Of course, blogger and longtime on-again, off-again Libertarian activist Thomas L. Knapp of KN@PPSTER and founder of The William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism, as exemplified in the first screenshot above, took Pyeatt to task for her comments on her disillusionment with, dismissal of, and turning her back on the campaign because of Weld’s ludicrous statements. Pyeatt and Tom responded back and forth to each other, with other commenters including George Phillies, a longtime Libertarian member and activist, commenting in the thread as well.

Here are the following screenshots to prove them:

iprs-comments-on-bill-weld-part-3-clip-3-10-25-2016-11-03-2016 iprs-comments-on-bill-weld-part-4-clip-4-10-25-2016-11-03-2016 iprs-comments-on-bill-weld-part-5-clip-5-10-25-2016-11-03-2016 iprs-comments-on-bill-weld-part-6-clip-6-10-25-2016-11-03-2016 iprs-comments-on-bill-weld-part-7-clip-7-10-25-2016-11-03-2016 iprs-comments-on-bill-weld-part-8-clip-8-10-25-2016-11-03-2016 iprs-comments-on-bill-weld-part-9-clip-9-10-25-2016-11-03-2016

Of course, the campaign went to correct the media’s attention on this as they believed that the mainstream liberal statist media was spinning Weld’s statements to make them sound like he was rooting for Clinton to win.

johnson-weld-campaign-attacks-democratic-media-machine-part-1-clip-1-10-26-2016-11-04-2016 johnson-weld-campaign-attacks-democratic-media-machine-part-2-clip-2-10-26-2016-11-04-2016

The Libertarian Republic, which happens to be Libertarian activist and former Libertarian presidential candidate Austin Petersen‘s hottest libertarian news and commentary site, went on the defensive as well with the following:

the-libertarian-republic-initially-defends-bill-welds-statements-intro-clip-0-10-26-2016-11-04-2016 the-libertarian-republic-initially-defends-bill-welds-statements-clip-10-26-2016-11-04-2016

Sadly but truthfully the “statist liberal Democratic media machine” was right. Why were they right? Because, as opined by Brett Chandrashekhar on TLR, Weld is campaigning for Hillary.

the-libertarian-republics-brett-chandrasekhar-says-weld-is-campaigning-for-clinton-part-1-clip-1-11-01-2016-11-04-2016 the-libertarian-republics-brett-chandrasekhar-says-weld-is-campaigning-for-clinton-part-2-clip-2-11-01-2016-11-04-2016 the-libertarian-republics-brett-chandrasekhar-says-weld-is-campaigning-for-clinton-part-3-clip-3-11-01-2016-11-04-2016This was also reported by Liberty Viral (a sister site to TLR that is run by Liberty Laura a.k.a. Laura Meyers):

the-liberty-virals-liberty-laura-reports-on-welds-statements-to-cnns-alisyn-camerota-and-msnbcs-rachel-maddow-part-1-clip-1-11-02-2016-11-04-2016 the-liberty-virals-liberty-laura-reports-on-welds-statements-to-cnns-alisyn-camerota-and-msnbcs-rachel-maddow-part-2-clip-2-11-02-2016-11-04-2016

Soon after that a notice on Facebook by Carlos Sierra in the AZ for Gary Johnson Facebook Discussion Group appeared as the following:

gary-johnsons-campaign-manager-ron-nielson-defends-bill-welds-pro-hillary-statements-clip-only-11-02-2016-11-04-2016I took the liberty of dialing that number and the access, and, with my phone muted, the following discussion was made. The entire time Johnson campaign manager Ron Nielson and his motley crew of cronies didn’t waste any time making excuses for Weld, as he urged everyone to “see the big picture” and the ruckus was “a miscalculation.”

Johnson appears on Fox Business’ Kennedy to justify Weld’s demeanor on the talk show circuit:

Here are the interview appearances of Johnson on Fox Business‘ Kennedy show, in which he tries to portray a positive picture of what happened on CNN‘s New Day with Alisyn Cameroa and MSNBC‘s The Rachel Maddow Show:

Because of what Bill Weld said on the TV circuit, any chance of the LP getting 5% from the national ticket at the state level will never come to pass. This incident has proved one thing: Weld is a disgrace to the Party. He’s shilling for Clinton. He doesn’t give a damn about the Libertarian Party and/or even any of the members who are a part of the activist base in there. He’s the reason why the Party will never get anywhere – not today and not tomorrow, not even in the far future. As long as we as members of the Party keep churning out candidates like this, it will always be doomed to fail.

The Libertarian Party, because of what happened, might as well drop the ‘Party of Principle’ moniker because that principle is rather pretty homeless these days. The Party that was the home of radicals, purists, and David Nolan is now a shadow of its former self.

Weld is a turncoat in the eyes of many Libertarians. And that’s the sad, unfortunate reality that has become endemic of this political organization. It’s hard *NOT* to notice this fact, and it’s maddening to think otherwise.

The Party needs to decide what kind of a Party it wants to be. Does it want to be a Party so that it will house the hearts, minds, and souls of the member base that is ideologically pure libertarian, or does it want to be a Party so that it will operate as a statist, collectivistic entity to dilute and eviscerate its own principles, not to mention its rules, so that it can and will become a corrupt third major party?

We all might as well be tyrants, and I mean the Raspin and Ghengis Khan kind.

Leave a light on for tyranny, social engineering, and an autocratic society, right? Yup, yup, yup.

This blog piece is dedicated to Michelle “Shelly” Gregoire who has just left the Libertarian Party due to what William Weld has done and how many of  his apologists have treated her and what they said to her. This piece is a hat tip to her.


Gay Cultural Libertarian and Trump Supporter Milo Yiannopoulos Finally Admits to The Nation That He Isn’t Really A Libertarian


Gay “cultural libertarian” and Donald Trump backer Milo Yiannopoulos, who has been a very controversial figure in many prominent leftist and limousine liberal circles as well as many Democratic-supporting groups that champion political correctness, gender feminism, and the lethal social justice warrior movement, has come out to The Nation‘s D.D. Guttanplan that he isn’t really a libertarian at all. Libertarians, anarcho-capitalists, and anarchists have suspected this all along, and for someone like Yiannopoulos to cop to this is surprising, because up until now he has finally confessed to something that has been an albatross around his neck.

Guttanplan showcases Yiannopoulos’ answer on Libertarians and my political movement and party’s ideology by stating questions to Yiannopoulos who in return replied to him in the following:

What about the Libertarians?

What about them?

Are they not an acceptable alternative?

No. They’re a joke.


Libertarians are children. Libertarians are people who have given up looking for an answer. This whole “everybody do what they want” is code for “leave me to do what I want.” It’s selfish and childish. It’s an admission that you have given up trying to work out what a good society would look like, how the world should be ordered and instead just retreated back into selfishness. That’s why they’re so obsessed with weed, Bitcoin, and hacking.

I always thought those were the most attractive things about them.

Maybe so, but that’s why you can’t take them seriously. It’s all introspective and insular and selfish.

Here’s the entire Nation interview with Yiannopoulos:


the-nations-interview-with-milo-yiannopoulos-part-2-clip-2-10-16-2016 the-nations-interview-with-milo-yiannopoulos-part-3-clip-3-10-16-2016 the-nations-interview-with-milo-yiannopoulos-part-4-clip-4-10-16-2016 the-nations-interview-with-milo-yiannopoulos-part-5-clip-5-10-16-2016 the-nations-interview-with-milo-yiannopoulos-part-6-clip-6-10-16-2016 the-nations-interview-with-milo-yiannopoulos-part-7-clip-7-10-16-2016 the-nations-interview-with-milo-yiannopoulos-part-8-clip-8-10-16-2016 the-nations-interview-with-milo-yiannopoulos-part-9-clip-9-10-16-2016

the-nations-interview-with-milo-yiannopoulos-part-10-clip-10-10-16-2016 the-nations-interview-with-milo-yiannopoulos-part-11-clip-11-10-16-2016 the-nations-interview-with-milo-yiannopoulos-part-12-clip-12-10-16-2016 the-nations-interview-with-milo-yiannopoulos-part-13-clip-13-10-16-2016 the-nations-interview-with-milo-yiannopoulos-part-14-clip-14-10-16-2016 the-nations-interview-with-milo-yiannopoulos-part-15-clip-15-10-16-2016 the-nations-interview-with-milo-yiannopoulos-part-16-clip-16-10-16-2016 the-nations-interview-with-milo-yiannopoulos-part-17-clip-17-10-16-2016 the-nations-interview-with-milo-yiannopoulos-part-18-clip-18-10-16-2016

Let me address Yiannopoulos’s objectionable point he raised at one point during his interview, specifically the part where he claims Libertarians, and that would put me into the same column along with many of my fabulous and wonderful capital (L) Libertarians and lower-case (l) libertarians, that we are “a joke”:

Libertarians are children. Libertarians are people who have given up looking for an answer. This whole “everybody do what they want” is code for “leave me to do what I want.” It’s selfish and childish. It’s an admission that you have given up trying to work out what a good society would look like, how the world should be ordered and instead just retreated back into selfishness. That’s why they’re so obsessed with weed, Bitcoin, and hacking.

Really, Yiannopoulos? So we’re “a joke” to you, all because we’re “selfish and childish,” right? We’re all just, according to your nihilistic and narcissistic British gay ass, “obsessed with weed, Bitcoin, and hacking”? Yes, we do want to legalize weed, and no, not all Libertarians and libertarians are into Bitcoin, although many of my ilk do like that digital currency.

Hacking? No, that’s wrong, because that would principally and cardinally be the equivalent of stealing someone’s set of keys and unlocking and going into that individual’s car and driving off into the sunset (a la stealing it) without telling the car owner what you plan to do with his or her property.

Another good analogy would be is this: that would be like taking that same set of keys and using one of the unused keys and unlocking and entering that individual’s home and stealing his or her TVs, his or her Blu-Ray players, and his or her kitchen plates. That would also include his or her Corona Light beer, most of his or her recent grocery store-bought limes, his or her clothes found in one of the bedroom closets, and his or her credit cards, checks, and cash. Then that thief would put ’em all in his or her car and driving off into the sunset after leaving the house unlocked and without bothering to tell the original owners that you were at their home.

No, we don’t hack into other people’s computers. That’s a violation of private property rights. The government’s property? That might be a different story, because the State can hack into our computers and record and listen to us all the time. But we don’t do that to people who are undeserving of that. We are better than that.

It’s an admission that you have given up trying to work out what a good society would look like, how the world should be ordered and instead just retreated back into selfishness.

No, it’s not “an admission” of anything. We “haven’t given up trying to work out what a good society would look like” because that’s tantamount to social engineering, and we are not trying to engineer – meaning mold or model society – into whatever we want it to be. We want to free individuals from the State, and live and let live. We want people to be free – free of tyranny, free of control, free of taxation, free of regulation, free of central planning, free of the State’s never-ending spending sprees, free of state-imposed debt and deficits, and free of Keynesian economics.

It is about returning to true autonomy of the individual, true free(d) markets,  true minimal government, repeal of state-imposed taxation and spending, true market regulations, true market mechanisms, and Austrian economics. It’s about allowing the individual to pursue his dreams and endeavors without the permission of the State and enabling entrepreneurs and free enterprises to flourish without their need to look over their own shoulders and see whether the guns of the State will thwart their very own-self interests. That’s what *REAL* individualism and liberty are all about, not the other way around.

In our world we don’t need order. The State leaving us alone to our own devices and allowing us to learn from our own failures and our mistakes are what make us all human in the end. It’s not our job to ensure “what a good society would look like.” Human beings are not cattle to be herded, not robots to be controlled with a remote control, and so on. We are not automatons. We are human beings with our own interests and desires to seek our own individual and own sovereign dreams, wishes, and desires.

So what if we are “selfish”? Yes, we are selfish. Human beings by their own nature are selfish organic entities. So what’s your point? You are selfish too, Milo, and you know it. You are selfish because, rather than carrying on with your life to further your own individual desires without the sheer brute power of force, you want to use coercion on other people to get and have your own way. That’s your brand of selfish. You are vain, narcissistic, and a nihilist, and that makes you more dangerous than political correctness and social justice warriors combined.

I oppose political correctness, and I despise social justice warriors. But I oppose and despise narcissistic, nihilistic, and vain people who love themselves so much that they must forcefully impose that need for adulation onto other people to get what they want. Libertarians like me are not interested in that, and we shouldn’t be interested at all. That’s not what attracts me to libertarianism.

What attracts me to that movement and to the Libertarian Party….is liberty.

T.J. Brown a.k.a. That Guy T of FEE furnishes his report on his friend Yiannopoulos with the following piece:

taleed-t-j-brown-of-fee-org-on-milo-yiannopoulos-comments-on-libertarians-part-1-clip-1-10-20-2016 taleed-t-j-brown-of-fee-org-on-milo-yiannopoulos-comments-on-libertarians-part-2-clip-2-10-20-2016 taleed-t-j-brown-of-fee-org-on-milo-yiannopoulos-comments-on-libertarians-part-3-clip-3-10-20-2016 taleed-t-j-brown-of-fee-org-on-milo-yiannopoulos-comments-on-libertarians-part-4-clip-4-10-20-2016Taleed is right, and Milo is wrong. We do “want to do what we want” because, as Taleed correctly notes, it’s “within the bounds of respecting individual and property rights.” Absolutely the government “should have little to no authority to dictate what person does with their own person or property.” And absolutely Brexit vote to abandon the European Union (EU) was a resounding success!

Yiannopoulos is still stuck in that quaint old British new world order school of thought which suggests that a hodgepodge of nationalism. jingoism, xenophobia, mercantilism (which also signifies protectionism), feudalism, and a vibrant, euphemistic fetishism for a blending of militarism and economic fascism are the central core of a regimented economy and society, because enterprises and individuals of all stripes must be conditioned to worship the State the Donald Trump way. If everyone subscribes to his mindset, which is just as lethal and politically correct as the left that he claims about, he would command a great deal of power of the minds of every individual than he would deserve at the very least.

The fact that he is a renowned public speaker, journalist, entrepreneur, and an uproariously offensive social media darling in the alt-right world is an understatement. It is also an understatement to say that he employs his conservesque brand of political correctness so that all individuals would exemplify the “ordered society” for which he terribly craves.

Yiannopoulos’ Ban from Twitter and the Reasons Why It Happened

What is not an understatement is the fact that he has had his  Twitter account @Nero’s blue badge confiscated by the company and has been banned on Twitter because he harassed Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones by calling her “a black dude” and that she was “barely literate.”

Here are some of the screen shots that chronicle what followed:

milo-yiannopoulos-attacks-leslie-jones-part-1-07-20-2016 milo-yiannopoulos-attacks-leslie-jones-part-2-07-20-2016 milo-yiannopoulos-attacks-leslie-jones-part-3-07-20-2016 milo-yiannopoulos-attacks-leslie-jones-part-4-07-20-2016Of course Jones responded:

What people don’t know is that Yiannopoulos either employed a fake Twitter generator and used Jones account handle @Lesdoggg to create fake tweet or shared them with everyone on the site, making it look like she was employing a homophobic tweet against Milo.

Here’s one of the tweets in question:

One other tweet that Milo had faked was this one (which was actually a collection of two tweets rolled into one):


Here’s another fact to point out here: after Yiannopoulos was banned from the site, conservatives and many members of the alt-right community on the site feed crafted a new hashtag: #FreeMilo.

Here are a slew of conservative and libertarian Twitter users who acted out against the company for its censorship tactics:

and finally,

The reason for Milo’s Twitter ban is obviously: he did harass Jones, especially while he resorted to name-calling. While Jones herself isn’t exactly a Girl Scout herself given that she’s had a racist history evidenced on her account, she didn’t deserve the trolling and the fake account using her name bullshit which she was forced to endure.Yiannopoulos *INDEED* violated the site’s policies. How, you ask? Well, there are three rules of free speech that no one with a pulse worth their salt should *EVER* break:

  1. Never directly threat someone via Twitter or any social media platform as it is not protected by the First Amendment.
  2. Never slander someone on Twitter or any social media platform as it is not protected by the First Amendment.
  3. Never libel someone via Twitter or any social media platform as it is not protected by the First Amendment.

Did Milo directly threaten Jones on Twitter? No, he did not.

Did Milo slander Jones on Twitter? No, he did not.

Did Milo libel Jones on Twitter? Yes, he did *JUST* that.

He broke one of the three cardinal tenets of free speech: you never slander anyone by falsely attributing statements that the other writer didn’t write. If anything, it’s unethical, immoral, and it’s not even protected by the First Amendment. And it’s antithetical to everything that we hold dear in our hearts.

If anything, Leslie Jones has a legal case that she can pursue against Yiannopoulos, and with that evidence available, it’s very likely that she’ll win, and Milos would have no choice but to agree to a hefty settlement. That would be a grand price to pay.

Although I initially defended Milo over his right to free speech, I should’ve realized then that he would never defend your right to free speech as he is politically correct himself and he must be defending Trump who promises to open up the libel laws against anyone who makes a truthful claim about him, right or wrong.

It’s about time Milo states that he is *NOT* a libertarian. After all, we are talking about someone who refers to Trump as “Daddy.” He is a conservative statist who wants liberty for himself but no one else.

As libertarian and Libertarian activist Avens O’Brien recently noted on Milo due to the release of the Libertarian Republic‘s published article on him:


And, as Gary Johnson and Libertarian activist supporter Krystle Berger quips:


I just wish other libertarians and conservatives who flock to and love him would see that clearly for once.



Former Libertarian National Committee At-Large Representative Wayne Allyn Root To Being Libertarian’s Mike Brokamp: Voting Libertarian “Is A Wasted Vote”

Wayne Allyn Root's February 22nd Trump Rally Opening Speech
Wayne Allyn Root’s February 22nd Trump Rally Opening Speech

Former 2008 Libertarian vice presidential contender, former Libertarian National Committee At-Large Representative, and current Republican crony backing Donald Trump Wayne Allyn Root was interviewed by  “libertarian” blog site Being Libertarian‘s Mike Brokamp to talk about why a vote for a Libertarian presidential candidate (such as Gary Johnson) and/or any other Libertarian candidate “is a wasted vote” and his support for Trump.

It’s not a surprise that Root is on the air spewing this nonsense. After all, he began supporting the Mitt Romney for President 2012 campaign while serving in his capacity as an LNC At-Large Representative and founded and headed the Libertarian National Campaign Committee (which was previously launched as the Libertarian National Congressional Committee with the national elections-registered entity Federal Elections Commission). Party insiders and leaders including Mike Blessing. then-state chair (but now currently District 1 Representative of the Libertarian Party of New Mexico, were concerned that Root at the time had been working for then-GOP presidential candidate Romney to fight Obama’s re-election bid for his second term as POTUS in 2012. (Root had left the LP later to ally himself with the Romney campaign and also run as a U.S. Senate contender and return to the GOP as a Republican. He never did run for that seat, but he left the LP, the LNC, and the LNCC to pledge his fealty to the GOP and to Romney.)

Here’s what Blessing wrote in his exclusive letter to the Independent Political Report (IPR) website:

ipr-regarding-wayne-allyn-root-part-1-clip-1-08-31-2012 ipr-regarding-wayne-allyn-root-part-2-clip-2-08-31-2012ipr-regarding-wayne-allyn-root-part-3-clip-3-08-31-2012-alternative-and-a-bit-shorter

Here’s the video for the interview:

Here’s the YouTube video with Root cheering for Donald Trump:

Root ought to keep his mouth shut. *sighs*


Libertarian Party Member and Activist Will Coley Calls Out Former LNC Chair Candidate Charles Peralo for Being A Republican

Will Coley, former Libertarian vice presidential candidate 2016 and Charles Peralo, former LNC Chair candidate 2016.
Will Coley, former Libertarian vice presidential candidate 2016 and Charles Peralo, former LNC Chair candidate 2016.

Libertarian Party member and activist – not to mention former Libertarian Vice-President candidate and Muslims for Liberty founder  and current M4L National Director Will Coley has called out former Libertarian National Committee Chair candidate Charles Peralo for being a Republican, not a Libertarian, because he has pledged his “vote for 80% of Republican elections.” Coley has been a thorn on Peralo’s side ever since Peralo publicly accused him of allegedly encouraging a Libertarian activist named Mark Matthew Herd to instigate a temper tantrum because he was highly inebriated in the hallway of the Rosen Centre in Orlando, Florida on May 28 that weekend.

Keep in mind that the following video that Peralo references comes from talk radio show host Jason Stapleton of The Jason Stapleton Program posted on his Facebook wall, dated May 28, 2016.

Here are the Facebook posts chronicling what took place on May 29, 2016:


Here are Coley’s posts which came out the night before:

will-coley-calling-out-charles-peralo-as-the-republican-mole-that-he-is-part-1-clip-1-10-21-2016 will-coley-calling-out-charles-peralo-as-the-republican-mole-that-he-is-part-2-clip-2-10-21-2016 will-coley-calling-out-charles-peralo-as-the-republican-mole-that-he-is-part-3-clip-3-10-21-2016 will-coley-calling-out-charles-peralo-as-the-republican-mole-that-he-is-part-4-clip-4-10-21-2016 will-coley-calling-out-charles-peralo-as-the-republican-mole-that-he-is-part-5-clip-5-10-21-2016 will-coley-calling-out-charles-peralo-as-the-republican-mole-that-he-is-part-6-clip-6-10-21-2016 will-coley-calling-out-charles-peralo-as-the-republican-mole-that-he-is-part-7-clip-7-10-21-2016 will-coley-calling-out-charles-peralo-as-the-republican-mole-that-he-is-part-8-clip-8-10-21-2016 will-coley-calling-out-charles-peralo-as-the-republican-mole-that-he-is-part-9-clip-9-10-21-2016

Jason Scheurer responded to this as well, including Zach Patman:


This is Scheurer’s post zoomed in from Facebook as a photo:

jason-scheurer-clip-1-10-21-2016This is what Tim Yow Jr. told me months ago:

tim-yow-jr-telling-me-about-charles-peralo-at-libertarian-national-convention-clip-1-06-22-2016-10-21-2016tim-yow-jr-telling-me-about-charles-peralo-at-libertarian-national-convention-part-2-clip-2-06-22-2016-10-21-2016-alternativelyThe truth is this: I was a part of the problem at that time. I took sides with Being Libertarian‘s Head of Media Relations staffer Mike Mazzarone (Twitter username @MJMazzarone) and Peralo against Will on the grounds that I, along with nearly everyone else, believed them. It wasn’t until Tim Yow Jr., a Michigan Libertarian and a good friend of mine, told me (as he stated in the two-above screenshots) that Peralo lied to him. He didn’t know Mazzarone, but I was wrong to accept Mazzarone’s word as I should have looked into it more before I rendered my judgment in favor of anyone or anything. I dropped the ball on that, and I was wrong.

This is what I posted on May 29 on my timeline, and I now regret having done it since:

todd-andrew-barnett-on-charles-peralo-and-his-attack-on-will-coley-part-1-clip-1-05-29-2016-10-22-2016Here’s what everyone in the comments section on my timeline said:

On that same day, I shared my post on the John McAfee / Judd Weiss Libertarian Party Presidential Campaign 2016 Facebook group (which is a closed discussion group anyway). There I posted the following:


Just so everyone can see, I updated that post with a 10-21-2016 statement in which I had just renounced my statement that I sent out on May 29 because of the error of my thinking and my ways.

The day I sent this post to the McAfee group, members poured in with their comments, and they are the following:

todd-andrew-barnett-on-charles-peralo-and-his-attack-on-will-coley-part-4-clip-4-05-29-2016-10-22-2016-alternativeNow last night on October 21, I posted the following to the same thread. Mazzarone responded not so kindly to me as well:


To take my apology further, I was wrong to crucify Will for what happened. I should have listened to him and not to Mazzarone and Peralo. I wish Stapleton had clarified it, but he dropped the ball on that one.

I already apologized to Will tonight, and it went like this:



And that’s the truth.

(And,  oh yes, I’m running for Michigan State Representative, District 32, in 2018. Be on the lookout next year and the year after that.)

I’m glad Will has come out with this revelation. Why? Let me explain.

This is the same Peralo who opposes the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP), considering the NAP should not be an absolute principle that spans in and out of politics and even within and outside of the State. If he had his druthers, he would repeal the LP’s pledge that a new Party member must sign when he or she joins the Party and a renewing member must reinforce when he or she renews her dues.

Here’s Peralo’s milquetoast stand on the NAP, which is a time-honored principle (which should be treated and viewed as a directive more than anything):

The Pledge exists for a reason, Peralo. It exists because you don’t employ force or fraud against anyone who *IS NOT* violent towards you or *DOES NOT* employ violence against you whatsoever. The only defensive aggression – or force if you wish to call it – is when someone tries to be violent towards you (i.e. taking your property, brandishes a firearm and raises it to your head and pulls the trigger (thus murdering you in cold blood), engages in rape, molestation,, , and you have a natural right to defend your person.

The goal of taxation is to repeal it, because taxation *IS* theft. But, while that is true and that is the goal to end taxation across the board, cuts in taxes to the point where it can be easily repealed can be justly, morally, legally, and swiftly taken. Anyone with a pulse worth his or her salt can neither speak out against it nor see it not coming to pass.

L. Neil Smith, a libertarian who is a former Libertarian, describes the Non-Aggression Principle (which is also called the Zero Aggression Principle like this:

l-neil-smith-who-is-a-libertarian-clip-1That’s why Charles Peralo isn’t a libertarian. He is a capital (L) Libertarian, but ideologically speaking, he’s a “Libertarian-In-Name-Only” Libertarian. That alone does *NOT* say much about him being a s0-called libertarian, but it certainly speaks volumes about his character.

As Coley succinctly put it:

[Y]our self professed new libertarian party leaders folks[.]

It’s time for the Libertarian Party to return to its principles and to preserve, protect, restore, and carry out the Non-Aggression Principle while running candidates to win. It’s time that we are *NOT* like the Democrats and Republicans. It’s time that we are a far cry from them.

That’s what we should be and what we ought to strive for, not to be a carbon copy of either the Democrats or the Republicans. What will it take for the immensely milquetoast LINOs in my Party to fathom that? Seriously!


Billy Bush’s Departure from NBC’s The Today Show Is Punishment Enough


It was reported three nights ago that Today Show co-host Billy Bush was fired from the show for his role involvement in the Donald Trump tape and allegations scandal that has gone viral and sent shockwaves to the entire country as well as the world.

Sucks to be him.  It’s punishment enough for him.


The Videos of and Allegations Against Donald Trump


The most recent ruckus involving the surfaced videos of and allegations against Donald Trump has been a top subject of supreme discussion and debate all around the nation. Media pundits and journalists have been on record, including top Republican officials such as governors, congressmen, and senators, as blasting Trump over the comments he made circa 2005 regarding a conversation he had with then-Access Hollywood star Billy Bush (who’s a current, although now suspended, co-host of NBC‘s Today Show) – a conversation regarding a woman that Trump failed to hit on (who turns out to be none other than then-Hollywood Access lead star Nancy O’Dell) that was caught on a hot microphone in which he stated the following:* {*Note: A video is included as well.]

Donald Trump: I moved on her, and I failed. I’ll admit it.** [**Second Note: The tape was recorded several months after he married his third wife, Melania, who was pregnant with their son Barron.]

Another Voice: Whoa!

Trump: I did try and fuck her. She was married. [Continues.]  And I moved on her very heavily. In fact, I took her out furniture shopping. She wanted to get some furniture. I said, “I’ll show you where they have some nice furniture.” 

Trump: I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there. And she was married. Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony tits and everything. She’s totally changed her look.”

 [At that point in the recording, Trump and Bush begin to notice and see Arianne Zucker, the star of Days of Our Lives who is waiting to escort them into the soap opera set of the show.]

Billy Bush: Your girl’s hot as shit. In the purple.

Trump: Whoa! Whoa! I’ve got to use some Tic Tacs, just in case I start kissing her. You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.

Billy Bush: Whatever you want.” 

Trump: Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.

Of course the Donald was on the Howard Stern Show circa 1997, making horrendous comments about women with whom he has had sex, referring to the acts as his “personal Vietnam,” which can be viewed in the following video:

Here’s a YouTube of that video as well:


It doesn’t help the fact that People Magazine journalist Natasha Stoynoff recalls her encounter with Trump, in which she claims that the Donald “sexually assaulted” her. This is how she details it:







Of course, according to an NBC News piece titled “The Allegations Women Have Made Against Donald Trump,” there have been allegations advanced by other women and individuals such as Trump’s ex-wife Ivana (who claims, as revived by the Daily Beast, that he “raped” her in 1989 but didn’t open up to that account until she reportedly told her friends about it, which basically and partly the subject of a  1993 published book titled “Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald Trump,”) Jill Harth (1992), Jane Doe (1994), former Miss Utah Temple Daggart McDowell (1997), former Miss Washington Cassandra Searless (2013), some former crew of The Apprentice, former Miss Vermont Teen USA Maria Billado , former Miss New Mexico Teen USA Victoria Hughes, other unnamed Miss USA pageants (2001), former Miss Arizona Tasha Dixon (2001), Jessica Leeds (1980s), Rachel Crooks (2005), Mindy McGillivay (2003), Kristin Anderson (1990s), The Apprentice Season Five contestant Summer Zervos (2007), former Miss New Hampshire Bridget Sullivan, and New York City resident Cathy Heller (1997). Other people include an unnamed friend of CNN reporter and OutFront host Erin Burnett (2010) and former Miss North Carolina Samantha Holvey (2006).












Once the videos and the allegations came out, it’s become a media storm ever since. U.S. House of Representative Jason Chaffetz, according to Politico, told CNN in the following video:

Even Paul Ryan can’t stomach Trump’s remarks in the videos, and he probably can’t even stomach the allegations that come with those said remarks. Trump has since attacked Ryan with a new Twitter offensive against the congressman.

Celebrities like Emmy Rossum and Rosie O’Donnell became outraged by what Donald said. And they kept tweeting, becoming angry by what they had seen and heard from a man who thinks grabbing a “woman’s pussy” is A-okay.

Here’s Emmy’s tweet on the subject:



Here’s another tweet of hers:

Here’s Rosie’s tweet about what Media Matters posted on Twitter:

(I’m also including three videos that aired on CNN which happen to be on-air, publicized clashes between anti-Trump Republican Ana Navarro and Trump shill Scottie Nell Hughes.)

Video 1:


Video 2:


Video 3:



And here’s a posting of tweets Rosie made on October 9:




Here’s the reality that everyone seems to be forgetting. I condemn what former President Bill Clinton did to Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey,  and Juanita Broaddrick. The fact that he had a much-publicized dalliance with a White House intern made me nauseas for days and months on end in the mid-to-late 1990s; however, it was consensual, despite the fact that it was shameful of him to cheat on Hillary at the time. But rulers in positions of powers have done that for centuries. Has anyone heard the sexual activities of England’s King Henry VIII? Did anyone know that Ann Boleyn was raped while still married to the King at the time?

At the same time I condemn what Trump has said on these videos and also condemn him for making these statements. After all, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are morally-bankrupt, ethically-bankrupt, and anti-freedom reprehensible reprobates, and Hillary is a war machine-producing, pro-military (yet anti-troop), anti-freedom reprobate as well. They all are vicious liars – pathetic to the core, corrupt in mind, body, and soul, and evil to the bone. The Trump supporters are trying to make excuses for Trump’s putrid and repugnant behavior. That doesn’t sit well with most of the electorate, and I think that matters in the grand scheme of things.

Trump supporters say that this was “locker room talk” and that women do the same thing when they talk to other women in private, even if the conversation’s on hot mike. Personally I don’t know a single woman who has told her girl friends their version of a so-called locker room talk the following: “See that guy Tim Tebow over there? I would love to have his hot and juicy hard cock bouncing around in the back of my throat while I’m gagging off of him. I mean, who wouldn’t dream of his Ball Park hot dog squirting mozarella cheese into the back of my throat? Man, if he squirted his chewy semen into my mouth, I would swish it around like it was Crest mouthwash.”

But that’s just it. A woman would have far more dignity than that to say that about a guy whom she just saw, and a guy would have far more dignity than to say that about a woman whom he just met. No guy and girl would ever say that about anyone. I don’t know anyone who would say shit like that. Some guys and girls might joke around a bit, but they know their real limits. The questions that no one is asking are these: would anyone say these things in private, let alone in public, whether you’re on a hot microphone or not? If you were a woman, would you say them? I don’t think so. If you were a guy, would you do the same about a woman? I don’t think so either. I don’t in public and private. I’m better than that, and people should be, especially about people whom they don’t know from Adam.

Sheldon Richman, writing in his Free Association blog, pens the following:


He’s right and wrong. He’s right in saying that Obama’s murders and havoc at home and abroad are the real issues, and not the sexual assault matter. But sexual assaults do matter. They matter more than anyone else will ever know.

And it’s time – high time – that we address this concern for what it is. It is a problem here in the U.S.

What I find objectionable from the left and the celebrities talking about Trump is that, while they condemn what Trump has done and it does need to be condemned, they don’t condemn what ISIS and other Arab leaders and Arab men in their native homelands do to women, as far as raping and sexually assaulting them. Rape culture is predominant there, not here. The Patriarchy exists there, not here.

Can’t we all just be honest for a change? Please? Is that too much to ask?


Real Time with Bill Maher Host Bill Maher Continues His Attacks on Gary Johnson – 10-07-2016


It’s becoming tiresome that HBO‘s Real Time with Bill Maher host Bill Maher has launched his attack antics on Gary Johnson again. Furthermore,  the liberal statist comic’s attempts to up his attack patterns against Johnson is both repugnant and disgusting to say the least. On Friday, October 7, he launched into a tirade against the audience *JUST* to say the following:

Bill Maher: So you know what? People [pause] don’t fuck around with this election. Don’t fuck around. I know Hillary [Clinton] isn’t a favorite to a lot of you. [Another pause] Please don’t vote for Gary Johnson or do some stupid shit like that [audience members laughing and clapping as soon as he finishes that sentence]. Gary Johnson [audience continues to clap] who [audience still clapping] as we know [clapping begins to subside] couldn’t name Aleppo, the city at the heart of the Syrian war that’s been going for five years. Couldn’t name any foreign leader. This week he was asked to name the leader of North Korea. [[He] [s]aid, “I, I’m not gonna do it.” [Audience begins to laugh at that.] Gary Johnson, I think, should not be my president. He should be my weed dealer. [Audience laughs hysterically at Maher’s punch line.]

Really, Bill? Remember when you had Gary Johnson on your show, and you interviewed him? You were immensely nice and gracious to him (which I now believe was an act on your part just because you needed to fill in a slot for an interview guest, and Johnson met the prerequisites for that interview back on July 1st this year). But let’s look at it a bit further. You told him at the end of your interview:

Johnson: What I want to be careful on is I, I don’t drink. But I don’t begrudge anyone having a drink in the evening to take the edge off. I don’t begrudge anybody having pot to take the edge off, so….

Maher: Lots of presidents were completely plod. Nixon, when he was going through Watergate, was going, “Guh, guh, guh, guh” every night. We know that. [Chuckles and laughter from the audience and from Johnson]

Johnson: People being –

Maher: Right.

Johnson: – able to make their own choices, and in my particular case, and I’m just speaking for myself –

Maher: Right.

Johnson: Like I say, 24/7 job running –

Maher: I hope you really get into the debates, because that would be great.[Loud applause from the audience and smile from Johnson] Thank you, Gary Johnson.

Gary gave you a fantastic interview for your show, and you blatantly without mercy sandbagged the man! That’s the hallmark of a liberal statist Democratic prick with an uber-inflated and unflattering ego who is a hack interviewer, a hack TV talk show host on a dumb-ass liberal statist cable network, a washed-up actor, a shitty documentarian, and a disgustingly joke-of-a-stand-up comic. You are all over the map politically, considering you change your positions so often and as much as you change your pair of socks. You have no solidly-consistent set of principles to stand by, not to mention your convictions puts a target on your back by your fellow progressives who feel that you have indeed gone too far and have become solidly puerile, insensitive, bigoted, racist, and sexist when making your pathetically lewd and deranged jokes in your stand-up segment of the show, during the panel discussions on the show, and your massively intolerable “New Rules” segment of the show as well.

Of course, Minnesota U.S. Senator Al Franken, a lifelong liberal statist Democratic and a stand-up comic (who’s planning to return to his stand-up craft while still serving his time in office), attacked Johnson as well during his interview given by Maher on the same show:

Al Franken: Gary Johnson [speaking while Bill’s audience is cheering and clapping for him]!  [Bill Maher begins to laugh as Franken steamrolls over Johnson] Gar…Gary Johnson [audience’s clapping abruptly comes to an end] did not know [Maher laughs hysterically while Franken makes his catty and snotty remarks] the name of the president of Mexico –

Bill Maher: Right.

Franken: – when he was the governor of New Mexico. [Maher and his audience laughs at Franken’s comment.]

Maher: Right.

Franken: Yeah.

Maher: [Interrupting Franken] It’s like Jerry Brown, the governor of California, not knowing the city where people go to gamble. [Several audience members chuckle.] Las Vegas. Ok, I’m sorry.

Let’s not forget Democratic strategist James Carville on Maher’s panel *HAD* to take some potshots at Gary as well in this following clip:

Carville went out of his way to say that “it is a fact” that Gary “smokes a lot of dope.” Furthermore, he says, “It is a fact he don’t know jack shit.” He defended his comments on the show, saying, “Get a life. It’s a joke. Gary Johnson is a joke. He’s a big, huge joke.”

Oh, and finally, Maher couldn’t resist to slam Gary one more time with his newest segment titled “I Don’t Know For A Fact” on Gary, and this clip of that segment captures the cruel and diabolical spirit of the smear, which is crafted in the form of a shitty joke:

Bill Maher: I don’t know for a fact that Gary Johnson has “Gary Johnson” tattooed on his arm…. [panelists and audience are laughing!]…in case he can’t name himself! I just know it’s true. [Audience claps enthusiastically!] 

This is what we come to expect from a liberal statist clod and Hillary crony who attacks and continues to attack a candidate because that Libertarian contender is a threat to the major parties, including Maher’s very own Democratic Party.


Real Time with Bill Maher Host Bill Maher and Interview Guest Comic Sarah Silverman Attack Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson By Calling Him ‘A Fucking Idiot’ – 09-30-2016



HBO‘s Real Time with Bill Maher host Bill Maher, while interviewing show guest and comic Sarah K. Silverman, went on a “whiny-liberal-prick-and-bitch-fest” over Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson because a poll directed at a demographic of 18 – 34 years old people was issued with results indicating Hillary Clinton was at 31%, Donald Trump at 26%, and Johnson….at 29%. That pissed off Bill Maher, who immediately with the help of Silverman called Johnson “a fucking idiot.” Of course Maher proceeded to state that Johnson was in Maher’s “basket of fucking idiots.”

Here’s the entire clip of the segment as follows:

This is what took place as the following in this transcript of the segment of the show:

Bill Maher: Now let me read the polls here on Clinton, 18 – 34 people. Clinton 31%, Trump 26, Gary Johnson….29%. Gary Johnson.

Sarah Silverman: Gary Johnson.

Maher: Gary Johnson….

Silverman: Listen.

Maher: ….is a fucking idiot. [Audience laughs and claps.]

Silverman[Talking out loud through the audience clapping] I thought he was a fucking idiot.

Maher: I like him. He’s a nice guy, but he’s another in my basket of fucking idiots.

Silverman: Listen, I…I voted, and I believe you did, in 2000 for Ralph Nader.

Maher: Yes.

Silverman: But this is not that kind of time.

Maher: [Talking over Silverman while she was making her above comment to him] But he wasn’t an idiot.

Silverman: No, he wasn’t an idiot.

Maher: [Syncing his comment with hers] Right, he wasn’t an idiot.

Silverman: But he wasn’t gonna win.

Maher: [Talking over her again] No, and it was a mistake.

Silverman: [Talking over Maher at the same time] We wanted to vote our conscience.

Maher: I admitted it.

Silverman: It was a mistake.

Maher: Ok, but Gary Johnson…can I show you a little….we put a little montage –

Silverman: [Getting excited] Mmmhmmm. [Chuckles a little]

Maher: –  of Gary Johnson together just to rem – and, and we all thought, thought he was a cool guy. You know, he smokes pot, he was [panelist Angela Rye snickers] for pot, but he does not make pot look good by the way.

Silverman: [Interrupting Bill as he says the “by the way” words] Pot doesn’t make you cool.

Maher: Right.

Silverman: Pot is cool.

Maher: Pot is cool, but –

Silverman: [interrupting Bill] It doesn’t make you cool.

Maher: But you know what’s also cool? Reading!

Silverman: [smiles and gives a slight laugh but also agrees with him]

Maher: Here’s a little bit of Gary Johnson for those thinking of voting for him.

Angela Rye: So weird.

Maher: Really? [Audience laughs cruelly] And….by the way, for the people, 29%, 18 – 34, who I assume were Bernie people, right? Ok, here’s some, uh…minimum wage…..Hillary’s with Bernie. Not Gary Johnson. He believes in no minimum wage. TPP [Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal]……he’s for that. Hillary and Bernie are against it. Citizens United…..all the money you want in politics! Gun control….[Johnson] wants none of that. Financial regulation, universal health care….he is for repealing ObamaCare. Free college….he’s against that. He’s for nothing you fucking people want!

Silverman: It’s not even like it’s any….no one’s misinforming them about him –

Maher: Right.

Silverman: – like they are….like with your friend. You know, it’s like people…..people of  [unintelligible, because Maher and two members of the panel are laughing] what, what….

Rye: You know, that’s true.

Silverman: What you were saying was exactly right. People vote because they’re totally misinformed, and that is a real thing. You know, there is something called Brexit that people voted for totally against their best –

Stephen Moore: Yaay Brexit! You against Brexit?

Rye: Are you serious? [looking at Steve]

Silverman: I, I, um…

Moore: [Talking over Silverman] Brexit is great, self-government-wise! What were you, why were you against Brexit?

Silverman: [interrupting Steve] What are you talking about? They promised…they had huge signs on the sides of buses that said, ” You know, $325 million goes to the EU [European Union] that could, could be going to our health care.

Moore: That’s….not true.

Silverman: They had *NO*  intention of sending it, no intention of Brexit voted through. Then people are Googling what Brexit is after they voted it in.

Peter Hamby: Gary Johnson -.

Maher: [Quickly interrupting Hamby] A pundit.

Hamby: A pundit!

Silverman: [Interrupting Maher] I’m passionate.

Maher: [Interrupting Silverman again] Yes!

Silverman: [Interrupting Maher once again] Oh, don’t show my neck. My neck goes crazy when I have passion.

Maher: You know, you know….

Moore: [Laughs]

Silverman: [Gives Maher a serious, dirty look]

Maher: You know what would help a lot. Exfoliating! [Then bursts in snickering laughter]

Silverman: [Smiles with her mouth open] Good! I think of you every day!

Maher: [Laughs hysterically]

Silverman: My dry brush….

Hamby: Gary Johnson is clearly unfit to be president. What exacerbates me about Gary Johnson not knowing these things – and the collective exacerbation about it – is that neither does Donald Trump.

Maher: Right.

[The audience applauses while Hamby and Maher say those things.]

Hamby: And the problem is that a year ago people should be giving Donald Trump pop quizzes: Name me five countries of NATO. What’s the difference between Hamas and Hezbollah? How does a bill become a law? [Everyone begins to speak at once] Doesn’t Donald Trump know this?

Maher: [interrupting Hamby] No, he doesn’t.

Hamby: I don’t think he does.


And so the entire segment ends there. But it’s not a surprise given the hostile nature of the panelists involved in the Gary Johnson – and some Donald Trump – bashing.

Because of this episode, I have cancelled my DVR subscription to Real Time. I am no longer watching the show because Maher and his weekly panel of guests galore are toxic. They are filled with hatred for liberty, hatred for liberty, and hatred for individualism and free markets. They sure do love their liberal statism. And that has become the top, cardinal hallmark of Real Time with Bill Maher.

The Aleppo incident was launched by Mike Barnicle on MNSBC‘s Morning Joe to attack Gary Johnson, disparage him, and to throw a gotcha question at him, considering he threw in the Aleppo question at Gary during his interview on the show just to catch him off-guard.

The question that Barnicle asked was the following:

What would you do if you were elected about Aleppo?

Johnson was puzzled by that question. He asked:

And what is Aleppo?

Barnicle was shocked at his answer. He asked the following interrogative to Gary:

You’re kidding?

Johnson said:


Barnicle replies:

Aleppo is in Syria. It’s the, uh, the epicenter of the refugee crisis –

Johnson interrupts him:

Ok, got it.

Of course, it’s not like Johnson *REALLY* didn’t know what Aleppo was. He did acknowledge that he thought Barnicle was asking him about an acronym, although he admitted that it was no excuse, and he sincerely apologized for it. But Barnicle’s question was poorly worded and quite vague. Remember, we are dealing with a hack writer who resigned from The Boston Globe over two columns written three years apart from each other. One column contained some lines that resembled jokes that were pilfered from the late George Carlin‘s 1997 book Brain Droppings.

The following Wikipedia pic evidences that in great detail.






Oh, as for the cancer-afflicted kids in the second column? The Globe was unable to find Barnicle’s sources and couldn’t publicly identify them, and yet Barnicle defended his column, saying that every word he wrote was true.

So we have a disgraced writer who is the co-host of a network morning TV show who plagarized from a deceased comic by stealing jokes and using them as his own without any attributions or references to Carlin and who deceived his readers and the Globe by writing a column that failed to identify the names of the kids’ parents, and only got this non-fact-checked story from a nurse whose own credibility can be measured by the digits of her hands.

And, of course, Mike Barnicle says, in a Daily Beast column, he “doesn’t blame Gary Johnson.”

As for Johnson’s “Aleppo moment ” on Hardball with Chris Matthews, he’s since apologized for that, but he did say he meant to tell Matthews that his favorite foreign leader was former Mexican president Vicente Fox. Matthews asked Gary, “Who is your favorite foreign leader?” My response to that is: What the hell of a kind of question is that? Asking a Libertarian presidential candidate who his favorite foreign leader is is like asking a vegan what his favorite meat entree is. No libertarian – not even a credible Libertarian – would willfully answer that question because he or she doesn’t have a favorite foreign leader. Johnson did reveal that Fox was his favorite, but my only criticism of him is that he should have said, “I don’t have a favorite foreign leader, because it’s a silly question, and I don’t idolize or even admire any of them, past or current.”

Oh, but we have to ignore Johnson’s great responses about our foreign policy of interventionism (which he argues should be one of non-interventionism), calling for the end of the Drug War, calling for the strong reformation of our judicial system, and restoring our free market. Oh, and yeah, he even had great answers regarding Syria, our crushing of foreign regimes and our giving those countries weapons which land in the hands of ISIS, and a free market would end climate change. How about that for a change?

Yes, Gary drew a blank on that question and the Aleppo question, but so what? Did Trump not have more embarrassing gaffes? Did Clinton not come up with the mediocre responses to those questions?

Yes, Bill Maher. Gary Johnson. He’s not “a fucking idiot.” It’s funny that you knock him down after you had him on your show for an interview, and you were even condescending to him then. It doesn’t mean anything to you that you cherry pick “facts” and present them to your audiences *AS IF* they are true, and you and I and everyone know they aren’t. You’re the one who doesn’t have his facts; I do. As a Johnson supporter, I know this, and yet you don’t.

If anything, Bill, you *ARE* a fucking idiot, and you’re another in my basket of fucking idiots.



Real Time with Bill Maher Host Bill Maher Interviews Republican Pollster Frank Luntz

Real Time with Bill Maher Interview - Bill Maher Interviews Republican Pollster Frank Luntz (Which Becomes Heated) - Screenshot - 07-15-2016

HBO‘s Real Time with Bill Maher host Bill Maher interviewed Republican pollster Frank Luntz on Friday, July 15, 2016.

That is the first time Frank Luntz got pissed off at Bill Maher and engaged in a heated discussion with him one-on-one.


My Resignation as Campaign Manager from the Joy Waymire for President 2016 Campaign

It’s no secret that I’ve been involved in Libertarian politics for the longest time. My earliest memory dates back to the fall of 1999 when I first joined the Libertarian Party to get involved in third party politics, including embracing the ideals, tenets, and philosophy of libertarianism. When I first joined the Party, I was ecstatic. I couldn’t wait to be involved in political campaigns, to spread the message and philosophy of libertarianism, and to educate the public on the definition of and convictions of the freedom message because it was powerful, unique, strong, and stellar, unlike the (progressive) liberal and conservative philosophies that have guided their own movements. As time went on, from 1999 throughout the Aughts, I became a champion of libertarian (and Libertarian) ideals that none of the major parties – the Republican and Democratic Parties – shared at all and that a new revolution was on the verge of launching before the American people’s eyes.

Since June 5, 2015, I was asked by Libertarian presidential candidate Joy Waymire to be her campaign manager. For months I worked with Joy to bring support for as well as supporters into her campaign, and it hasn’t been a very simple task, considering I was uncertain how much support she was receiving, and that had never been made available to me. But I was honored, eager, and anxious to be her campaign manager, despite the fact that I was completely and utterly wet behind the ears and didn’t know what I was walking into.

With all of those points in mind, here’s what I posted on my Facebook profile, officially announcing my resignation as her campaign manager after I privately emailed my resignation to her.

This is what I posted:

My Public Facebook Resignation as Campaign Manager from the Joy Waymire for President Campaign Clip (April 11, 2016) - 04-16-2016 My Public Facebook Resignation as Campaign Manager from the Joy Waymire for President Campaign Part II with Comments - Clip II - (April 11, 2016) - 04-16-2016 My Public Facebook Resignation as Campaign Manager from the Joy Waymire for President Campaign Part III with Comments - Clip III - (April 11, 2016) - 04-16-2016 - FINAL
Joy subsequently posted a response to what I posted by issuing the following:

Joy Waymire's Joy Waymire for 2016 Campaign Suspension - Clip I - (April 13, 2016) - 04-16-2016 Joy Waymire's Joy Waymire for 2016 Campaign Suspension Part II - Clip II - (April 13, 2016) - 04-16-2016

I will be her campaign manager again in 2020, and I hope the entire supporters and members will unite behind her if she wins the nomination….assuming no other candidate striking the Gary Johnson resemblance is running at that point.

2020, here we come!


The Free State Project Kicks Out Free Talk Live Host Ian Freeman Over His Support for Sexual Relations Between Teenagers and Adults

The Free State Project, a private organization that was founded by libertarian idealist Jason Sorens and subsequently organized in 2003 to bring libertarians to a state where they can gather as a community to promote economic and social activism, change economic and social policies, and unite all libertarians and freedom-loving individuals to foster and promote the ideas of liberty, chose the State of New Hampshire. Since then, it has brought in tons of activists around the country and the world, including Free Talk Live and its hosts Ian Freeman and Mark Edge who had been pimping the FSP for years on-air as well as off-the-air.

However, as of late, the Free State Project has made a decision regarding its business and personal relationships with Ian Freeman over his support and defense of the “rights” of the youth with respect to his contorted belief that it is socially tolerable and acceptable for an adult male in his 20s, 30s, 40s, or even 50s to sleep with a teenager, whether that young individual is a male or female. In other words, Ian couches the “anything goes” mentality that is usually found in limousine liberals and calls it anarchy (or, under the guise of liberty) for teenagers and adult males to consummate relationships with one another.

The Free State Project has kicked out Ian out of the group and has made it clear that Ian will not be allowed to attend PorcFest and Liberty Forum as well.

On FSP President Matt Phillip’s blog (which is part of the Free State Project as well), he drafted an open letter which details the board’s decision in great detail: